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  1. The real reason there's a meltdown

    My reasoning is there are at least 6 other teams better than them including us so yeah let them enjoy it while it lasts
  2. The real reason there's a meltdown

    A change is definitely needed sooner the better but there's no way the pigs will be in the top 2 or play offs come the end of the season
  3. To make things better some of those players are actually 23 or younger
  4. horse today

    I can't help but read this in the style of tina turner!
  5. Millwall on halloween night

    I'm calling it's going to be spooktacular!
  6. Penalty

    Yeah fully agree it was a split decision but nothing will change my mind thinking the ref got it just about right, also it definitely wouldn't have been a red
  7. Penalty

    The defender is probably a lucky fella cos that was a 50/50 call but I still think lee was anticipating a tackle that didn't come
  8. Penalty

    Not giving an unbiased view their player comes across and refrains from diving in, had it been at the other end i'm sure there would be a few fuming, like I said earlier lee is one of our most honest players and he's not a diver but I didn't feel there was enough contact so in this day and age it's a yellow card (admittedly a very harsh one).
  9. Team For Saturday....

    If i was derby i'd insist he could of played!
  10. Penalty

    Erm goal kick to bolton

    Do you reckon they met on tinder or grinder?
  12. Gary Megson

    A pal of mine claims megson broke his foot yesterday, he saw him walking gingerly
  13. The Signs are here

    Jeez taggart has let himself go!
  14. Carlos "We will fight to last minutes with heart"

    Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam!!!
  15. Positive vibrations

    Can i refer you to my French cousin deja vu