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  1. Your right but I’m sure they had 2/3 good chances before we scored and they capitulated , bit like us at there’s we actually started on the front foot that night before it went ******** up. I think this ties 50/50 slightly better attack for us hopefully see us through
  2. To be fair and with respect that’s one of your more sensible posts and I agree
  3. I did for quite a while , shame on me !
  4. I don’t think as a club run currently by Chansiri we can complain about a club taking advantage of legal loop holes . Ground sale to himself, d taxis etc etc
  5. I think it’s a real 50/50 tie but we’re good enough to win it . I’d fancy us at Wembley if we can get through.
  6. Cannot wait for the lads to come out to the opening bars of waterfront then followed by a rousing hi ho Sheffield Wednesday. Come on Wednesday
  7. Yep ,the only time I’ve felt sick at a match . Westwood was unbelievable that night !!
  8. Sunderland or mk in semis cos I’d get a ticket for the away leg !!
  9. Not his biggest fan but probably deserves a start Saturday.
  10. Fa cup final 14th May , think the womens is same weekend as well .
  11. Any stattos know how many times we’ve got 82 points in a season ,possibly more , it can’t be that many!!
  12. Good to have him back , looked rusty which is understandable .
  13. Looking forward to it , nothing like a nerve shredding ,edge of seat , swearing at tv on a Tuesday night . After that I’m gonna watch the match. Up the owls !!
  14. I’m a Moore fan , I think he’s done a decent job this season given what we started out with. I don’t buy this best squad in the league business . The central defence is injury prone and we don’t have a 20 goal a season striker to win games out of nothing. The football we’ve played in 2022 has been good to watch , more so at home than away, the loan signings certainly helped being more consistent . The players seem to like him and buy into what he wants . All that been said if we got to play off final I’m not sure Moore would pick the correct team , it’s a definite weakness of his over thinking or playing players out of position for whatever reason .
  15. Should have made more of the set pieces today that’s for sure.
  16. Are Dean , Hutch and Luongo fit ?? Come on Wednesday !!
  17. All to play for , some seem to think Plymouth will faulter. There fans prob look at there fixtures and think automatic is possible !!
  18. Obviously Luongo is a miss but tonight Dele and his ball carrying and strength added a different dimension to our game !! Great to see
  19. Great result , let’s hope we can get mass , dean and hutch back for the run in
  20. Slightly off topic but never been so confident of Maclean scoring when we got that pen. Brilliant penalty taker
  21. Of course Hirst asked for a decent wage , that’s what negotiations are for , something Chansiri wasnt that keen on doing from what I remember.
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