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  1. Why not? They could offer the Khashoggi treatment to Steve Gibson and the EFL
  2. In Thames like these, I’m Itchen for a change of manager
  3. I shall add to the eloquent grammar on here- Go f*ck, Friar Tuck!
  4. Not if that “credit” helps him reconnect...
  5. At least his throw-ins looked good. Should’ve used them more often...
  6. Even if he played the whole game cross-legged, he’d be better than the rest of that shower of poo.
  7. You sure it’s not the other way around? Your email address not verifying that it’s a real business?!
  8. Reading this, is like being told about all the sausage your gf had before you met her. You know it happened, but you just don’t need to be reminded of it in chronological detail.
  9. If this was one of my investments, I too would’ve been looking to get out ASAP. It’s as close a description to “losing money hand over fist” you will ever see. Basically every pound of revenue through the turnstile generated a loss of 50p... Mind you, it’s a hell of a lot worse now!
  10. See that £21.445m loan waiver? You may take that back off again wrt trading profit/loss.
  11. Such a simple, common sense* strategy. The most successful ones usually are. * Common sense isn’t necessarily common on Owlstalk though
  12. Neither Dawson nor Wildsmith instil any confidence in our defenders. Therefore the defence gets panicky. That causes our mf (especially Bannan) to sit too deep. This disrupts our creativity, and therefore ability to score goals too. It’s a recipe for the sort of sh1tness we’ve seen this season. Sort the keeper situation, and it will help all areas of the pitch. Worth way more than a 20 goal striker.
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