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  1. Snodgrass tweet

    Shame i'm not going for a drink with him then and just watching him roll round a football pitch
  2. Why don't you do us all a favour and fu@# off then
  3. You do know that drugs will ruin your life seek help now before its too late
  4. I wish you would move on.Lets see how positive you would be if we got relegated to a dodgy penalty on the final day.Oh you would probably say it was our players fault for not going 3 or 4 goals up to compensate in case the referee decided he didn't like us.

    I don't think today is your typical blame the ref game there's too many people thinking the same thing .IF YOU SMELL S@#T IT USUALLY IS S@#t
  6. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Was he at the game.I've not seen anybody complain I ng about the defence in fact quite the opposite.Pudil was immense today.Referee not so good hence why all the threads about the referee.We coped OK with 11 v 11 but it was 11v14 we struggled with

    What we need to remember is he has 2 other officials to help him who also saw nothing wrong.I don't buy this that all 3 of em all saw it the same way

    Do we still not believe in conspiracy theories?.The FA want villa back in the premiere league they won't investigate him as they are pulling the strings.The same way we we're turned over in (THAT GAME) against man utd when fergie time was invented.That was a pivotal game that turned the tide and was instrumental in united winning the premiere league.I'm not one to stick up for them lot from lane but they were screwed by the FA with the tevez affair.They have an agenda and they need investigating as well as the officials.
  9. League one football

    dont tell me thats all you would be bothered about.i couldn't care less what they think i would be more bothered about going down and stagnating in that league.No investment fan base dwindling again and all the best players going.
  10. Encouraging news about JT

    i thought this was going to be a thread about John terry being out at the weekend
  11. Reactions.

    I've got used to crazy talk and crazy ideas from managers at our club .I go with the saying there's a method in their madness I'm not sure what it is but i'm prepared to go with it for now but I'm not sure it's going to shift many 5 year season tickets.
  12. Sam Winnall plans to stop at Derby

    And if we are close to FFP other clubs will be circling to cherry pick our best players.Lets hope we arent sailing as close as we think
  13. Sam Winnall plans to stop at Derby

    Be interesting on if they want a cut price deal based on him having a serious injury(PLAYING FOR THEM)grrrrrr
  14. Sam Winnall plans to stop at Derby

    I think he is putting it out there he doesn't want to come back.He couldn't make it any clearer.
  15. FFP

    Thank you that is the point i was trying to get across.The motivation of impressing any new boss wherever you work is common especially with the ffp and pudils age.If DC or KC are looking at the same performances over the last 2 years and are also seeing how he's not as effective at LB as he no longer has the legs he could be the fall guy especially with lees comin g back at the centre of defence and if we keep fred