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  1. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Chairman’s statement

    Crowd funding euromillions
  2. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Well done Nuhiu

    I think you are the emotional one pal.I didn't state that there was a comparison of salah and nuhiu the only comparison was the difference of opinion to how a goal is scored.How many other strikers goals come off defenders the thing was it was a shot towards goal.And to state that its moronic to think that people would rather lose so they could slag nuhiu off check out the old posts of people on here who were posting that they would rather us lose games to get Jos and cc out in the past.I'm afraid its you my friend who is embarrassing
  3. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Well done Nuhiu

    I think the haters will still hate even if he scored 30 a season.To even question how the ball went into the net.I'm sure if Mo Salah scored a goal with a deflected shot off a defender they wouldn't be scrutinising how it was lucky .As a fan I'm happy with the results nobody will ever know if winall would have come off the bench and scored.Some on here would have liked him to come on and nuhiu go off and see us get knocked out but they would probably be the same fans who would slag agnew off for subbing him.CRAZY
  4. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Well done Nuhiu

  5. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Well done Nuhiu

    i saw it quoted somewhere with the mention of what it was worth to Luton if they got past us
  6. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Well done Nuhiu

    Ill make it simple for you Nuhiu is never going to be Ronaldo but he's on the pitch and his goal has won us the game.No matter what you think of him we are in the next round and its a potential money spinner.I was not arguing i was just pointing out the fact that any player who goes out there in the blue and white doesn't go out there to play crap intentionally and at least they are out there.And although potentially a lot better player abdi is not providing anything for the club.
  7. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Well done Nuhiu

    And if it does make us a million quid I'm sure DC would think giving him a new contract was a good deal.At least he's earned his contract. Abdi on the other hand hasn't done enough to pay for his kit
  8. Yeah all the stewards used to stand up when his name was mentioned.I also miss the fans de de de the laurel and hardy tune when the police used to file around the running track
  9. Waddlesdiamondlights


    Booooo spoilsport
  10. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Efe ambrose

    Getting out of scotland before the snow comes
  11. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    Exactly this .The players gave it all in the birmingham game but looked a different side in the Luton game.I don't buy into this about the players not caring.Some of the posts on here tonight saying clear the whole squad are laughable.We win a game and every player is an hero 2 games later they can all p@@s off.To me the sensible option would have been to let bullet stay in control until the beginning of february .Theres been too much chopping and changing Under bullen with the players who were frozen out coming back the ship had settled and we were building some momentum
  12. Waddlesdiamondlights


    More like monk moaned to him about our goal coming after their player had caught the ball thinking it was out.He mentioned it in and interview after the match.Refs try and even things up.I said to my daughter he had been quite fair in the 1st half even though all 3 officials seemed to miss constant arms in the back of fletchers neck.2 nd half normal service was resume we couldn't breathe on them without them falling over
  13. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Kicking the back of your seat

    A good fart in their area normally clears a few seats behind.Its a bit harder when there's a big crowd as there aren't many seats for them to move to
  14. Waddlesdiamondlights

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    I think monk summed it up when he praised his keeper as their best player today.Fine Margins at the end of the game we could have snatched the win we deserved.
  15. Waddlesdiamondlights

    £20 just the ticket

    An extra 5000 people buying food programmes visiting club shop yeah waste of time