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  1. Sorry. Got better things to do than review the thread on The pigs every day. You doN’t seriously think I read it and waited a Month to respond do you? ? I think we have far bigger concerns don’t you? Anyway the Bog Roll Prince will be coining it in with all this panic buying of Bog roll. So he might have nearly as much in his back pocket as DC now. Hopefully he can ruin their club the way DC has ours
  2. Running the club from the money they bring in? You do know that’s what youre supposed to do?
  3. Primarily I think it’s the players. They've have been bottling it since the second play offs defeat. Bunch of Billy Big Wotsits who it seems will only play for who they want to when they want to. Players have consistently demonstrated that they have no spine and no loyalty to the club or the fans. Add to that the stupid £££ contracts they're on meaning the could never be sold and you have a perfect storm.
  4. I think they think that because the pigs have a fan manager then we should have one and everything will be perfect. The fact that Wilder was a good manager before he went there and he just happens to be a fan seems to pass them by. I despair. He’s more Warnock than Wilder.
  5. Forgot about that one. Makes it even worse!
  6. The players decided they didn’t want to play for Carlos any more, probably after the appalling tactics in the second play offs. They shamed us against the pigs. Then they played for Bully. Didn’t like Jos at all so didn’t play. Liked Bruce at first but started to go off him. Played for Bully, then played a bit for Monk before deciding not to bother. It ain’t the manager. It’s the players But let’s not think everything was rosy under Carlos - he was the architect of his own downfall to some degree
  7. I am also an old fart who remembers the 60s and 70s well. The worst thing about the 70s was that we got relegated to the third tier, nearly going broke in the process, before they joined us so lets hope that doesn’t repeat itself! Meanwhile they are currently doing well in the richest league in the world, amassing sky money and with their free transfers being talked about as targets for Top 6 teams at multi-million figures while we are haemorrhaging money every year, owe Chansiri tens of millions and have a team full of bottlers. I DO SO hope you’re right my friend and I’m sure they will decli
  8. Its a poor Championship this year too. Take 3 wins off us and we’re in the relegation doo doo as well
  9. Anyone see Bamford’s shot that went backwards? If there’s one thing that helps me cope with the sitfest at S6, its seeing Weeds fall apart again
  10. Trouble is because of how much he is owed, the only way out for him is for us to Get promoted. Can’t see it.
  11. I work in Leeds. They are the biggest bunch of Arrogant, deluded self entitled Idiots you could ever hope to meet. Gonna be a good day on Monday!
  12. Suppose they were due one eventually. What is it 7 against and 2 for. VAR is ruining the game though. Just make the on field ref make the call. VAR highlights theres something to look at, ref goes and looks at the screen and decides whether to change the decision. Oh and Offside should adopt the Souness rule. Any part of you onside and you’re on. 50fps video isn’t good enough to allow 2mm decisions.
  13. No fears with this one. Dirty Leeds dominate possession in their games but they've lost some of their fire power and whilst Im sure they’ll strengthen later in the month, at the moment they just have Bamford who is awful. Soak up the pressure and hit em on the counter and the gap to them gets bridgeable.
  14. Me too. I actually met him in 1976. Bramble not Bony!
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