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  1. That would be very very very very very good, if he got back to full fitness and started that way for the season. Imo he’s our best player and totally balances out our midfield.
  2. We were third at christmas. Then Monk’s influence killed us. Another transfer window with Bruce and I’m pretty confident we’d have gone up.
  3. I’m pretty confident we’d have made the premier league if he’d stayed that season. We then wouldn’t have had all the FFP mess. How long we’d have stayed there though is another matter given DC’s incompetence. We could very well have been in the same position we are now, but with one season of PL action!
  4. Whereas DC appears to be a decent human being but a hopeless businessman. I’d much rather have Ashley!
  5. So that would be us sponsoring the local children’s hospital again… Sorry
  6. Would make sense if it was us. What other club will come pre-packed with an already successful sportswear brand?
  7. If we had him and Luongo back, I don’t think even Moore could fail to get us into the playoffs.
  8. Does it really matter though? If you were offered a high 6 figure or 7 figure sum to manage United, would you take it? I would. Win/Win scenario. From the other point of view, if Wilder was the best manager in the world, would you still say no?
  9. It happens with players and managers everywhere else though, and at much bigger clubs. It usually gets a few grumbles, but then largely forgotten. Benitez- Liverpool & Everton Cabbage head and Alex McLeish - Villa and Birmingham. Lots of examples from the old firm. Tevez- United & City Owen- Liverpool & United. I’m sure that list hasn’t even scratched the surface. What makes Sheffield so special that one can’t switch to the dark/light side?
  10. We won last night against the team top of the league. We should therefore start with the same side on Saturday. If we struggle, then we look at bringing Bannan on. But why should we switch winning players out for losing ones? Not very motivational to anyone dropped.
  11. I’m really not. I’d just rather they didn’t fizz with my blood pressure, especially in the last 15 minutes!
  12. All fair comments. And it all made for a cracking game. Would it be unthinkable to put Bannan on the bench again on Saturday…?
  13. Exactly. And for a period after we went 2-0 up you could see the confidence flowing through the team. They were probably running about less, but they were playing smarter and more positionally aware. Then the last 15 minute panic attack started again!
  14. Without trying to poo on the parade… I thought we ran about TOO much tonight! Lacked a bit of composure in the first half and the last 15 or so mins. Can’t fault the effort though!
  15. Totally, fantastic game, 2-0 to us. But I still think we’re crap compared to Wigan… Special mention for our fans tonight. They’re effing amazing!
  16. If you saw the alternatives NI have, they make Wildsmith and Dawson look like Alisson and Donnarumma!
  17. And there lies the reason we’re mid-table and not Top 2.
  18. Between him and Bannan, their passing has been shocking!
  19. Not joking, but Lewis who? I could probably google mind…
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