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  1. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Sheffield Wednesday and the wage bill league

    United arent even on the list do their players get paid in buttons
  2. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Next season

    West brom,villa,stoke and bimingham as well as derby and forest are all local derbys for midlands teams.We know what local derbys ate like excluding the game at hillsborough this seasoin. They are normally tight games with suspensions and injuries due to their feisty nature.There will be a lot of points dropped in these games which could count at the end of the season.
  3. Waddlesdiamondlights

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    They weren't consoling him they wer'e thanking him
  4. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    88 percent of liverpool fans who voted in a pole of their fans voted for safe standing .If other clubs wer'e allowed to have safe standing they would have to put a very strong argument towards any bias towards us.
  5. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Big sam

    Hence why any player entering the end of their careers should do their coaching badges.I bet there's many a division 1 player from the 80's running a pub looking at big sam and thinking maybe i chose the wrong career path after football
  6. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Wilder type?

    I think the chairman picks the manager not just on football knowledge but also on their personality.jos seems a nice guy and this goes a long way with DC.Wilder on the other hand just comes across as a scrubber.
  7. Waddlesdiamondlights


    Our own annus horiblus i think i spelt that right
  8. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    I've been saying this for 2 years every time he commentates on one of our games he is totally biased towards whoever we play.The bloke is an absolute tool and he could manage to make a Barcelona deal Madrid cup finally at 4-4 sound like a funeral wake.Rant over
  9. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Team v The Mackems

    1-3 now
  10. Did better than rhodes
  11. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Sam Winnall

    He got the injury playing for them and carried on playing in the game he got injured even though he felt he had hurt himself.And then he has the cheek to say he wants to stay there and they will want him on the cheap probably using the injury as the reason.I was sorry to see him go at first but now i say good riddance .He hasn't even given jos a chance or katrien mere he's just made his mind up and as far as he's concerned that's it.There's a long way to go for derby yet and wether they want him or not its up to DC and KM if they let him leave or not.I'm glad KM is here now and we will stop getting ripped off left right and centre .
  12. Waddlesdiamondlights

    15 Seconds?

    good job we arent in league 1 or2 calendar played the goals that quick i expected Benny hill running around the pitch
  13. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Throwing points away

    Ours was the next to last result on Saturday with 8 minutes injury time.Nobody mentioned this so i assume there was a valid reason but it seems every time we play our game always has the most injury time.It does my nerves no good at all especially with the above stats
  14. Waddlesdiamondlights


    Be happy for the guy honestly some people
  15. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Yorkshire Post comment on praise and grumble

    If this was the case the player wouldn't want to play if he had missed out on a bonus because the club had refused to play him just to avoid the paying of any bonuses.