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  1. Me too. I actually met him in 1976. Bramble not Bony!
  2. I agree. Chansiri put in £40m by way of loans in the last set of accounts and he is owed £78m by the club. So he has Loads to lose! The company has been bleeding cash for years and it is only Chansiri’s loans that prop it up. The problem is that over the last three years, the club has lost £10m, £21m and then £36m (before the profit on the stadium) so an average of 22.3m per annum. With no more family gold to sell, the FFP problem is going to remain until that wage bill is reduced to around £20m pa. Even then we’ll lose over £10m a year and Chansiri will need to keep putting money in to the tune of £17.5m a year. The sale of the stadium on deferred terms just increased the amount of cash going out by £7.5m which he will no doubt take and put back in. How much more has he got to spare? We’re gonna have to get promoted just to pay his loans off! He won’t be able to sell the company in its current state unless he finds another benefactor who doesn’t care about their money going down the pan. Worrying times!
  3. And yet we owe him £77m for the money he has put in. (Less the £60m he owes us for the ground over 8 years. ) So he’s still got more than most!
  4. There’s clearly an agenda against the smaller clubs. The PL doesn’t want them in the league.
  5. Basically we fiddled the accounts. The accounts show the sale and profit in the year before the transaction took place with a debt due from the purchaser to balance the books. Two of the fundamental accounting concepts have been breached here. Firstly you're supposed to match transactions with the period they took place and worse, you’re not supposed to recognise profits until they have actually been earned. Not crooked a EFL, in my opinion, dodgy accounting by Chansiri. Surprised the auditors allowed it.
  6. Optimist here. At the same point last season Leeds were top and The two automatically promoted teams had lost 2 (Blunts) and 3 (Naaaricch) respectively.
  7. Be happier if it was one of our players rather than another one we let go giving it large after scoring against the younger noisier inferior neighbours. Still I suppose we have to take what we can get!
  8. What a joke. As ever, everyone else suffers for SYP’s continuing incompetence.
  9. Not unless we cocked up and agreed to pay the buyer £60m to take it away.
  10. I agree that Rhodes is worth £1m more than Madine. So he’s worth about £1m then.
  11. Berahino? You’re having a laugh! No way we could afford him even if he wasn’t a total waster
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