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  1. "The most injured team in the country"

    I have been told (by a very close friend who's wife works at swfc) that there's been an unprecedented number of injuries mainly to hips and joints and the players are not happy with the pitch, I can assure you I don't come up with fake news and if I did it would definitely have been more exciting than this lol.
  2. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    2 weeks ago he was gash and now he's the new pele! but were not fickle are we?
  3. Happy Birthday to....

    Is that the miserable one who didn't let me have ' I 8 blades' on the back of my shirt?
  4. Happy Birthday to....

    He will be wanting 15k instead of 10k now he's a year older!
  5. George Boyd “let’s get to Wembley”

    He must have been talking to a lot of our fans cos now he's become delusional! the only way us Wednesday fans with the current squad we have will make the trip to Wembley is to watch a Michael buble concert
  6. Today was National Pizza Day

    I ordered a thin and crusty supreme yesterday and instead of a pizza arriving I got Diana ross!
  7. East Dene Club before Barnsley match on Saturday

    Mmm this has to be the toughest snog, marry, avoid ever!
  8. Michel Kramer

    Were also after his brother but only have the budget for one so it's............ what's that film title I'm looking for?
  9. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Don't be too hard on him I thought he was excellent in the goonies
  10. The Wednesday boo boys?

    It's not one performance though is it? the 'current situation' quote does not wash with me as every club has injuries and suspensions. jos deserves the time and will get the time to shape the squad he wants and we all 100% back him but that after match interview he did yesterday where he showed very little enthusiasm or passion tells me currently he's looking like a rabbit stuck in the headlights.
  11. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    a) the ref didn't lose us the game b) who's fault was it we ended up with 9 men? passing the buck is the easiest thing to do instead we need accountability within.
  12. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Ok it just must be arrogance then on your part because once again you have jumped in and got things completely wrong, my 'passing the blame' quote was directed at you saying the refs a clown, we played 3/4 of game with 10 men and last 20 with nine but hey I know you will comeback with something defending yourself rather than saying you got it wrong.
  13. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Is that how you reply when someone dare question you? maybe time to get your own head out your ar$e
  14. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Pass the blame, deflect the blame, deny the blame, something tells me you would be great in the tory party
  15. The Wednesday boo boys?

    It's completely justified, I spent a full days wages taking my son to watch that yesterday and that performance was embarrassing! the football is slow, dull and boring, how the new manager can be so placid and calm after that 90 mins is beyond me, where's the fecking passion?