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  1. Best post on this thread mate. Spot on and my thoughts entirely. Winning with entertainment = happy fans.
  2. Simples, but we need to start making more chances and scoring a few more goals. We aren't exactly offensive and there is always a chance that one or two will be conceded. These games are crucial for Carlos' future.
  3. Agreed. The game has to be entertaining for me too. With work commitments I only managed to get to about 10 last season and mostly the games were dull. As you say, no Plan B and more fear of conceding than a desire to score. It's a tough September / October coming up and I fear CC will be found out if there isn't some change in the dynamic. Forest, Leeds and the Piggies will all be a challenge to keep at bay and I can't see us offering a great offensive strategy. Big test for him.
  4. I think you're right with Joao. Needs to be given another chance and certainly offers something different from the other front men. He's a bit of a forgotten man at the moment.
  5. Agreed mate, but it would just be nice to have something different in our locker. When things ain't working Carlos expects like-for-like subs to produce the goods. Another dynamic like pace can change games, but they aren't sitting on our bench currently.
  6. It should be good enough, but as many say, with the right manager. Slight digression, but the CC's excuse from previous seasons has always been that other teams and managers have been building their teams over a number of years. He's stopped saying that now of course as Leeds, Forest, Cardiff, etc blow the theory up in smoke.....
  7. Agreed. My heart says we should blood the young lad, with my memory firmly on the old mans marauding performances. However, it's a different world now and if he fails, it will put him back a long way and probably destroy his confidence. Bugger! Just got an enormous splinter in my arse from that fence.
  8. Truly baffling. Who knows what's going on behind the scenes.
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