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  1. 21 points is worse than 9- it’s all hypothetical at this stage anyway
  2. My middle name is Benjamin. Parents didn’t think that one through
  3. My name actually is Bill, which is a rather amusing coincidence.
  4. I literally said that I don’t share the optimism shown by others so I’m not entirely sure what point you’re making.
  5. I sincerely hope that the latter is the case, for sure. I just don’t share the optimism a lot of people on here seem to have given the current situation.
  6. How do you sell something to a company that didn’t exist. When did you actually sell it if the company it was sold to didn’t exist until after it was sold. It’s not difficult.
  7. No. I just don’t want to see our club suffer because our owner is too naive, or too stubborn to admit when they’re wrong. I just fear that with that aggressive statement we are lining ourselves up for a hefty punishment that would derail any sense of progress we’ve made in the past few years. I love this club- I don’t have to justify that to anyone simply because I think our owner is setting us down a path that may cause more damage than any of us are anticipating.
  8. Half expected this to happen. I don’t agree with our chairman’s style of running the club so I must be a pig. God forbid I have an opinion that goes against the arse kissing tone of this thread on a public forum.
  9. The chairman claimed to sell Hillsborough to a company that didn’t exist at the time. Seems pretty clear cut to me.
  10. As I see it, we’ve not been wronged- we are in the wrong. A hyperbolic analogy is how it’s like Ted Bundy claiming not guilty and then proceeding to defend himself- it’ll just make things worse.
  11. Brilliant. So not supporting a chairman who is playing hardball with our club’s future makes me a coward. I guess I should just support the ownership no matter what otherwise I’m not a proper fan. Should probably tell Coventry fans to get behind SISU and Chesterfield fans to comprehensively support Dave Allen otherwise they aren’t proper fans. Give me a break. If Chansiri did care about the welfare of this club a much as people on here seem to think then he wouldn’t have been so irresponsible with it. The EFL wouldn’t have charged him if they didn’t have grounds to and he’s taking us down with him.
  12. I’m a Wednesday fan- not a Chansiri fan. He’s got us in this position- not the EFL; and if the worst does happen and we get relegated WE will be the ones who suffer. I’m behind the team 100%- but this current ownership has been impossibly naive, and the aggressive statement put out by the club is further testament to that. I hope I’m wrong, but looking at it as it stands we, as fans, can look forward to another spell in league one whilst Chansiri fizzes off back to Thailand. He doesn’t care about us why should he have my backing?
  13. I would rather the club just admitted to trying to circumvent FFP laws or whatever and take the limited punishment we would have received. I fear the EFL is going to quite rightly throw the book at us and I’m genuinely fearing the worst. I can’t understand the mentality of people being proud of a chairman who’s dishonest approach to running a football club may very well see us relegated to league one with a hefty transfer ban on top of it. Some of you make me embarrassed to be an owls fan as it seems like you’re so far up the chairman’s arse you’re forgetting that the club ALWAYS comes first.
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