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  1. Eek, you’d have been better posting that last night and used the alcohol as an excuse
  2. “Panic” over. On now, just in time to see Blackburn on top...
  3. My IPTV is down, and match isn’t on VIPBox. Any suggestions, other than jump on a helicopter to Hillsborough?!
  4. Everything is just too positive at the moment. It’s unsettling...
  5. Seconded. My Iptv is showing the L**ds match instead ffs, and VIPBox is up to it’s usual Shiite.
  6. He did indeed. And appeared on my screen to be moving at more than 2 frames or second.
  7. Both individually fantastic players, but suffering from a serious lack of quality around them, and a manager that has unfortunately lost the plot.
  8. Agree entirely. What’s the point in having big men up front, if we keep tippy tapping it around the back, just asking for pressure to be put on us. Tonight was the most obvious example, but this trying to play it out as if we’re Barcelona has cost us many goals this season.
  9. One of the issues we had under Carlos was predictability. Certainly not the case with Jos!
  10. I half agree. Going forward he was excellent. Defensively out of position at times. Reminds me of a young Gareth Bale- I genuinely think he could be that good.
  11. Very lucky to get a point. Can’t pick on any individuals, most were poor. Felt like we were chasing shadows when they had the ball, and panicking when we had it. Referee gave them a free kick anytime one of our players so much as farted. Special mention for Penney though. What a player he’s going to be!
  12. I genuinely believe we’re going straight up this season. We’re only 4pts off the top, yet we’ve been playing pretty badly- especially our defence. Thing is, it’s much easier to train a defence to tighten up, than it is to train a team to score goals. Once those clean sheets start appearing, and with Forestieri and Hooper knocking on the door, we will rocket up the table.
  13. Hes a star in the making. I can see him being a defender for one of the top 6 PL teams in the next 5 years. I just sincerely hope it’s with us!
  14. I think Jos was right to drop him, but I also think he needs to be brought back in very soon. He’s an emotional player and needs to be loved. 3 games is long enough to have a positive impact on his work ethic. Any more and it’ll start to have a negative effect. ps. Fair play to Bannan showing him some love and giving him a wee head rub when he won a free kick near the end!
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