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  1. The owl looks like it’s about to shoot itself in the side of the head. He must have heard about the latest EFL charges...
  2. So we have been “charged”. In a normal UK court, the prosecution have to prove guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. The EFL seem to take the route of a dictatorship though, and as we’ve been charged they may as well give us our sentence now. Can anyone actually remember if an EFL charge has ever been successfully disputed?
  3. I’m the world’s biggest capitalist, but where it has failed in the UK is our obsession and treatment of property as an investment. Many of the wealthy just buy property to develop and let out. This adds absolutely nothing to the economy, but creates a “rent trap” and housing problems. If that wealth was used as capital investment etc to boost productivity, then natural profits would increase, wages would increase, tax revenue would increase, fewer people on benefits (through choice or not) all creating a feedback loop. Our obsession with property is this country’s biggest weakness.
  4. Hmmm don’t think HMRC post individual tax returns online, but perhaps the links below might help... https://news.sky.com/story/britains-top-taxpayers-are-revealed-in-list-11619070 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/08/05/record-number-adults-pay-no-tax-top-one-per-cent-earners-shoulder/ https://economia.icaew.com/news/august-2019/uk-increasingly-reliant-on-super-rich-for-tax-income
  5. Let’s not forget, in the UK the richest 1% pay 28% of UK tax revenue. If you increase that burden they’ll just leave. Socialism is wonderful, until you run out of other people’s money.
  6. B**ger I’d have nowhere left to go, being a Unionist, Tory-supporting Brexiteer from Northern Ireland (an unfortunate choice of emoji too...)
  7. People keep starting threads about new strikers etc. This bloke is our “new” striker. We don’t need him out on the left anymore. Put him up front with Dave/Fletch and we have great balance in attack.
  8. Our medics must have been poo back then too
  9. I really dislike slagging off any of our players and if anyone is sad enough to look, they will see I never have. Some of our players have poor games, some have average games, and some can be good/excellent. Joey however, is just nowhere near good enough for us. He’s league 2 at best. Please, let today’s corners be a reason for Monk never to pick him again.
  10. Granit Xhaka for one, might disagree...
  11. And are their fans any happier? Just look at the state of the Arsenal, Spuds and United fans this season, and Liverpool for the past 30 years. All miserable sods, with a massive sense of entitlement.
  12. I would rather be a stressed, long-suffering Wednesdayite, than a plastic supporter of one of the top 6 that takes their position for granted!
  13. He wasn’t poor. He just didn’t exist.
  14. We were by far the better side against top of the table Leeds last week. We lacked arguably our 2 best midfielders today, which is the area we lost the game. We’ll get a new striker in January to supplement fletch. Trust me, it will get much better than this.
  15. Poor performance, some unlucky breaks, still only 4 points off top. Where will we be when we start playing well? Perspective.
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