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  1. I wish. Reminds me of Leeds starting on -15 after being relegated to League 1 and finishing on something like 66 points in the playoffs. Would have gone up automatically without the points deduction
  2. Agree with every word. The FA made a huge mistake in allowing the PL to self regulate. In the recent past, hasn't the Government raised concerns over governance issues and threatened to regulate if changes aren't implemented?
  3. This is the sort of post I like to read. Comments supported by reasoning/logic rather than *opinions* supported by bu**Dr all.
  4. Never heard of the steelworks link, although I'm familiar with pig iron. Some of my grandad's brothers were steelworkers and Owls supporters. Wonder why he chose to sell me the bacon story? Family (dis) loyalty?
  5. My grandad was a Blade, rest of family Owls. He told me that Owls supporters refused to eat bacon on Sunday morning if Owls had lost and Blades hadn't. The only link with this folk tale is the red/white of a bacon rasher and the resemblance to a Blade shirt. Grandad was born in 1887 and told me the tale in the early 1960s, never had any reason to doubt his version!
  6. I live a few miles out of Leeds and had cause to work in Manchester a few times. In my opinion Sheffield is the best out of the three.
  7. Many, many years ago my grandad told me the most useful invention ever was carbon paper. He used it extensively when writing to official bodies. Doesn't matter if the original disappears, there is always the exact copy. The same principle applies to modern means of communication/record keeping - keep at least one copy. If half a dozen fans record the same police incident it may make them think twice about their behavior.
  8. From my experience of investigation allegations of misconduct, the above extract describes an exempliatory way of conducting the investigation. Will be very interesting to see how FFs case was conducted in due course.
  9. Thorniley would be a good choice but haven't heard anything of him since he returned early from Portugal. Have I missed something?
  10. Same here. Tried mine on over the polo shirt I was wearing, very comfortable. Young female member of staff said people were reporting sizes a bit more generous than last year. Seems a little longer than last year as well.
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