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  1. Hirst isn't ever playing for Wednesday again, people need to get over it. He's going to go and sit in a Premier League side's academy on 15k a week for the next 4 years before signing for a Championship club. I fail to believe DC didn't offer Hirst a more than acceptable offer considering the contracts we've given out, just another stick to beat the club with.
  2. Was it ever going to be anything else? Just moaning for sake of moaning.
  3. Not surprised, the amount of people sniffing coke in the toilets yesterday was unbelievable.
  4. This rule is absolute BS, totally ruins games. Handballs on the line fair enough, but not for a challenge in the box. Typically we don't get the penalty at the other end as well, we must have one of the lowest averages for Penaltys every season in the league.
  5. Adam Reach can't win, been in the top 3 performers this season but last season the idiots marked his card as being garbage and won't change their mind, look at the treatment Michael Antonio got from our fans at times...
  6. To be fair to him last season was a write off, he got injured in pre season, came back and took a bit to get up to speed before being loaned out to Blackburn. I like Hooper and Fletcher but the lack of pace and unpredictability in the team is killing us, Joao has some serious ability.
  7. The mans got more balls than the pathetic keyboard warriors and the fans today shouting abuse and getting mug on when challenged about it.
  8. No way, as things are looking we'll be mid table plodders. Unless we string together 3 or 4 wins on the bounce pretty soon.
  9. Joao should be alongside Hooper against Barnsley, only player we have with a bit of pace and trickery, can score a goal out of nothing as well. Time for Butterfield to get a run as well, and would love to see Matias given a chance in place of Wallace.
  10. Bloke next to me today was shouting Carlos out as soon as Loovens was sent off, some serious mongos in the crowd today. Too many chavs with too much ale.
  11. Aren't our fans precious little souls, some of the abuse we give the players is disgusting and when they get some back they can't handle it.
  12. The next manager should be a vegan, transsexual, femmenist, and UNICEF worker.
  13. It's gonna be a manager from abroad if Carlos gets the boot, the options in this country are abysmal.
  14. I'm not one against change at the moment, but I want Carlos to turn it around as any fan of the club should do. But if we string together 4 wins on the bounce all the people on here will be sucking his arse again, we must be the most fickle set of fans in England.
  15. Wasn't one who thought Hirst should be getting any game time, but don't see why this kid shouldn't be on the bench for a few games at least. Get him out to a League One club where he'll play every week.
  16. He has nothing to lose at Leicester, he will keep them up and get paid a fortune, he has nothing to prove and has no reason to drop from the Premier League. He's one of the highest paid managers in England, along with this massive backroom team. He comes here, doesn't get us up and has the owlstalk muppets chanting him out every week, I doubt he'll manage again though.
  17. You honestly think Sam would consider us?
  18. Yeah complain about the football, the kit is poor yeah but why adults are so worried about it is beyond me. Slagging off the bloke who's invested heavily into the club isn't going to do us any good.
  19. First time we have genuine investment in the club, yeah the blokes not perfect, but kicking off because we haven't got a shirt for the kids to buy. Christ almighty it's pathetic. Some fans deserve to be stuck in the dark days, embarrassments.
  20. Some people have very short memories, if they think this is bad what did they think to the Allen era?
  21. We have a lot of deluded fans, Allardyce wouldn't even consider us.
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