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  1. Just seen on the website, £25... not bad. Dam sight cheaper than the 21/22 shirt will be, that's for sure!
  2. Not posted on here in a while but this is just too good! Got this through from the Pete McKee shop in my emails. He's done an alternative Wednesday shirt that I think sums up how we're all feeling right now. Love the nod to the Bukta/Crosby Kitchens kit in the design as well! Link https://www.petemckee.com/news/typical-wednesday-t-shirt
  3. Good to know that even back then we were complaining about the style of kits. It's obviously in our blood. Cant imagine what the backlash was like when the plain body white sleeved shirt came out 3 years later.
  4. Not sure, there really isn't much info out there. Perhaps one of our resident historians can shed some light onto it?
  5. Just picked up this stunning piece of Wednesday history. An original 1962/63 home shirt, the one we played in for half a season and the inspiration for our shirt a couple seasons ago. It's an absolute stunner, made by Umbro using their classic Tangeru jersey fabric and seen here modelled by David Layne.
  6. Top work! You know your season hasn't gone as planned when the likes of Port Vale, Tranmere, Luton and Wrexham finish above you. Also Stockport County only finished a point bellow us! Was Carlton still their manager at that point?
  7. Any one else agree that Pelupessy should be immortalised on the Owlstalk emoji board? His expression of shock and amazement is missing from the board and could spice up the forum nicely.
  8. Unless it's in my inbox I'm not going to give it the time of day.
  9. Anyone else notice the Chantily lace detailing down the sides? Lovely touch.
  10. To be honest, it'll just be nice to get an email that isn't from a Nigerian Prince, willy enlargement specialist, viagra salesman or Russian mailorder bride.
  11. Is it really that bad? It's the norm for most businesses that the people who sign up to newsletters are the ones have priority. You have to incentivise it some how especially since GDPR has happened and most companies have lost the majority of their subscribers. Like people have said, you'll only have to wait 30 seconds from the email being sent to see the kit on OT anyway.
  12. Yes it's definitely one bought from the mega store with Umbro and Asda logo's poorly slapped on for an extra £25!
  13. People will do owt for money but come on, if you're gonna go to the lengths to do knockoff shirt at least centre the bloody sponsor! £60? Wow I'm bored!
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