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  1. We are the most toxic set of fans in football, going to away games is awful.
  2. So everytime we have a bad run we should sack the manager and start again, no wonder we've been going in circles for 20 years. Completely lost interest in the modern game.
  3. Our squad is full of failures that have been leaching us for years on fat comfortable contracts, why do people think we should be promotion contenders? We're about were we should be, not hungry enough.
  4. People who actually say Fessi make me want to puke.
  5. Ah here we go again, let's sack another manager now we've hit a bad spell.
  6. He's not exactly obliged to say positive things is he, some of our fans are so sensitive its unreal. Like the whole media is against us nonsense that crops up, and they haven't said nice things about us on TV.
  7. He's going to watch his son obviously, don't be so sensitive.
  8. Not for me, it's time we get rid of some of these toxic personalities that are on big comfortable contracts.
  9. Slating a football team doesn't make you a thrower.
  10. Wallace put in a right s*ithouse performance at the Lane under Jos I think it was.
  11. That's two managers that have frozen Westwood and Hutchinson out, speaks volumes.
  12. Vip is the best one just close the pop ups, get it into full screen and you are away.
  13. If it weren't for Liverpool being so freakishly good this season then City would be well in the title race usually, they haven't hit the heights of the 2 previous seasons (understandably) but the chances are they will still stick more than 4 past us. The fact that people are saying Pep's job could be on the line is absurd, after what he's achieved there it shouldn't even be a thing.
  14. We aren't a big club, well supported but we've won very little post war and with the way modern football is, we are going to have a generation of people thinking clubs like Watford, Bournemouth and Burnley are bigger clubs than us.
  15. You obviously never see these 'outrage' posts on social media then.
  16. Is it not obvious? Everytime one of these stories comes out people always say it was a person in a wheelchair or a non English speaking ethnic minority on the end of it to make it sound even worse.
  17. Love these stories, not read the entire thread but no doubt it was ethnic minorities and the disabled that were targeted.
  18. You keep your GCSE's, I'm sure Monk is happy with his wages.
  19. Defeat written all over it, need a win to pull ourselves back into the play off picture.
  20. Why would he make it a tenner? It's not a charity, bloody lefties.
  21. 9 years has flown, we got tonked 5-1 at Exeter that same season, was freezing cold and snowy.
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