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  1. God I Miss This Team

    God I love Chris Waddle
  2. Millwall pubs

    Best going to a pub around London Bridge / Borough Market and then getting a 10 minute train to the ground, there's an away fans walkway directly from the station
  3. Millwall away

    The George Inn at London Bridge for a few and then hop on the 7.11 train to the ground
  4. Millwall ticket news

    Nice one - cheers
  5. Millwall ticket news

    Anyone know if you can collect the tickets at Millwall's ground? Website is only says collection without specifying where and I live in London.
  6. Laughing stock

    The sense of entitlement and total lack of objectivity wafting out of some fans' posteriors is a sad indictment of the society we live in.
  7. Serbian double swoop

    Stefanovic was superb in Champ Man 97/98
  8. Sad because he got sacked "at Christmas"...?!? He's a chuffing millionaire who's been paid more for the last season and a half of tortuous football than anyone here will earn in their lives, give the violins a rest!