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  1. FFS threads like this are embarrassing.
  2. 4-4-2 today rather than the 4-1-4-1, with Fletch and Nuhiu in the box we've got to be hitting early crosses and getting the play wide.
  3. 12:30's are class, full day on the ale after.
  4. It's quite accurate to be fair based on last night's performance, decent teams generally find a way to win when not playing well though, that's why we are say 3rd and they are bottom.
  5. Your first statement pretty much answers the question, the centre backs have been excellent and unless an injury or two occurs Bates won't be getting in the team.
  6. 7 was quite lenient at the end of the second I thought, was expecting at least 10.
  7. Gregory should be burying that, the fact he gave Dawson half a chance of saving it is shocking.
  8. He's done very well this season when called upon, 3 clean sheets in 5 games.
  9. Giving them a big cheer is almost as bad as booing, give them the same treatment the other players get and don't patronise them, would make them feel on edge a big cheer.
  10. Wonder what the posters who wants Lawrence and Bennett locked up at Derby think to that.
  11. The referee in the Wigan V Forest game was also poor, the Premier League is a farce, wrong decisions still being made.
  12. The full backs were solid, Fox especially. We were a cack referee away from yet another clean sheet, why you think that makes the full backs a problem I'm not sure.
  13. You pulled your facts from your arse then?
  14. As much as I detest VAR it boils your wee wee when obvious errors like this cost you.
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