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  1. 18 hours ago, 2roland2 said:

    bad spell? It’s 1 win in 8 league games! And I think all bar one at the time we’re bottom half. Cardiff and millwall have improved since. 

    boro, forest and half of the Leeds game aside it’s been awful since he arrived. 




    So everytime we have a bad run we should sack the manager and start again, no wonder we've been going in circles for 20 years. Completely lost interest in the modern game.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Ferkorf said:

    That Same Dean Windass who was filmed in a pub absolutely slating Sheffield Wednesday... the bloke is a total to$$er 


    Anyway looking at that starting line up I might stick a fiver on da cruz to be sent off


    Slating a football team doesn't make you a thrower.

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  3. If it weren't for Liverpool being so freakishly good this season then City would be well in the title race usually, they haven't hit the heights of the 2 previous seasons (understandably) but the chances are they will still stick more than 4 past us. The fact that people are saying  Pep's job could be on the line is absurd, after what he's achieved there it shouldn't even be a thing.

  4. 8 hours ago, TrickyTrev said:

    Our best player is Forestieri (when he can be bothered) so it says a lot about his attitude when lots of fans (myself included) don’t want to see his contract renewed in the summer.


    Our worst player is currently on loan at the moment, Joost Van Aken. That guy defends like a 15 year old girl and to say we scouted 200 defenders before splashing £4m on this complete and utter waste of a contract speaks volumes about why we are currently struggling with FFP.


    Ahhh the 4M myth again.

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