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  1. Its the attacking football we were promised its just a shame its the opposing teams doing the attacking
  2. Adam Reach

    I agree he was one of the only players trying to go forward The annoying thing is his tackling or lack of.I feel sorry for bannan ran his socks off and tried to get us going forward but all that will be remembered will be the penalty and that loose ball that nearly had us conceding a goal.Even Westwood looked bewildered tonight hed normally be going nuts at the defence but then again they were still jogging back from the half way line
  3. On way home

    I feel sorry for myself that's an hour and a half of my life i,ll never get back and I've had to pop some pills to get rid of this stress headache .
  4. Three new signings we already have

    The gods of irony would point out that when you boast of having one of the best accumulation of forwards in the division its only natural you end up being one of the lowest scorers in the division
  5. David hirst

    Yeah Steve bull could show em what loyalty is
  6. Are you the first or is it in your family blood

    My dad wasnt into football his sports all revolved around pubs.He was also into his horse racing as well somebody at work gave him a united beanie hat which he used to wear to wind me up .I did go to bramall lane and it just didn't feel right.The first time i stepped onto the kop at Hillsborough it just felt like i belonged .It was my best mate who i first went with and we still go together now along with my eldest daughter when she's not working.Some of my best memories have been at our beautiful ground over the years and i was so glad my daughter had the chance to see that first season under Carlos to see how good this club can be when the wind is in its sails
  7. Humorous/Witty Player Nicknames..

    Lee Clarke at Newcastle they called him jigsaw cos he used to go to pieces in the box
  8. Take your snow shovel games in january
  9. I've heard they're doing a Wednesday version of operation at the club shop for xmas
  10. If you believe, why?

    That first season and flashes of it after .I think everybody keeps thinking next game some miracle will happen and all that first season flamboyancy will return and then reality strikes.The players are three years older and the togetherness between the fans and the players has ebbed away.I think if he does turn it around it will be more luck than judgement.Sometimes a game such as the united v fulham game can turn a season .United have gone on a mini dip since that game and the team that comes out in games like that can start a run of results
  11. Ask The Chairman Part 13 - GEORGE HIRST

    We should have got as much money as we could for him and give the under 23's a big Xmas bonus and sent him a Xmas card from the under 23's thanking him for their bonus
  12. What would you buy Carlos for Christmas?

    A ten million pound proven striker who can notch us 20 plus goals a season .Oh wait
  13. What the heck does this actually mean?

    He's been luring em in like a well seasoned pool shark and now he's going to go on a winning run till may
  14. Post a positive!

    Spending quality time with my mates and singing my lungs out after a skin full whatever the result .The only thing i love about Xmas is the football
  15. I agree we need to sort some of the money wasting that's going on at the club.The players we have who arent getting a game but are being paid a fortune The 1867 scheme would be like borrowing money to somebody addicted to gambling with no idea of what they were gambling on