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  1. Hutch's biscuit knee


    Anyone thinking were a top 6 side are deluded
  2. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Jack Marriott

    We don't
  3. Hutch's biscuit knee

    On Jos...

    Yeah I've lost count on the times we've took the lead then hammered the opposition
  4. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Just got back

    We took the game to wolves? that statement is the real reason other fans call us delusional, we have no attacking threat, no pace and we wouldn't have scored if we were still playing until tomorrow! still 46 0-0's next season will see us safe
  5. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Thumbs up from Fernando

    Who doesn't with all the variety's of the nations fav chocolate bars!
  6. Hutch's biscuit knee


    Our last result does not paper over the cracks for me, look at the table and remember a lot of performances, it's an insult for a player to receive praise and a trophy for a terrible season.
  7. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Fraser Preston

    Eye for a goal, ability to beat a man and real attacking threat? He will be no good here then
  8. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Tomorrow's referee

    The old let's blame the referee before the match has started strikes again! yeah the standard in the championship ain't great but no ref is biased towards a team so maybe you all should look a bit closer to home why we lose games
  9. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Patience, our time will come again, hopefully.

    You enjoy the football we serve up?
  10. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Yorkshire clubs - biggest to smallest

    When was the last time we were something?
  11. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Yorkshire clubs - biggest to smallest

    It pains me to say but leeds are the biggest (not sure the blue and white tinted glasses brigade will agree though).
  12. Hutch's biscuit knee


    Who is gonna play the remaining 36 games though?
  13. Hutch's biscuit knee

    I wondered

    Your spot on mate, can't believe the fans are not happy about having zero shots on target at home last Saturday and also being 17th in the league!
  14. Hutch's biscuit knee

    Player of the Season?

    17th in the championship and plenty of games where we've not even had a shot on goal! if swfc have the nerve of awarding the players for this season it would be disgraceful
  15. Hutch's biscuit knee


    You think he's doing a good job? I genuinely believe some of our fans don't want us to do well!