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  1. Agree. SB is no fool and I would be dumbstruck if hadn't been given some assurances about finances - at least some wiggle room to wheel and deal.
  2. Whatever the chosen colour(s) I would like the design to based on stripes, either subtle shades of same colour or contrasts doesn't bother me. Wednesday wear stripes as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Actually quite like the black/purple combo.
  4. Just looked at transfermakt - info is that Dom's contract ends end of June. Surely we didn't sign him on a 6 month deal! Really puts the cat among the pigeons if we have to replace this guy so soon after thinking we got a bargain.
  5. Agree. If FA had started an investigation then became aware of a criminal investigation they would have to stop their action. If they elect to restart their investigation surely they would also have to investigate everything that occurred with the incident leading up to the allegation - including the violent conduct of the Mansfield player(s). They can't have one law for one team and another law for another. Having said that if the FA are involved they would argue that black is white and then decide the colour is yellow!
  6. Leeds to pay up his contract? Isn't that what we did when we signed Lees?
  7. Not just a touch of good management - it was damn brilliant!
  8. I'm not a betting man either but my opinion is that JL is, and has been all along, aware that a massive change over of players is long overdue. I'm convinced that his current policy of playing younger, inexperienced players is to give them a grounding and gain confidence/experience. They won't get that if he caved in to the lunatic fringe of supporters demanding he play their old, injury prone favourites. Having said that, it's a high risk strategy - but essential for the long term future of the club. I'm afraid there's a lot of pain to go through before we are a force again.
  9. Interesting point. But has he ever had a manager like JL? JL won't take any cr@p from anyone - but seems fair minded and, hopefully doesn't hold grudges. In other words it SW keeps his nose clean he has every chance of being a success at S6.
  10. Totally agree. The only problem is, have the FA got the will to strip or reduce the PL of its autonomy? It was this lack of action/foresight that created the current cesspit in the first place. Unfortunately I don't see any changes any time soon.
  11. Leeds United were formed in 1920 after the original club, Leeds City, was thrown out of the Football League because of a row over illegal player payments. This report must be of the first meeting at Hillsborough after the reformation. Match report is a damn sight better than rubbish printed in modern news media.
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