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  1. I know his sister Stephanie. She has a great right hand....
  2. I’d rather Monk left tbh. There’s definitely a decent player there. Something doesn’t add up when it comes to Monk’s man-management “skills”... No one can fall out with so many others and not be the problem. Not just here, but at previous clubs too.
  3. Or due appearance bonus/doesn’t get on with the manager/had an affair with Westwood’s mrs* *delete conspiracy theory as appropriate.
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sectarianism You sure? Sectarianism and political baiting are one and the same.
  5. You clearly have a lot of pent up, political anger and hatred. I suggest avoiding the media for a while, and maybe dabble in a little meditation! Peace bro.
  6. Your bird’s fit anyway. It was her I saw first
  7. Off topic... You weren’t walking up near forestside were you, on May Day (marathon) two years ago, wearing a Wednesday top and can recall some knobhead shouting “come on the Owls” at you?!
  8. Well done. You’ve clearly won the award for most blatantly sectarian poster on this thread, despite opining the contrary 👍
  9. Yes, trolling. It is easier to type the proper name of the country, Northern Ireland, but you intentionally wrote “North of Ireland” to garner a response. Well done 👍
  10. I don’t think there are that many clubs playing in Donegal, to be fair.
  11. Didn’t Hitler introduce animal rights and introduce shorter working weeks? Anyone can virtue signal, but to try and put Celtic fans on a pedestal above Rangers fans is laughable. They’re both equally as bad, and equally as good.
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