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  1. Thanks for the responses to this, much appreciated. Thought you defended very well tbf but offensively struggled although Kiko made one very good save and Matias had a good chance. Better side now than the one we played at Hillsborough despite the result imo. Special mention for Westwood. How the hell he saved that header from Roberts i will never know, nothing wrong with the header, awesome reactions. Good luck for the rest of the season (next game especially)
  2. https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/do-united-fans-want-leeds-promoted-to-the-premier-league According to the official website
  3. Hello Thought i would do another one of these given the importance of the game on Saturday for us both. You needing the win to keep your playoff hopes alive and obviously we need it to be certain of keeping your rivals at bay. So since Bruce came in you have been one of the form teams (5th place in the form table). What has Bruce done to achieve this? Bruce at Villa especially towards the end had earned a reputation for being negative, the football wasnt good to watch, is this the case for you to or was that unfair? Obviously you are in the strange position where you have to win for yourselves but in doing so you can help your City rivals take a step closer to promotion, we had a similar situation in 2003 i think it was, had to beat Arsenal to aid us in our relegation battle but in doing so would hand Manure the title as we ended up doing. Is that something that bothers you, the fact you can help Sheffield United or is it just a case of forget that and just get the best result you can regardless? As fans i mean, not the players they are professionals, but as fans is it a bittersweet sort of thing. Finally the game on Saturday, confident? How do you see it going? Any responses appreciated Thanks. Cjay
  4. Be delighted if we signed Forestieri (although he seems to be made of cheese strings). We wont though. Our owner is the opposite to yours, absolutely 100% obsessed with profit/loss and breaking even. Izzy Brown will replace Saiz if/when he gets fit. We could afford FF wages, Bamford is on more, between 35-40k. But we wont, so boo.
  5. No i dont agree, we are creating chances and not taking them. If anything its the loss of key players and not having the depth to replace with equal quality imo. Build up is still there, just the final moment thats lacking. Not worried.
  6. I thought you were lucky barstewards. Better? Cant win
  7. There isnt no, just felt it was an oversimplification and did Bielsa a disservice. We do use the long ball to exploit the overload in the wide areas i agree. Worked well 1st half when your wingers wernt tracking there full back properly and left your full backs with a 2v1, especially down the right with Ayling as you say. Was less used 2nd half imo as you dropped off and tired, meant we could use shorter passes and movement. Thought you coped reasonably well 1st half tbf
  8. Think its unfair to compare your manager with Bielsa. Bielsa is a legendary manager who has influenced some of the best managers on the planet and has almost god like status in South America. He took Bilbao to 2 cup finals with a squad made up of mainly cheap, youth or free transfer players, he is a class above. Personally i think Jos Luhukay has done a good job. No money to spend, injuries, a club in a bit of a mess when he arrived on and off the pitch. He showed flexibility vs us, yes he got the 2nd half wrong but he got the 1st right and adapted the tactics throughout. He has given players chances, "Dave" Joao Penney etc. You've only lost 1 in 7. Sack him now and you could end up with Paul Heckingbottom
  9. I can say with absolute confidence a few things. 1) we will be bottom 3 for long balls in the league. 2) we play more short passes then anyone else and retain possession better then anyone. 3) we create more shooting chances then anyone else and our shooting is pretty accurate. 4) pass percentage wise we will be bottom for long balls. 5) despite having much more of the ball and playing far more passes then you i am 90% sure you will have played more long passes then us. Our goal for example was a 12 13 pass move with no long pass in it. Bielsa Ball isnt just "knock it across the back line or a short ball to midfield then a long ball down the outside channels". A lot of our play is down the channels i agree, but it is very rarely long compared to how often it is short and incisive passes. Thanks for the response
  10. I think you need to come out of your shell more and say what you really think tbh.
  11. That is where we may struggle, our depth isnt great, we as fans know that, just hope we make it through to January and if in a good position we strengthen. Was one of our best performances of the season, just lacked goals. Penney was really impressive, i had no clue who he was, but with Forestieri i thought he was your best player, defensively sound, but also good getting forward, very impressive. Hooper is a class act, fancied our chances against Fletcher, physical battle is fine for Jansson and Cooper, but against intelligence, not so sure, think Hooper would have been a possible game changer. Cant comment on Lee to much, whenever i read here he just seems to be injured, not so sure ive ever seen him play apart from last season at Hillsborough. If Lee could have taken the pressure of Bannan then you're possibly right, thought the dutch lad was next to useless and because of that Bannan was shut down quite easily due to lack of help. If someone could take some of the attention of Bannan then you got a good chance imo. 1st half you were a bit more attacking and it did cause us issues, if you had kept that up 2nd half it may have been different, but sitting back and passing between yourselves in your own half was daft, wrong tactics there imo. Ideally i can watch you in the playoffs safe in the knowledge we are Champions But i would be happy with a playoff spot, us you Brentford and Villa would be fun Didnt expect promotion like you, so at the moment its all just lovely, if we get it cool, if we dont but get playoffs thats progress, all i want is progress really.
  12. More passive aggression shown telling me im passive aggressive then ive shown in any post. Anyway, have a nice day
  13. Stoke? Stoke were awful, so thats a surprise. Defence is a concern i agree, but we limit the opposition to so few chances that its been quite solid so far. In front of goal will hopefully be sorted when Hernandez, Roofe, Bamford and Izzy Brown get fit, need to cope better without them though. Love Bielsa Thanks for the response.
  14. Keeps your heart healthy, should be thanking them
  15. Think your manager does deserve credit for trying to adapt as the game went on, it at least shows tactical flexibility. However, thought you sat deeper 2nd half, which seems a bit dodgy imo, trying to protect your box for 45mins is never easy and just invites pressure. Nothing is decided yet, we look capable of top 2 and incredibly fit. Long way to go, especially Xmas when the games are thick and fast, get through that well and then maybe will start to believe. Thanks for the response.
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