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  1. My friends a wolves fan this is what he has just said to me. HE hasn't featured this season so I suspect we're palming him off on you! Just pay the money, he can't be any worse than what you've already got?!
  2. Sad news.. thoughts with all your family. Let her fly high with all the lost owls. Xx
  3. Fly with the angels beautiful little girl. Thoughts with all the family. Will donate when home. X
  4. I live in Birmingham but nan, aunts etc lived in Sheffield. I lived with my nan from age 4 - 13 when sadly she passed away. Moved south to live with another relative. I have followed Wednesday all my life going to the matches as small child with my uncle and although I live close to Birmingham City ground and not far from villa, Wednesday is my life and I follow them to most away games and season ticket holder. I am now 60 and wouldn't / couldn't leave my Wednesday family.
  5. That's true but I would say the same about anyone who is brought in to manage us, we need to be 100% behind them.
  6. We are Wednesday a family and one in disarray. What we need is stability every name mentioned to come in a sort us out someone has good to say or bad. I say keep an open mind give him a chance to prove himself, get behind him and give him the Wednesday welcome. We all say we could do the job but hand on heart would you want the responsibility, I know I wouldn't. So welcome to the family,he will have my full support.
  7. Never said I wanted them just put it out there as something I had read. Personally I think it would be a bad decision, both were Wednesday legions but not management material for at this time if any. We need someone who is strict and can get the players moving and motivate them into playing with the passion this club deserves.
  8. Former star Chris Waddle wants to know what the club's plan is, and has offered his services alongside former teammate John Sheridan.
  9. So this s what a blogger of Villa think of us. SO COME ON WEDNESDAY LETS DO THIS AND SHOW THEM WHAT WE CAN DO. You know when you’ve got that team that you just don’t like? Well, Sheffield Wednesday is one of those teams for me. Firstly, I’ve never seen such a dump of a city in my whole life;) it’s a cold grey concrete jungle of a place even when the sunshine’s, and some of the people there are the most arrogant and self-righteous buffoons you’re ever likely to meet. Look, I’m not a bitter man most of the time, but I once had an incident with a Wednesday fan some years ago, and it’s because of that one dipstick I’m going to bloody well generalise and stick you all in the same boat as that one idiot! It’s because of him I feel like this, so blame him! If Villa can get a win tomorrow, and I believe we can, it will put us one point behind those Neanderthals up tut north where it’s dangerous to go out after 4pm. I’ve never wanted to win a match so much! Wednesday have always played second fiddle to Sheffield United;) they are more evolved than their smelly uneducated neighbours Wednesday! If we can just beat them, then we’ll be making one half of their city happy at least. So come on Villa, let’s do this one for the city of Birmingham, West Ham United and more importantly, our great club Aston Villa. UTV
  10. You did Say didn't go to the game. Just saying I am a loyal supporter attended last night. its good we all have different views of the game, manager team etc or what we we have to talk about. Personal opinion is think CC has had his day.
  11. Traveled up from Southampton as I do to most games. Been a season ticket holder for 30years
  12. I have been a cc fan, however the football is dull the team for the millions its worth don't seem to play as a team most of the time. Yes we won last night with a bit of luck they had great chances and were unlucky not to equalise. CC won't change his way oy play and really think his time at Wednesday is up.
  13. I have been a Wednesday fan for over 50 years and like many on here spent good money over the years to watch the good and bad times. I am with the fans on here that's saying enough is enough CC needs to go. if I went to a restaurant and paid for a meal that wasn't up to standard I would complain and hope the manager/owner would resolve the situation, the trouble is were are British and not enough will make enough noise to make a difference, However the time has come for the good of the club we make a noise....
  14. Really have got fingers crossed, but also have doubts. Was a fan of CC but his day is up.
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