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  1. Many, many years ago my grandad told me the most useful invention ever was carbon paper. He used it extensively when writing to official bodies. Doesn't matter if the original disappears, there is always the exact copy. The same principle applies to modern means of communication/record keeping - keep at least one copy. If half a dozen fans record the same police incident it may make them think twice about their behavior.
  2. From my experience of investigation allegations of misconduct, the above extract describes an exempliatory way of conducting the investigation. Will be very interesting to see how FFs case was conducted in due course.
  3. Thorniley would be a good choice but haven't heard anything of him since he returned early from Portugal. Have I missed something?
  4. Same here. Tried mine on over the polo shirt I was wearing, very comfortable. Young female member of staff said people were reporting sizes a bit more generous than last year. Seems a little longer than last year as well.
  5. I can't get to see many live matches but was at Sincil Bank today. Owls certainly played well, especially in first half, but they had to. The Lincoln side gave them plenty to think about and played some decent football themselves. It was a thoroughly good game to watch and played in a good spirit. Despite the today's plaudits there were occasions when a half decent championship team would have punished us. An encouraging start but work still needed.
  6. Agree with you in the main - but what is interesting is the fact that the players were set individual targets to achieve/ maintain in the off season and these were MONITORED, which is new to me and very welcome!
  7. Agree. SB is no fool and I would be dumbstruck if hadn't been given some assurances about finances - at least some wiggle room to wheel and deal.
  8. Whatever the chosen colour(s) I would like the design to based on stripes, either subtle shades of same colour or contrasts doesn't bother me. Wednesday wear stripes as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Actually quite like the black/purple combo.
  10. Just looked at transfermakt - info is that Dom's contract ends end of June. Surely we didn't sign him on a 6 month deal! Really puts the cat among the pigeons if we have to replace this guy so soon after thinking we got a bargain.
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