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  1. Chansiri and son

    Wolves lost in the play off semi in 95 and 97 before eventually getting promotion in 2003 after a 19 year ab sense from the top division.Not getting promotion has obviously affected the players more than people thought
  2. BRING HIM HOME!!!!!!!!

    Did anybody send the question to DC if he knows who Gary megson is in the q and a session
  3. Promotion

    I fear not i said at the end of last season i had a feeling we would be mid table this season.I don't think its us as fans that need a reality check about promotion i think DCmight have been getting carried along with expectation.I think we have to steady the ship forget what united are doing and finish as high as we can.i do think DC needs some guidance regarding the running of the club there's no shame in admitting its not a business he knows nothing about.
  4. Reach

    At least the fans were safe from a cantona style kung fu kick then
  5. Reach

    It always amazes,me how a group of fans can all watch the same game but come up with such a different observation of the same player.It seems to me that some fans are expressing an opinion of reach over the time he's played for us and not by today's performance.Ive seen 2 sides to reach while he's been here for a start when he gets it on he's worth every bit the 5 million the only frustrating thing is he does tend to bottle out of a tackle occasionally.I don't see how knocking any player is going to help confidence no matter what right we have as fans to voice our opinions .It wont motivate anybody when they are already having low confidence
  6. I think at the moment we cant catch a break loovens coming in to try and shore up the defence went Pete tong from the off.The worrying thing is even though we shouldn't be relying on refereeing decisions that's how it goes when things are going wrong.Compounded by the united situation and where they are in the league that's mounting the pressure on us
  7. Are we in a relegation fight?.

    Id settle for that at the moment
  8. Jon Newsome "why are lessons not being learned?"

    Keith Andrews stated we had a good set of players but they weren't playing as a team
  9. Club 1867

    Me neither yours sincerely dejphon chansiri
  10. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Everybody needs to read this it sheds a lot of light on transfer businesss
  11. New LED Flood lights

    Like the guard of honour for John terry
  12. New LED Flood lights

    Could do with the lights turning off for the first half and turn them back on for the second half
  13. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    Its that attitude that keeps all clubs going through the bad times the fans who turn up no matter what rubbish is served up but look at teams like Portsmouth Coventry Wimbledon us the football club is the place you let all the crap you have had through the week and let it all out and if the football is good its the icing on the cake and if it isn't there's always owlstalk
  14. Tomorrows press conf.... Guess the Carlos cliches

    Football is like making love to a beautiful woman get round the back swing your ball in the box and shoot when you see an opening