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  1. 9 years has flown, we got tonked 5-1 at Exeter that same season, was freezing cold and snowy.
  2. FF hasn't been available for regular selection since May 2017, what's new. Completely cracked, he'll probably come back for a few games from the bench, get a start then be out rest of the season.
  3. He'd be crazy to turn down either, especially after the Muppets last season signing we want Dawson out against Rotherham.
  4. 2 year extension makes sense, if we get a decent offer for him we should sell though and strike while the iron is hot. Too often we've held onto players the last few years until they are worth nothing, Forestieri the biggest example.
  5. Think it's more a case of with the amount of clubs suffering FFP issues there isn't a stand out team and it's more of an even playing field. There were probably 18 teams fancying promotion at the start of the season.
  6. What are you on about I wasn't talking about Adams.
  7. Again you seem to be completely missing the fact Adams is 23, Rhodes, Abdi and Jones were already between the ages of 27-31 When we signed them.
  8. Good lord, someone make it stop. Yeah that's exactly what we need another aging target man.
  9. He's 23 ffs, clearly came of age last season he was one of the top scorers in this division, playing under the manager who we currently have in the dugout.
  10. Anyone saying they wouldn't take Che Adams needs their head examining.
  11. Nothing against Autistic kids just a lot of them that do this sort of stuff seem to be on the spectrum.
  12. What's with all these autistic kids filming themselves in the stadiums these days?
  13. It's like those women who get beaten and cheated on but keep going back, that is our fans with Forestieri. He's not provided anything consistently since the second play off season, time to move on.
  14. It really is bizarre how much of a media darling he is considering he's won nothing as a manager.
  15. Bamford used to get bummed at boarding school.
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