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  1. Good old DC stalling tactic. By the time this goes through the courts he's probably hoping that we are premiership bound and stick 2 fingers up at the EFL
  2. Watching it in the first bar I can find in rhodes town. I'm slightly p#@ssed as I write so even after today's events the world seems quite rosy. UTO and FTB WAWAW
  3. Typical. Thought I'd cut to the chase and just put a post on and the one directly above says for dave to get an hat trick and us win 4-3. Why didn't I think of that
  4. It's because they couldn't get us on the technicality of using the ground to get out of ffp so they are now trying a different angle by using the valuation so what you have put is bang on the money. It's what somebody is willing to pay not how much someone deems it is worth. To most Wednesday its its priceless so DC got a good deal
  5. He's had a go at it and it hasn't worked out. If we want to get in the top 6 we need a manager now move LB back to his coaching role and let's push on. We can't afford to drop too many points before DC acts. We have a 2 week break now to get somebody in
  6. It's like Salford. When the TV programme followed the club at the beginning before being took over by the nevilles and crew the club had a loyal band of volunteer workers who had been doing it for years. As the club rose through the divisions I wonder how many of those women and men who went there to help out as much of a social gathering as well as love of the club are still there now. Sometimes it's not about the money it's about the people in and around the club as well as the players etc. The game was already in a downward spiral because of the money being pumped in by sky .But now the multi million pound transfers have become commonplace I don't think it will be long before there's talk of a European superleague and that I think will be the final nail in the coffin.
  7. All trying to be apologists for the disaster and blaming the club and the ground for their failings.
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