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  1. Think we offered Shaw a £1000 a week to stay and at the time he was probably thinking he wouldn’t get paid that on time . Absolute no brainer he left the club.
  2. Really taking me to the brink here Chansiri. Absolute joke, and I don’t think there good value either. The reality is we’ll probably playing league one football next season with worse players than the current ones and these aren’t great!!
  3. Really p****d me off this , Just before Christmas I’m expected to find £700 , 4 months into this season if I wish to get the best value for next season!! Why is this club so frustrating to support . Chansiri Out!!
  4. Going against the grain here but Luongo and Windass have missed that much football and with not playing at the weekend I’d be tempted to give them some minutes . Quicker there upto speed the better. Let’s keep this momentum going
  5. No he wouldn’t all our managers last year were completely undermined by our great leader not paying the players on time and the points deduction!!
  6. I want league table updates every 15 minutes on the scoreboard just to add to the drama and nervousness. Every 10 if we’re losing.
  7. You don’t think we played well ? And clearly deserved to win against a team that’s been doing really well!!
  8. Impressed with his resilience tonight at times in the first half things didn’t come off or the full back got the better of him but boy did he keep going and going. Great to watch.
  9. Didn’t realise they played like that , should be slightly different game then Saturday . Let’s hope we apply ourselves like we did tonight!!
  10. Big game , they just smashed Plymouth away from home . Bring it on ! Come on Wednesday!
  11. I thought we played well Saturday and deserved the win!
  12. Was thinking the same , hope he can play the left centre back spot !!
  13. Would love to see bannan and Luongo in middle together then Windass just infront of them , and then 2 up front. Corbeanu and adreninan out wide ???
  14. I’d do same , mk is a big game but not season defining though.
  15. Very good player at this level. What does Moore do Tuesday play him or keep for Saturday ??
  16. Played well today . If we can get Farrell , Dunkley , Luongo , Bannan , Corbeanu and Windass on the pitch regularly you’d have to back us to win plenty of matches in the second half of the season especially if you add Palmer , Dele and Gregory as well . As we know it’s a big IF though.
  17. With our lack of centre backs I actually think it’s sensible to start using Paterson there. I thought he should play there against Harrogate. He’s bound to be needed to play there in the league sooner rather than later.
  18. For me a chance to have a day out at Wembley with the chance to lift some silverware is far more appealing than losing to a premier league team. Don’t care about revenue. I’ve seen us lift one trophy whilst I’ve followed The Owls be nice to do it again whatever the trophy is . Love the Fa cup but got to be realistic , pizza cup is out best chance of silverware.
  19. I’m sure Luongo has played centre back before could be an opportunity to give him some minutes without over exerting him too much . Plus Moore loves a player out of position
  20. Bpf Hunt Paterson if no one else is fit, Pato surely better than a winger. Dunkley Palmer Bannan Dele Adreinan Corbaenu Berahinho Kamberi/Gregory
  21. I predicted wed start slow then push on to make a play off place . So in terms of position we’re about where I’d thought we’d be. In terms of structure/system/ foundation what ever you want to call it . We’re nowhere near capable of pushing on at the moment . If players come back from injury and Moore bucks his ideas up we could still make a play off run.
  22. A bloke in front of me at Cambridge , in the dying minutes he uttered “you’ve got to feel sorry for Chansiri haven’t you” to his mate. Incredible really !!
  23. Am I right in saying that the only defender capable of playing out from the back like Moore wants is Hutchinson and he got injured playing in midfield ??
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