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  1. Gildowl

    Westwood going to leeds

    Leeds to pay up his contract? Isn't that what we did when we signed Lees?
  2. Gildowl

    FAO Cameron Dawson

    Not just a touch of good management - it was damn brilliant!
  3. Gildowl

    Players to get rid of

    I'm not a betting man either but my opinion is that JL is, and has been all along, aware that a massive change over of players is long overdue. I'm convinced that his current policy of playing younger, inexperienced players is to give them a grounding and gain confidence/experience. They won't get that if he caved in to the lunatic fringe of supporters demanding he play their old, injury prone favourites. Having said that, it's a high risk strategy - but essential for the long term future of the club. I'm afraid there's a lot of pain to go through before we are a force again.
  4. Gildowl

    10 men for the good of the game?

    Like the sound of this!
  5. Gildowl

    Sam Winnall

    Interesting point. But has he ever had a manager like JL? JL won't take any cr@p from anyone - but seems fair minded and, hopefully doesn't hold grudges. In other words it SW keeps his nose clean he has every chance of being a success at S6.
  6. Gildowl

    Premier league 2

    Totally agree. The only problem is, have the FA got the will to strip or reduce the PL of its autonomy? It was this lack of action/foresight that created the current cesspit in the first place. Unfortunately I don't see any changes any time soon.
  7. Leeds United were formed in 1920 after the original club, Leeds City, was thrown out of the Football League because of a row over illegal player payments. This report must be of the first meeting at Hillsborough after the reformation. Match report is a damn sight better than rubbish printed in modern news media.
  8. Gildowl

    Penney contract

    Players always have options - what bothers me is the influences that can be brought to bear. If Penney wants to stay with Wednesday (and assuming he is content with any contract on offer) then he will. If his agent starts being stroppy - Penney can and should tell the b*gger where to stick his %age, and immediately get a new agent. Hirst was influenced by father and I don't think Clare wanted to stay.
  9. I am old enough to remember Liverpool in their heyday under Bill Shankley. They seemed to grind out 1-0 victories every week -and often scoring in the last 5/10 minutes. Damn boring if you're not a Liverpool fan. I'll take results like today's every week, thank you very much!
  10. Gildowl

    Marco Matias

    People have been crying out for months and months and months about the lack of pace in the side - now they have some they still aren't happy!!
  11. I have been a Lees fan since his Leeds' days but Jos doesn't do reputations. If JL thinks TL isn't performing he won't hesitate to drop him - and rightly so.
  12. Gildowl

    No Transfer Fee 11

    I thought we had to pay up Tom Lees' Leeds contract to sign him. May be being pedantic, but I would think that doesn't constitute a free transfer.
  13. Gildowl


    You're right! Took ages for the gas lamp lighter go all the street lights lit up. Sometimes it was dawn before he finished his round - or the wick burned away.
  14. Born in Germany then moved to Morley area where her family came from. Dad had precious little in sport. Younger brother was a very decent footballer in his own right - why he was a Chelsea fan in the late 50s/ early 60s is still a mystery! Maybe Jimmy Greaves had something to do with it. Grandad was interested in all sports. He was born a stones throw from Brammall Lane. Turned out he was the only Blade in his family. He took me to a couple of matches at the Lane, maybe trying to indoctrinate me. Then he took me to see a derby match at Hillsborough not long after the"cantilever" stand was opened. Totally enthralled by the whole experience even though the Owls lost 2-3. To his eternal credit Grandad answered all my questions about Wednesday: where the name came from, why were they called the Owls, why did some people call them the yo-yos? But the biggest attraction was they had a player called Fantham! From then on I had a blue and white striped shirt and became"phantom" in honour of my boyhood hero whenever I was playing football.
  15. Gildowl

    Rob staton

    I certainly missed that news. Far too many BBC (average) pundits covering PL. Think I now understand DC's reaction to tell BBC stuff their request for the reduction.