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  1. Catch 22 situation get rid of those 3 and we will be in league one
  2. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Idea To Boost #SWFC Attendances

    Double it up with membership get it for £25
  3. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Why has Jones been banished?

    Away in a manger
  4. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Why has Jones been banished?

    I heard DC was loaning him out to disneyworld for the season
  5. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    I had a taxi driver who took me to the airport years ago.He said he once took david hirst home after a night out and he had tried getting out of paying him by offering him his autograph instead.
  6. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    They ignored alex ferguson demanding and investigation into the dealings of a player going to Tottenham via the back door from europe.This is a man who was like a mafia don in charge of the premiere league puppets and referees .If they ignored him its more than likely nothing will change .
  7. Waddlesdiamondlights


    Why do opposition managers always feel that we are more open to criticism than any other team.Maybe I'm being over sensitive but it seems every penalty we get we get challenged over the legitimacy of it.Its not like we get that many.We get a couple of good shouts per match but most are never given.
  8. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Daniel Arzani - Man City

    A decent right back would get a full season of first team games
  9. Waddlesdiamondlights


    Probably was originally left out due to him being moved on so Jos didn't want to use him in case he would only have him for 1 league game.But then for some reason they never come out with the truth and make some story up about a mystery injury which doesn't exist.So Westwood gets face on as he should as he has done nothing wrong and shows him up for lying about the situation.Then comes the fallout Westwood doesn't play again even if he doesn't go anywhere in the window.Sad state of affairs as Westwood is probably still happy here and if he is he should play.The club is the priority not Jos,s ego
  10. I fully agree .I believe the EFL and the premiere league are quite happy how it is.It was mentioned that 20 of the 23 england players came through the lower league.It is pretty obvious most premiere league teams import players from abroad and snap up the cream of the lower league players in england.What would be the state of the he national side if the lower league didn't bring these players through Could this be the plan of the EFL to make it so hard to bring in high paid players with high wages to opt instead for bringing young british players through and then wait for a rich premier league club to take them off their hands for peanuts and expect them to be grateful.As in the case of john stones to name one.Unfortunately nothing will change as with the transfer window.The premiere league complained about the window being open when their season started so it got changed but we have to start our season with the window still open just in case the premiere clubs want to cherry pick any EFL players
  11. Wait till the top 6 in the premiere league form a european superleague the other 14 teams will be begging cap in hand to the championship to form a new premiere league.No matter what anybody says the top 6 are the big draw for TV rights and advertising
  12. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Cardiff in for FF

    Unless we are already relegated
  13. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Cardiff in for FF

    We would lose our most creative player and we would still be on the limit of ffp.Its the players we still have on big money contracts such as abdi that's killing us and they still have a year to run on their contracts.Would we really want to lose ff just to pay abdi,s wages as i don't believe we would bring anybody in. We have fletcher only just coming back from injury plus hooper still not back and win all plus has jaoa only got a year left on his contract and then dave.Wev,e gone from having an array of strikers and now we're down to the bare bones.If fernando went out chances of staying in the division would be reduced dramatically .There's also the issue of the membership and season ticket debate.If you sell your most creative players whatever the financial situation it will only get worse as people as I've said before watch football to be entertained.
  14. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Had some bad news last night

    I was out with our last the other night and as i sat gazing into my pint i said.I love you she replied is that you or the beer talking ?To which i replied .Its me talking to the beer
  15. Waddlesdiamondlights

    Even distraction finds a way of hurting us

    Yeah the difference when we went down was that you just knew they were too good not to come straight back up I am the most glass half empty wednesday fan you could meet but i was so confident we wer'e going to come straight back up