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  1. Never said he would be interested in coming here, the discussion was about him being a better manager ( result's wise ) than GM …… IMO
  2. You're a gent FS !... Appreciate what you've said also .
  3. It's all about different opinions FS.... With a certain amount of guess work ( don't know that Colin scmoozers anyone and that GM is more direct)... Just basing my opinion on what I know ... Colin has a better track record than GM ....IMO Wilko did great winning the title 20 odd years ago !!!!.... That type of football doesn't win titles in the modern game agree that JL has had a bit of a bum deal but still think he's massively out of his depth , said from early on that he wasn't the manager for us... Again IMO !! just my thoughts and not meant to cause offence or harm !
  4. I don't think anyone wants to see us in the 3rd division but just because some people can see past or don't agree with the almost hysterical " get Mego back " call it doesn't mean we want to see the club sink.
  5. Easy big fella, just my opinion ... Hate to say it but Colin's a far better manager than Megson ( tin hat on) .... Wilko and Pullis type of game doesn't work in modern football.... Why do you think Pullis isn't at Stoke anymore .... Ooooops !!!!
  6. It's a no from me .... Loved him as a player and for what he did in his stint as manager but you should never go back. Think a lot on here are looking through the old rose tinted ones and what they would like to think he could bring to the table. Football has moved on from his time ..... IMO
  7. I'd put all of them above the clown we have at the moment ..... And I'm serious about that statement !!!
  8. Let's hope your lass has got the tea on the table when you get in !!!!
  9. Ultimately Jos is irrelevant in the grand scheme of the way the club is being run. He's out of his depth and has been from day one . We all know that DC has chucked some money in but that's what chairman do... Because they want a return if the club gets to the promised land !. But it's the chairman that needs to go and find another buyer before the club sinks to become another Coventry or Portsmouth I'd sooner go down on losing 5-4 every game than this slow death that we're watching ( yes it does hurt to say that).... I've had enough of all the lies and bull*hit that we're being fed from the top down with regards to a whole host of issues i do hope DC reads this and is hurt and peed off with me / us because it's us that have to put up with it in the long run ..... Again !!
  10. Unfortunately the problem with changing the manager is the chairman.... Any manager worth his salt isn't going to work for a chairman that is too " hand on", as is DC from what's been said . That leaves us with the managers that are just greatful for a job , Jos will go at some point and while DC isn't taking the right advice we will end up with another no mark manager that does as he's told !!!
  11. This is exactly the kind of game that will turn some fans away for what could be years. Just rubbish that folk are bored with now .... It's quite sad really . Know it's easy to say but manager and then moving forward the chairman have both got to go !!
  12. I think it's a hindsight view after getting away with it IMO !!... I hate the pigs with a passion but if you're not careful you'll end up sounding like Wilder in reverse !!!
  13. Definitely got to start with the chairman but I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon. Managers come and go quicker than chairman ( for obvious reasons) , we can go round in circles with this one but I honestly think we are going backwards with this manager..... He's out of his depth big time IMO
  14. I'd leave the word manager in and add chairman to the list
  15. I get where your coming from the development side of things but every club should develop young players. My gripe is the other stock excuses that we seem to trot out season after season.... Players having contract disputes, injuries etc we won't ever be the finished article under this manager IMO
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