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  1. 36 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

    Good point about Smith and Gregory. But even with Windass and Pato it would have been sensible to get to HT going long and safe yesterday. We played Russian Roulette for 45 minutes until Moore sorted it in the dressing room.


    Off topic, but I wonder if Adeniran might find himself as RWB as our first option for Hunt.

    I mentioned Adeniran as an option for RWB before the season , looks like he’s got all the attributes for it and we saw midweek he can cross a ball , wouldn’t mind seeing it in the cup next round.

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  2. I get the feeling we’ll have a few threads like this during the season about our midfielders. Gonna be a challenge for Moore to pick the correct 3 each game and manage there fitness levels .  

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  3. 1 hour ago, agentwalker said:

    I know we won and shouldn't moan but a honest question.


    Is this the quick decline of bannan?


    Taken off set piece duty, no longer as energetic and covering the pitch. Stay passes.

    Possibly at best a bencher at the moment.

    He’s not started the season well but strength in depth is a good thing. On his day still our best player , not sure I’d play him Tuesday though . Maybe the striker situation at the moment is not helping him. 

  4. This attitude although probably true kinda annoys me . When some  players sign for Wednesday they seem to think they’ve made it. We’ve been a 2nd /3rd division club for years now , where is there ambitious to push on and really make a name for themselves . We rarely sell players that go on to do something in there careers. Yes that could be the calibre of players we get but it’s also down to mentality of the players. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Kevin Pressmans Pen said:

    Yeah Chansiri was majorly at fault. But break it down, he needed 16 points from 14 games with that squad. Could it have been done? Definitely. Plenty of managers could have created that siege mentality and achieved that despite all the off the field issues.

    To a certain extent I agree and I was disappointed we couldn’t get the result against  Derby but some of the performances in that season the players clearly Weren’t trying. To hold Moore to blame for relegation is harsh. 

  6. 11 minutes ago, Kevin Pressmans Pen said:

    Because he came in when there were 14 games to go (so more like a third of the season), and come the end of the season it turns out that 16 points from those 14 games would have been enough to stay up. Or only 15 points from 14 games had we beaten Derby. 

    If you said to a new manager right you’ve got 14 games and we need 16 points to survive can you do it.. most would say yeah that’s possible. It was a failure to not achieve that.


    Obviously at the time of appointment we looked more dead and buried than that but that was before both Rotherham and Derby imploded. A competent manager would have got enough points from those games to stay up.

    Are you forgetting the bit where we weren’t paying the players wages and most of the squad was either on loan or out of contract so didn’t give a t@ss whether we stayed up or not . Only one man to blame for relegation it ain’t Moore 

  7. I don’t blame Moore for the relegation for me that was Chansiris fault, however I do think we should’ve beat Derby on the last day. After a slow start last season Moore excelled unfortunately we played a better team and manager in the play offs , it happens. This is a big season for him and the signs are encouraging that we’ll have a good season, especially if we sign 1/2 more players . One negative against Moore is he seems to struggle to change the course of a game when it’s going against us. He’s a good bloke and we play decent football under him. 

  8. 9 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



    Not as many as Sheffield do

    So your moaning about people who moan , well I’m gonna moan about you moaning about people who moan !!! Up the owls , we won !! 

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  9. Managers who moan about fixture congestion despite having 30 odd players to pick from plus the best academy players in the country . If you don’t like competing for trophies get knocked out early like we do . Fixture congestion generally means your being successful if Klopp or Pep or whoever don’t have a lot of games come the end of the season I suspect they’ll be looking probably for a new job. 

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