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  1. Big big save near the end when there player was 1v1. Drop some clangers this season but credit where credits due. Deserves some plaudits tonight .
  2. Thank god I don’t live on your road !! Up the owls . Come on Wednesday
  3. Athde nuhui was rubbish and throughout his time at Hillsborough was unfit and overweight and didn’t improve , until his contract was due then he turned into prime Hirst before going back to being mediocre . Yet people lord him because apparently he gave his all!!
  4. Sure his Dad said Josh is too good for league 1 , turns out he’s not because good players play football for a living.
  5. Did we really have to move the Crewe game as well I know it’s a short turn around but it’s do-able , happens at Christmas or is there some rule that states it has to move ??
  6. Booked hotel for good Friday last night cancelled tonight , bloody brilliant!!
  7. Thought you were talking sense until I’d seen you’d potentially put Hutch in midfield !! On a serious note I’ll think hutch will play he looked disappointed to come off yesterday and Moore had a chat on the touch line with him. Great to options at the moment.
  8. Be a long time until another academy player plays 250 plus games for us!!
  9. Unused sub in the final along with some kid called Emile Smith-Rowe
  10. Won the under 17 World Cup playing alongside Foden , Hudson odoi among others . Didn’t play in the final but clearly got pedigree if he was in the squad.
  11. Not sure why Burton gave him so much space !! Tremendous performance tonight . Leading by example
  12. The work rate , tackling and just all round desire was clear to see yesterday and main reason why the game was so easy. He’s certainly got the team playing for him and the shirt . Long May it continue because it’s not something we’ve seen in recent years.
  13. The team did a few today and I love to see it , it’s a side to our game I think we’ve lacked for a few seasons.
  14. Paterson , big fan of him anyway . Don’t think it’s a coincidence that his performances up front are improving now he’s consistently playing there.
  15. It was possibly jj can’t remember exactly who but it was laughable. Wolves as the opponents springs to mind as well !!
  16. Can’t remember the opponent but think it was Tudgay took the ball to corner flag in injury time , opponent ran across simply took the ball off him 2/3 passes later the ball was in our goal. So easy it seemed like it was a training exercise on how not to see out a game. Not tripping Harvey Barnes up in injury time still winds me up as well.
  17. 100% and they’ve still taken out a loan recently with that Macquarie bank as well. Prob against future prem money which seems the norm. There in a good place to do so , where not.
  18. Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson or if it’s 6 a side Nilsson as well.
  19. Why do people want it called off ? We’re playing well and it’s a good chance for 3 more points. Looks like it’ll be off to be fair though
  20. Rarely plays in the same position twice in a row yet some fans slag him off. He’s fit and available for selection and works his socks wherever we play him . The comments he gets about him are embarrassing.
  21. I see it slightly different and think of our next 3 games Burton represents our best chance of getting 3 points , play our strongest team then rest a few for the Wigan game, Hopefully they’ll be shattered from playing in the cup Saturday.
  22. Get rid , he’s paid to play football and doesn’t do it very often. Shame because he’s got potential.
  23. I like Mendez Laing but to judge him against Theo who we played left wing back with a makeshift defence is harsh. Theo has gone let’s move on and enjoy Laing before he gets injured
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