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  1. HillsboroughOwlNI

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    Excellent work OwlWednesday! Don’t forget that with regards to P&S, some costs such as youth development are excluded from the £39m total. But on the flip side, related party transaction revenues that exceed fair value eg. D Taxis and Elev8 are also excluded...
  2. HillsboroughOwlNI

    We have a small squad apparently

    It’s not a small squad. Just a slightly unbalanced one.
  3. HillsboroughOwlNI

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    Anyone have any links to a rivulet of the match?
  4. HillsboroughOwlNI

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Carvalhal needs sacked NOW!
  5. HillsboroughOwlNI


    In the normal world of business, if a debt is written off on the balance sheet, there is an equal and opposite credit to the P&L account, as the “net asset” level will have increased. In the specific case of FFP, I can’t answer whether this treatment is allowed...
  6. HillsboroughOwlNI


    Reverse takeover by D Taxis?
  7. HillsboroughOwlNI

    How to alleviate the Almen Abdi situation

    Is there no insurance for injured players? In any other business, they take out insurance to cover all sorts of risk. Surely a £4m player plus god knows how much in wages, is an insurable asset? (In Abdi’s case I use the term “asset” very loosely...)
  8. I’m gonna have a stab in the dark and guess that Mr DC is in negotiations to sell the club. That would explain the extreme radio silence as well as the total lack of transfer activity. Maybe it was to be announced today, but negotiations are ongoing. I love a conspiracy, me.
  9. HillsboroughOwlNI

    Team for Wigan picks itself...surely

    Maybe all the pre-season shenanigans has all been a trick. The past 3 seasons we became predictable very quickly. Now nobody has a clue what the feck is going on!
  10. HillsboroughOwlNI

    #SWFC Transfer Embargo - Jos Speaks Out

    Goodness me, so much negativity here tonight. We ended last season strongly, we have several players back from long term injuries and a couple more to come. These will be like new signings. Likewise, we have U23’s pushing into the first team now, rather than wasting millions on squad players. And we have a manager, who not only seems to get the most out of our players, but also has them fitter than ever. A couple of quality loans in wide areas, and I hope this time last week, this board will be a lot less negative and a bit more respect will be afforded to the chairman.
  11. Maybe Jos is intentionally holding us back, and putting players in odd positions, to try and persuade the boss to sign a few new players. Or am I just being optimistic...?
  12. HillsboroughOwlNI


    It’s called passion! The club need to show him support, and he will repay us in the right way.
  13. Maybe I’m wrong, but it was 41, which I think is Hunt?
  14. And Hunt also hit a great strike near the end against NAC Breda too. Looking forward to seeing more of our youngsters in the 1st team this season.
  15. HillsboroughOwlNI

    The obsession with new signings.

    I’m happy with what we already have. We became a collector of footballing antiques and finally we have moved some of them on. Now is the time to add some youth and enthusiasm from our academy to the experience of our reasonably old squad. We also have a manager who wasn’t able to work with half the squad. Those he has worked with, he improved remarkably. I think Forestieri will be outstanding for us under Jos. Add a couple of high quality, pacey loan signings and maybe Fred v2 and I think we will achieve automatic promotion.