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  1. What do you reckon about this lad? Son of ex L**ds player Alf-Inge Haaland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48465037 Seems to know where the net is (mind you it was Honduras). Out of our price bracket?
  2. There was a big shift in the dynamic in the SPL in last few weeks. Celtic will struggle under Lennon, and Rangers were playing a fast pressing game. Anyhow, as long as Wednesday are promoted I won’t care!
  3. Wednesday promoted, pigs relegated and Rangers to win SPL. 50/1. Good bet or am I looking through rose tinted glasses?!
  4. Definitely a good player in there somewhere. I imagine it will be difficult getting a cheap deal from the Spurs chairman though.
  5. I’m interested to hear what they say, but given how hopeless they have been I would then do the opposite.
  6. Couldn’t agree more. A top manager in this division is worth more than a £100m squad. Look at how many teams come down from the PL with such squads, yet can’t get back up again with them because they have some numpty at the helm.
  7. I’m hoping Villa go up from the playoffs. Bielsa will leave, Leeds will sell a couple, Boro will have no parachute payment (and of course the morally perfect Steve Gibson won’t break FFP), fat Frank Lampard will be sacked after a dozen donuts, I mean games. Teams coming down will be Shiite. Biggest threat to us I see next season are West Brom.
  8. I keep meaning to do some stats on both players being on the pitch. Something tells me we struggle with both in the side at the same time. My instinct could be entirely wrong. I’m also a lazy get, so might not happen!
  9. I had intended on posting something very similar to this. I’d love us to go up. But then I ask myself why? The PL bores the boobies off me now. Almost every team is full of brain dead, soulless mercenaries. Whilst the football is “fast and frenetic”, it has also become seriously robotic and predictable. There are no characters anymore, nothing exciting or out of the ordinary. I particularly can’t bear watching any of the “Top 6”. I love watching Championship football. Yes, my team is in it, but it can also be an exciting (though let’s forget about a certain moustached Dutchman...) and unpredictable league. In summary, can’t wait til we’re promoted next season!
  10. Continue playing the way we have been under Bruce, start off much higher in the table- numbers will increase. Improve the commercial side of the business, extra revenue means we can hold or reduce prices- numbers will increase. What about “surge pricing” like Ryanair etc use? Maximises revenue for a fixed level of supply. Extra charges to use the bog and selling sh*tloads of scratchcards could raise extra revenue too. Half-time “entertainment” on The Kop might bring in some new fans...
  11. He’s a fantastic player, he’s pain-free now(wasn’t he playing with injections for a long time?), he’s not going to command a transfer fee. If he comes through the rest of the season and shows flashes of his past self, we should definitely offer him a contract- on materially reduced terms of course. Personally I think his serious injury concerns will be over, and I trust Bruce to ease him back in properly. I’m aware I’m rambling with excitement.
  12. Westwood. He was the difference between our “2 half seasons” and to help encourage him to stay.
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