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  1. Genuine question , interested to know fellow supporters thoughts on why Chansiri hasn’t sacked Carlos.
  2. Of all the problems the club has at the moment such as results, player recruitment and constant injuries ,the kit is the least of my worries. Chansiri tried something and it didn't come off, grow up FFS it's a kit buy it or don't
  3. This is what I don't understand if Carlos didn't want to sign Rhodes, Abdi and others which cost Chansiri a lot of money. Then doesn't play them surely this p@sses chansiri off for wasting his money, added to our poor results,but he continues to back Carlos.
  4. Push the tempo push the tempo push the tempo push the tempo UP
  5. Thought it was quite common knowledge winnall was a trouble causer falling out with everyone , he had to go
  6. This but no Reach, sick of watching him . I'm sick watching a lot of them to be fair
  7. Take a look at bottom of league 2, dc has his faults but it could be far worse . I hope he sacks Carlos though
  8. Quite like jones don't think he's as bad as people make out, but a fit hutch has to play IMO. He gives us a bit of nastiness I think we lack,because we're far too nice in some games.He does go to far sometimes but that's for the manager to sort out and he does sit too deep ,again one for the manager to sort out.
  9. Yes we kept clean sheets cos of extremely negative football. This season I think Carlos tried to be more attacking and teams had loads of chances against us. Fulham away was a very last season performance, didn't over commit and nicked a one nil win
  10. We played boring defensive football last season to cover and mask over a very poor defence.We managed to finish 4th and IMO Carlos earnt the right to try to change the style this season.We are more attacking but the defence remains poor. So for that reason he's failed and should go.
  11. You want an apology, seriously!! Of course Carlos doesn't understand ,he's from Portugal we'd be same if we went over there.Feel free to stop going,boo or shout "Carlos out".but demanding an apology. Grow up.
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