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  1. Fun things from the game - Wallace trying to annoy Donaldson and getting pushed away with fingertips and a smirk. Commentators laughing that they're not even in the same weight division I know it's football, but would love to see him get in his face in town
  2. Walked from Clubhouse (Scholar) just as your lot were coming past the BP garage on BL (well done SYP for containing that at the optimal time we'd be walking to the ground). There was a bit of handbags, but nowt more. My mate pulled me out of the way of a fast moving rozzer on a horse, nothing aggressive and I nearly got a baton round the head for doing nothing (again, well done SYP for being overly aggressive to normal punters). Ended up walking through the middle of your lot down to the Kop with no bother ultimately. No need for any nonsense from either set of fans, but especially the nobs in blue/yellow
  3. Right - I've not been on our forum yet, I've not read any of your threads that will no doubt wind me up and I've not hung out with a load of Unitedites post match (drove back to my own boozer in Darley Dale), so coming on here with a fresh mind after the game, albeit I listened to a bit of Radio Sheff on the way back. You came to do a job and you did it - pretty effectively. In the first half, I think we dicked you football wise and looked by far the better side, albeit without the vital cutting edge. Second half, a bit more edgy an more of a level playing field. The football wasn't attractive by any stretch, certainly in the last 30 and when you went down to 10 you honestly looked the more likely to score. You definitely set up defensively and to hit us on the break, which for some reason we don't seem able to cope with. You deserved a point ultimately and all there was between us were two world class saves. To be honest, I didn't see Wildsmiths from Donaldson, but how Moore got up to save yours from Reach (was it?) is beyond me. Our players need to sharpen up a bit, not good enough and I think Wilder could possibly have made a couple of more intelligent substitutions - for you, I think Rhodes is a spent force and Wallace is a thug, but that's my only little dig - apart from the double decker parked in our half Let's put this 2nd string nonsense to bed, you had enough talent on the pitch it was 11 men v 11/10 men, all capable footballers. So, all in all, honours even at the Lane, but I'll take 4 points over the season, no animosity and a tense, if not pretty Derby. You can hold your heads high and I'll begrudgingly wish you well for the rest of the season. Oh and I though Chris Wilder was quite humble in his appraisal of you on the radio, maybe he does have a bit of class? UTB X
  4. You're embarrassing yourself now (not that you haven't already done that). I'm a bit busy now, but I'll give you a serious reply later - unless this thread is becoming annoying to the other posters, in which case, I'll just leave you in your deluded state
  5. I really am baffled, what are you talking about now? The truth about what?
  6. S24SU only, believe what you want fella Newsflash - it wasn't a 1st team game today, however excited you might be getting about it. We didn't have a player over 19 on the pitch. Oh and I was at work - do you have a job?
  7. Wow, you are allowed a computer. Great what they give you in care facilities these days Likewise, all the best for the rest of the season
  8. I've not made a big deal about league position or the Derby on here. It's a long season
  9. I think most Blades had the same uneasy feeling. I think we've been underestimated by a few teams who all seem to be having 'off days' when we meet them. Whether we keep it up will remain to be seen. If you beat us on the return leg, then I think most of us will take it graciously. If you finish above us, then so be it. We ARE exceeding expectations, but it's not without merit. At the end of the season, both teams will end up where they DESERVE to be. No more, no less
  10. Nope seriously - apart from a bit of banter, I'm not here on the wind up, so if you have a question, I'll answer honestly
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