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  1. He must have got his family settled into the area, makes all the difference, can't be happy at work unless you're happy at home, keep it up.
  2. Put him on the fatwa list, just below Bruce. He needs to put a shift in, he can be forgiven for lacking ability but not effort which was evident on a few occasions when he should have chased the ball backwards towards his own goal instead of just pretending to. He needs to be made aware that there is no hiding place and the only thing he has to do is put 100% in.
  3. Can't put my finger on it but I just get a little uncomfortable about Monk and Beattie together, yes I know they've done it before and no, it isn't because Beattie played for the dark side. I think it's my age.
  4. Reading what? The fatwa list again, about time we saw some action ne'er mind just reading it.
  5. We've been having a few issues with the steering and engine Bob, got that sorted and then the ships captain jacked on us. We now have a new captain and we've set sail, beware bob you c, we're coming for you and you'll not know what's hit you when we get there.
  6. mmmmmm, it's a simple question on the face of it but it isn't that easy really. When I was a lad (hahahahahaha) we just accepted what we were presented with. We'd grumble around the people stood or sat around us at Hillsborough or in the pub but these days these people have a worldwide audience. I'll never change, I'm old school, I support what's dished up to me, through thick and thin until such time the gaffers see fit to change things.
  7. From someone displaying the flag of fairies.
  8. He's had his time now mate, and his money. He really needs to go and do something else. That's not being harsh at all, he's doing a job (and for some time) which most of us would kill for, harsh? No way. They gave Everton a game the other night and I think Everton are going for this cup this year, shame we'll knock them out in the next round.
  9. Get the Lincoln manager in, give him a chance. Well worth a punt, watched his interview in midweek, impressive. Sorry to say though it needs a clean sweep, Bullen needs to go now, and when I say go, I mean leave the club.
  10. Let's hope it's a turning point for Morgan in respect of the booing. Whether he's crap or not, if he's wearing the colours he shouldn't be booed.
  11. @Bluey9 doesn't understand forums or debate. Don't be like bluey9.
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