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  1. It’s nailed on that all the names the bookies are putting forward aren’t going to be the next manager . It will definitely be this bloke(Can’t even be bothered to remember his name)I give up . I love the club but while chansiri is fighting against the fans and common sense we’re doomed
  2. We’re going to go out of business with a whimper and we can’t even vent our anger at the ground.
  3. I’ll never forget Harry red Knapp slating him for pushing the ref only to sign him for west ham.I remember he was supposed to come back for the game at home against Leicester only for him to not turn up. He never played for us again
  4. Same set of fans that disrupted numerous games at the valley by throwing stuff on the pitch .Wonder how many games they won after disrupting an away team by using their so called protests as a diversionary tactic. Can’t remember ever seeing any punishment for any of that from the EFL.Dare I say if that was Leeds they would have been playing behind closed doors
  5. If we lose the first 2 or 3 there will be a meltdown big enough to thaw the polar ice caps
  6. My daughter went to Florence with uni and met an Italian Wednesdayite who was also a fiorentina fan. They played Tottenham the same season and he displayed a Wednesday flag in amongst the fiorentina fans
  7. If it is proven its unforgivable and I'm afraid its we the fans who will be punished for it.
  8. We know but why come on here then if that's your feelings stick to watching sky news.
  9. Exactly Hull and boro have premiership players as assets to sell to avoid ffp we have to use our assett(the ground) to avoid ffp. Is hardly cheating as expressed by some people
  10. It's not about cheating. We used a loophole to get over the overspend which was at the time a legal way of doing it by dc buying the ground. The point is that the registered date of sale fell after the end of the period the accounts had to be submitted to which dc said the efl had known about.
  11. It's the we bit that sticks in the throat. It's never been we as we have nothing to do with it. We the fans and players are not to blame and chansiri has not even been proved to have broken the rules. But I do believe if the rules have been broken it should be a financial penalty against the owner as the fans and players don't have a say in the running of the club. It annoys me that Luton and Hull and boro are using our situation for their gain as they aren't up to it on the pitch.
  12. Micah Richards always speaks well of us. Very respectful and he seems a nice guy every time I see him.
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