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  1. Kermit Flump

    Destructive critcism

    Things which are red are more red than things that aren’t
  2. Kermit Flump

    8 wins

    At the moment, it’s difficult to see that we’ll improve once the injured players come back in. Yes, they’re better players obviously, but the style of play on the pitch and tactics employed are so poor, it’s difficult to see how it all changes.
  3. Fair play, but Matty must look back now and wonder what could have been!
  4. Kermit Flump

    Bullet after Bolton?

    I concur. It feels like you’ve been neg’d many a time for your ‘chat’, on this occasion, from me at least, you’re spot on. Now we’re back shipping goals and look lost on the pitch, you have to question what Jos has in his locker. Especially with his own recent comments about player morale.
  5. I thought I’d lost the plot for a second! I have a habit of rismeading things.
  6. Well, that was an obviously misleading headline! You should write for the Sun!
  7. Kermit Flump

    Team for Tues

    As you can see, lots of people are chipping in with who they would pick for the (big) game. I think that’s the point. People having a view on things...pretty much the point of this forum, which you obviously use a lot. So, deep in there somewhere, you secretly get the point, you’re just having a grumpy day, or just want to vent at someone. It’s cool, we all get that way at times. I once saw a man shouting at a chicken. You’re reminding me of him. You have the same smouldering good looks.
  8. Kermit Flump

    Are Wednesday

    I heard that Wolves were one of the clubs! Trying the old double bluff scenario. Sneaky b4stards. They’d have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!
  9. Kermit Flump


    It is. I mean it literally is the definition of an investment. He bought something, more than likely hoping for an increase in its value (via us getting promoted, or buying players who appreciate in value....which totally hasn’t happened, admittedly). That in itself is an investment. Just because you don’t see it that way, doesn’t make it so. Only by taking out shares directly, or investing in a stocks and shares ISA, or a unit trust, would you have something more definitively labelled as an investment.
  10. Bannan, sporting a can of Kestral, which he’s poured inside an empty can of Monster!
  11. Kermit Flump

    Best Wednesday Goal ever comp

    Also, Burnt’s half way effort v Leeds and Glenn Whealan v leicester(?). Two absolute belters
  12. Kermit Flump

    Best Wednesday Goal ever comp

    Benny Carbone got two bangers v Blackburn back in our ‘orange away kit days’ during the 00’s or late 90’s (?). Either of those rate as some of the best goals I’ve seen us score....shame we got absolutely pumped that day!
  13. Kermit Flump


    Woah there! What was your question?? If it was - who’s your favourite Taurus out of the current squad of players. He’s up there for me.
  14. You can buy a ticket to fly to space....yet you’re struggling with the decline of a football team? C’mon now.
  15. Is he carrying a hole punch?