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  1. This is the team for me. But the hammering by Plymouth was more down to tactics than personnel. They need to stop faffing around the box and get the ball forward. Otherwise, what’s the point in having quick attackers!
  2. With skillz like that I’m glad you’re not the club’s auditor!
  3. Hopefully still works for the 24/25 season, so we can watch us…
  4. To be honest, doesn’t matter who our front three are, if we’re going to keep tapping it around the back. We have plenty of pace up top, if you’re going to utilise that then you need to get the ball out to them quickly.
  5. Trust me, we’re gonna win Just put on my first bet in about 3 years. £20 @ 20-1.
  6. On the phone to the EFL trying to get us another points deduction.
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