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  1. Gildowl

    New Kit

    Just thinking that I quite like the striped version - because of the shade of blue. Thought it make a decent stylish, smart/casual item for non footie days. Then l read your comment - you're right, the H totally spoils the effect. Goes to show, you see what you want to see.
  2. Best comment I've read regarding next season. The 2019 summer transfer window will be crucial, when virtually all the contracts for the dead wood come to an end. 2019/20 season is the realistic target to aim for automatic promotion.
  3. Gildowl

    Big sam

    No thanks!
  4. That's a really good, inovative idea. Wonder why it's not thought of before.
  5. That's exactly what Don Revie intended when he changed the Leeds colours to all white from blue & gold. At the time he didn't say his team could play like Real Madrid.
  6. The inside forwards were usually expected to move between attack and defence, as circumstances warranted. The"traditional" formation was, imo, more attacking. It wasn't until Alf Ramsey introduced the wingless England team that won the 1966 world cup that team formations began to change.
  7. Gildowl

    Tonight's Referee

    This is the sort of reasoning I like!
  8. It is indeed. In a past life I investigated cases of potential misconduct. If I had been presented with this sort of information I would certainly expect the bloke to be interviewed after the assessor's match report had been received.
  9. Gildowl

    Sam Winnall

    That's the best summing up of the situation I've read on OT.
  10. Gildowl

    Which injured player

    Jos hasn't been around long enough to have any favourites yet. Have a sneaking suspicion that he isn't the type of manager to work the "favourites" system anyway. Form, fitness and discipline will be his criteria.
  11. Gildowl

    Would You Rather...

    I'll go with that!
  12. Gildowl

    Player ratings

    If memory serves me correctly, I think when Venancio signed, CC said he was one of the best CB in Portugal. So why the hell it has taken so long for him to come to the fore is baffling. Hope the loan is made into a permanent signing - we could have a new captain as this surely must be Loovens last as a regular.
  13. Gildowl

    Squad bloat/clutter

    The contracts of quite a few of the first team squad expire in the summer - which should make it easier to plan summer transfer activity. The contracts of virtually all the rest of the squad expire in 2019 so it would be a good time to weed out anybody who JL doesn't rate whilst they still have a market value.