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  1. Dare I say it... Waddle was pretty darn one-footed, or at least his left foot was so great that his right foot was on a permanent sabbatical.
  2. Would be interesting to see him in a two with João, which pretty much never happens
  3. I think we should probably focus on winning games consistently before worrying about how many we win by...
  4. Fair play, he's trying really hard to train himself not to say "Sheffield"...!
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1908196269275837&id=860027340759407&comment_id=1909929695769161&src=email_notif
  6. Issuance of share capital doesn't count towards revenue, so would have no impact on FFP.
  7. Anyone who says Mark Pembridge didn't deserve a thorough booing deserves a thorough booing.
  8. From the title I'd assumed this was another post about the photo of Jos at the station.
  9. I just don't get how people can suggest a starting XI without a defensive midfielder to shield the defence, shoehorning in all the best attacking players into the wrong roles, and think it's a good idea... ever heard of Arsenal?
  10. Do you understand the concept of a quotation? Where does he use the word "disrespectful"?
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