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  1. Might be a game where we need him, Luton will sit deep if Harris and Murphy start, especially with the pace from right back we have. Could require a bit more guile/creativity.
  2. Don't see why 1-1 is such a hard to believe prediction, what a bizarre post.
  3. No doubt some will boo him, but don't really see the point he just wasn't very good.
  4. I never said that, but you can't use the disabled card when wanting people to sit down on the Kop, when there's a perfectly good disabled section where they don't need to moan.
  5. But they have their own section so it's not disgraceful really.
  6. That hair do is also absolutely horrendous, not a chance he'd have the bird he has if it wasn't for being a footballer. Pin head.
  7. Well why don't they stay in their lane and get to the cripple section, rather than ruin it for everyone else.
  8. Now or never for him, if it doesn't work out he'll be out of the pro game altogether by January. Baker I wouldn't even loan out, I'd just get rid. He's about 24 he was never a youngster even when he made his debut.
  9. People taking flasks of coffee to a football match are one of my pet peeves, can't you go 90 minutes without it? I like to sneak a beer into the stand at an away game but coffee, ffs.
  10. Too many changes is never a good thing unless absolutely necessary, 2 or 3 for me and that's only for the good of resting Hutch, Fletcher and Lee. The only thing we were guilty of the other day is not taking chances so I'd have no problem seeing Forestieri and Rhodes come into the side for this one, Luongo for Hutchinson perhaps too, Lee is a machine he'll be fine to play Tuesday I reckon. Oh and Bannan back in for another change but that's to be expected.
  11. Take it you've never watched a Preston game.
  12. That promotion must have been dreadful for them.
  13. Be a good appointment but might cost a bit, he's probably getting fed up with the lack of backing at PNE.
  14. LOL. The fact he's in charge of the most promising set of English players in years says it all about the FA.
  15. He clearly went for the added height and physicality yesterday, Iorfa back in and therefore Nuhiu made the bench ahead of Forestieri. Bullen wasn't to know we'd be playing 10 men for 45 minutes.
  16. 2 changes to last week, Westwood in for Dawson and Iorfa in for Odubajo. Sensible decisions in my opinion especially with the size and physicality of Millwall.
  17. To be fair any fan of any club could come on here and pick our resident m0ngs pre match thoughts, and then tar us with the same brush.
  18. Don't think they'll go for one of the usual suspects, Stendel or another German boss will get it.
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