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  1. I’m slightly more interested. It’s good to see more fighting spirit from the players, but the lack of quality from midfield forwards is there for all to see. The transfer window should (I hope) ignite a lot more interest.
  2. I don’t care if we have 10% possession and 1 shot on goal each game, as long as we win it. I’d rather a boring win than a pulsating loss. Once we add 2/3 attacking players, I think under Pulis we’ll start grinding out those wins.
  3. Should stay as number one for now. He’s earned the right. Westwood will want Christmas off anyhow.
  4. Any bloke with pigtails deserves to be hacked down like that.
  5. So he’s scored 4 in 11 games in the elite league of... Bulgaria? I’m crying into my cornflakes right now!
  6. I thought this thread was going to be about the latest Covid restrictions...
  7. What a way to give your only available striker confidence...
  8. Get Penney on for Harris and switch Reach to the right.
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