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  1. Are we back to talking about the women’s team again?
  2. I’m 100% convinced that you’re correct. Last night we weren’t exactly pulling up trees, but to have players in and around the opposition box every time a winger/midfielder played the ball forward is huge progress itself!
  3. I think he’ll be a cult hero in L1. The new Semedo!* *I’m aware this might trigger a few...
  4. Cheer up. If Catterick has got those players, we might have been one of the “Top 6” selling their souls to the ESL. Yes, I dug really deep for a positive...
  5. Ahhh my English not so good. I tell coaches to injure players, not improve.
  6. I didn’t see it. I’m imagining him checking his combover first to check the wind direction, then doing a little pirouette as he approaches the ball. Then screaming at Wildsmith afterwards for it not going in....
  7. Does it not give anyone else hope, that Rotherham and Derby are trying just as hard to be relegated as us? Or is it just me that has that faint glimmer of optimism still burning inside?!
  8. Oops forgot about the early kickoff and just switched on... So blame the incoming equaliser on me
  9. We’ll probably win tomorrow just to give us that extra little bit of hope. Then they’ll f**k it up again in the next match and we’ll be back down to earth planning L1 trips next season.
  10. Or if we’d humbly accepted the charge we might have got away with the 6pt deduction last season which wouldn’t have relegated us. All said with the benefit of hindsight of course, but DC seems to have this wonderful skill of making bad choices. If he played the Lotto and there was only one combination that didn’t win the jackpot, guess which numbers lucky elephant man would choose...
  11. “Should Chansiri give Darren Moor a 5 year contract this week?” Think you’ve dropped an ‘E’ coming out with statements like that...
  12. Ahh b*gger. I really wanted to see more bicycle and mural adventures!
  13. Sells NUFC for £300m SWFC asking price... £300m
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