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  1. Kermit Flump

    Matt Penney Contract

    Robert Redford likes to whisper in horses ears. We might be able to get him to have a chat with him. Plus, if he’s got $1m to offer Demi Moore for one night of rodgering, then he might be able to throw some pennies at Penny to keep him at S6.
  2. Kermit Flump

    Promotion charge top 6 under Jos

    A guy on my team (at work) is a Reading season ticket holder. He said he’d just watched 2 league 1 sides in response to my heckling of him after Saturday afternoon. I called him bitter. He’s very worried about their chances of staying up.
  3. Kermit Flump

    Michael Hector...

    Peter Rudi
  4. Kermit Flump

    Best start in 28 years

    Richie Humphries had back to back goal of the month’s.
  5. Kermit Flump

    Are we trusting him yet?

    Give it the next 7-10 games. That’ll tell us a lot more about Jos and his ability against the top sides in the league. if we are pushing top 6 by the end of October, then we’ve been on a good run and whether Jos is a decent manager - especially as he’s getting towards a settled team and formation now that he seems to have faith in.
  6. Spot on regards Abdi and Matias. I’m not sure it’ll be totally clear who is in Jos’s plans. He’s going to have to play people regardless of whether he wants them or not. Needs must and all that.
  7. Kermit Flump

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    I posted something about poor transfers over the years a couple of days ago. The main point I tried to (poorly) make was that we haven’t got the balance right in recent seasons. I loved getting Hooper/Fessi, but look at us now - lacking fullbacks and probably a centre half. With the money spent, we could have got the balance better.
  8. Kermit Flump

    Last good transfer window

    Having looked at it properly, which I hadn’t before, we replaced Ian Nolan with Phil King and Peter Atherton with Dan Petruscu. We also brought in Ian Taylor and Klass Ingesson. Doesn’t feel like a bad window, more about the poor management.
  9. Kermit Flump

    Last good transfer window

    We signed good players for sure. We chucked a lot of mud though! Sougou, Wiggins and Matias also signed. I really want Matias to have a good season, but to date, he’s been money poorly spent. In that window, we could have nailed down a solid back 4. Built ourselves a squad which was stable and still pushing for promotion, but we didn’t. We built a disjointed squad which worked for a couple of seasons, but we can’t even field a proper back line now. That shouldn’t be the case with the amount spent.
  10. Kermit Flump

    Last good transfer window

    Haha, you know when you blank out things which you don’t like to remember. This.
  11. Kermit Flump

    Last good transfer window

    Probably, but to what benefit?
  12. When have we ever had a good run in the transfer market? It feels like, as a Wednesday fan, we seem to have a stinker in the transfer market. We overpay for rubbish and get robbed when selling (Antonio as a recent example). Following the good old times in the early 90’s we’ve been absolutely terrible at transfers. I think our last good window was the summer after the ‘94 World Cup - Ingesson and Petrescu come to mind. Any advances on ‘94?
  13. I have to agree with the opening comments. Playing 5 defenders is a little daft when we don’t have 5 defenders worthy of first team football at the club (certainly that fit into this formation).
  14. Kermit Flump

    Where were the loans?

    You’re either his agent or a dab hand at the old google. Whichever it was, you certainly owned that as your knowledge. Top keyboarding.
  15. Kermit Flump

    Destructive critcism

    Things which are red are more red than things that aren’t