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  1. Gildowl

    Borukov to play?

    You've nailed it. So many people on this site prefer navel gazing to seeing the bigger picture.
  2. Superb description. To someone like me, who has to plan a 3 stage journey by public transport, I would get to the stage, before finding the ticket prices, thinking "if they can't be arsed, neither can I" and another match slips by.
  3. I have always watched football matches as on a POTG basis, be it in Sheffield, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Doncaster, Grimsby or Tenerife. I was in the Megastore last Monday for an hour or so and nobody bought a ticket though a few of us bought shirts and other bits and pieces. Travelling difficulties make evening matches a no go area for me and short notice for televised games also causes problems. Therefore I am left with traditional Saturday matches with a 15:00 kick off. What I don't want is to have to wait until what category has been allocated to a particular match before I can decide whether I can afford to go - therefore I am with you all the way in trying to get the whole system simplified so fans know exactly where they are!
  4. Gildowl

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    Need to be a bit careful about using red and white bog roll - might be first indication of haemorrhoids.
  5. Well said that man! I think the sentiments you express regarding paranomia and petty grievances can be applied to quite a number of posters on OT. I have watched Biggsy on You are the Ref and read his on line articles for the Star and always think he has a balanced approach to writing.
  6. Gildowl

    Quick and simple

    Like the comment! It also made me think about years ago when I worked in Civil Service section that dealt with people who were continually missing work (in Andi's) case playing football. I have wondered for some time whether it's possible/feasible for a club to seek expert medical advice on whether or not a player has reached a stage where repeated health/injury issues deem him unfit to continue playing at the level he is being payed for. If the medics deem him unfit to continue then the club's player insurance should pay him off and he is no longer a drain on the club's resources.
  7. Gildowl


    Jos has started the transition from an ageing squad to a much younger (and fitter for longer) one. Loovens and Wallace were the first, now it's KW's turn. The young keepers will only improve. KW certainly has a couple of decent years left in him but as a club we cannot afford to continue paying his high wages.
  8. Gildowl

    Saturday 4:55pm

    I can't help thinking that all the negativity this summer is encapsulated in the fear that a repeat of the Preston game is on the cards. I'll settle for a scruffy 1-0 win for the Owls.
  9. That is the truest statement I've read on OT for ages!!
  10. I have a mate who supports Huddersfield. Tells me that the qualities you mention are exactly the same as those Wagner looks to utilise in building his team. I'll settle for the same level of achievement, in the short/medium term anyway.
  11. Gildowl


    Or yellow, red or even blue. Played in them all as a kid - never had matching gloves!!
  12. Gildowl


    This is excellent. I have recently bought 3 new polo shirts, all supposed to be medium size (41-43 inch), but all 3 are slightly different sizes!
  13. Bloodly hell - it's done it again!!
  14. I swear I typed Hannah, but on my iPad it came out Hannah!
  15. As individual figures go they would be pretty acceptable, but 60 goals won't be any where enough for the play offs. Really do need a decent input from midfield - Reach, Hannah, Lee (hopefully) etc.