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  1. It's just not fair......

    How on earth do they fa expect us to compete with wolves on Friday when they have had 2 1/2 more hours rest than us?
  2. Did you mean to put that r in their?
  3. Brian Laws?

    Don't think calling him a dozy old fecker is very respectful
  4. Recruitement

    The op is lucky it's a sunday and the spelling police are on their day off!
  5. Carlos stays = RELEGATION !

    Spot on pal, it's clear the players are not in sync with carlos, we have heard his deluded interviews so imagine his training methods and his team talks? He has killed this team with his negativity.
  6. Chansiri........

    Quit posing with fans in the megastore and start being a responsible owner and realise this clown you have hired is utterly clueless! all the Wednesday fans are behind you and were lucky to have you but you will never get your returns back and reach the premiership with that idiot in charge, 13 teams in 15 yrs tells you everything about the bloke. LOVE WEDNESDAY DETEST CARLOS
  7. The smell of lavender and wee is coming through my computer!
  8. Carlos cure for insomnia

    How anyone can watch his interviews without cringeing and turning it off within 2 mins is beyond me! The deluded one has lost the plot
  9. The Great Escape

    The referee's are not reason we are where we are it's dull boring predictable football! the excuses are embarrassing
  10. Norwich City 3 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    I'm with you on that got a feeling a 2-1 win
  11. I'm going to play another game, for every time the ball is pass backed to westwood I'm going to take a big swig of whisky (think I should sober up by next Wednesday).
  12. This will make you smile

    Is he celebrating a cross that actually went to team mate?
  13. So this new dawn

    Pretty sure ash76 does though!
  14. Hutch is not injured

    Totally agree twatface
  15. Hutch is not injured

    I see the resident seal is on the warpath! remember guys if you don't say everything is brilliant and kiss your loovens and carvahal posters on a hourly basis he will neg you