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  1. I’m relatively new to owlstalk compared to most here. What strikes me most is that after every game it’s either total despair like being turned down by the fat bird at the club. Or complete delirium, like bagging a threesome with Taylor Swift and Maria Sharapova. There’s never a middling 4 pinter. It’s a bit excessive either way!
  2. Oh I know which bank they pinched the notes from- that bit was facetious- but I was talking about an actual scenario of me trying to use an UB note at half time!
  3. We need to sign him up ASAP. If he must move, I hope he chooses the right side of Glasgow. I couldn’t bear to see him in a septic shirt. Even worse than the pigs.
  4. Even more of an arse trying to explain to the staff that Ulster Bank notes are legal tender, and not just something printed by Gerry Adams and friends!
  5. Didn’t the exact same thing happen with Jos, where he “forgot” to mention Westwood’s injury?
  6. Footballers are all about cliches, ya know. Like I said. As long as we get the three points at the end of the day. **scratches face, and looks everywhere but into the camera**
  7. Doesn’t that just show how unfit for purpose the rules are? The “idea” is to prevent clubs spending beyond their means, yet the rules actually lead clubs to hold on to wasteful, unproductive assets. (Sorry Jordan, I’m speaking hypothetically here ).
  8. What is it with us and phallic themed players? Borner, WestWOOD, Master Bates, and maybe Bony? Needs some more fannies like Pellupussy to balance things out a bit...
  9. For 6 months that’s £650k. If it’s the difference between us finishing 6th and 7th they should just hurry up and get it done.
  10. I think having beside Big Dom beside him is the perfect opportunity for Urhoghide to have a decent run of games. He was caught out of position a couple of times against L*eds, but straight away Iorfa covered for him. Definitely a raw talent that could become a very good right back.
  11. Great direct replacement for Fletcher. Would still expect at least one more forward in, who we had already scouted and planned for.
  12. Too late. I’m already on commission for suggesting this last week In all seriosuness, I do think we should give it a try. Even later on if we’re chasing a game.
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