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  1. He's not a world beater, but he's a square peg in a square hole. Balances our central midfield perfectly, alongside Bannan or (presumably) Lee.
  2. Seems a top bloke. And comes across as rather intelligent and articulate. None of that cliche"y'know", "like I said" (no you flaming didn't), scratchy face, can't look at the camera nonsense, that most footballers do.
  3. HillsboroughOwlNI


    We should only be retaining the ones that are capable of keeping us in the Premier League. -Westwood -Lee -Bannan -Joao
  4. As long as we don't lose either of Forestieri, Bannan or Nuhiu, and we get Venancio back, we're going up next season- automatically, not through playoffs. When you look at who is going up versus who is coming down, this league will be far easier. Swansea/Huddersfield, West Brom and Stoke are badly mismanaged, and will lose their best players. Wolves and probably one of Villa/Fulham will be gone. if Fulham don't go up they will lose Sessegnon and won't be half the side they are now. If Villa are still in the division, they are the only side I would worry about. Everyone else, I think we could (and should) thrash. Look at the quality we have, that has been badly mismanaged by Carlos. For two seasons we almost managed to go up, despite the (second season mostly) sterile sideways tippy-tappy football. Jos has us playing much better, attacking, confident football. We are no longer putting square pegs in round holes. We have started scoring goals for fun. We are much fitter. The squad age will be hugely reduced this summer, with even more hungry, youthful, energetic players. Many of our experienced players will want to prove a point. We have a formation that works for us now, defensively and offensively. We will have a full pre-season, and not a shortened one with playoff heartache to get over and no jolly to Portugal hopefully. Jos is a proven promotion specialist. Everyone, including the fans are confident. We are going straight up, and I'll be putting my money where my mouth is.
  5. I hear his brother has three testicles- Hoodyanika Borokov.
  6. HillsboroughOwlNI

    Anyone ITK about pre season tour yet?

    Should go to whatever that remote Swedish island was that Wagner took Huddersfield to in 2016. “We went to Sweden for four days and three nights and we didn’t bring a ball. We were really in the wild, no electricity, no toilet, no bed, no mobile phone or internet. If you are hungry, take your rod and get a fish. If you are thirsty, go to the lake and put your bottle in. If you are cold, make a fire.". Doesn't mention first aid kit though.
  7. HillsboroughOwlNI

    First time post. Bit of info

    Perhaps The OP is half-correct, but he's being signed by a PL club eg. MU and being loaned straight back out to Benfica?
  8. HillsboroughOwlNI

    Player of the Season?

    Think it has to be Reach. Hasn't set the world on fire, but has been an ever-present and played in whatever position asked/required without any drama. He's a confidence player too, who I feel would benefit from such an award.
  9. HillsboroughOwlNI

    Basement Bargains?

    I think McBurnie is a good shout. We need to reduce the average age of the squad, and maybe Carlos will do us a favour...
  10. HillsboroughOwlNI

    A Tale Of Two Managers

    The role of a manager in any career is to add value to the resources he has at his disposal. There is no doubt Jos has added value to the squad by boosting confidence, fitness and results from the limited resource he has had. Add back our best players, a renewed hunger and a proper pre-season and i am very very optimistic for next season.
  11. Alongside Forestieri and Nuhiu he would score an absolute shedload. But that's only if him and Nando can kiss and make up.
  12. HillsboroughOwlNI


    Feck I actually forgot about him! Much like half the squad!
  13. HillsboroughOwlNI


    I know someone will probably correct me, but I don't recall him ever injuring himself when playing at CB. Also, he hardly got booked in that position. It's when he's in midfield he goes into self-destruct mode.
  14. HillsboroughOwlNI


    IMO he is finished as a midfielder. He's too reckless. He has less opportunity to injure himself when he's at CB. Personally I think Hutch, Fred, Lees, Pudil and youngster(s) should be our options next season.
  15. HillsboroughOwlNI

    Safety assured

    Just be careful with player appearance bonuses...