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  1. indeed, might be a tasty one that night
  2. best for everyone imo, sad to see him go cus he’s been here that long, but never worked out really
  3. save the date and let’s get behind him
  4. soemthing like this would be very interesting Gk Whatever our defence ends up being Byers. Luongo willks. Bannan. Windass Gregory
  5. there’s this thing called a transfer market where you can sign players uno
  6. basically been offered but all the players currently on a beach in the Maldives and could be give a f$$k right now
  7. right decision about sammy but god I’m going to miss him dunkley, not overly gonna miss him, get nervous everytime he has the ball at his feet saido, we can do better than him not a chance on earth Mendez Laing or wildsmith should’ve been offered contracts luongo, happy If he stays not sure he will tho hunt, happy with although think we can get a younger hungrier rwb
  8. Team performances, 6-0 home vs Cambridge 4-2 home vs Plymouth 1-2 away vs Wigan Player performances, Bannan away at MK dons Gregory away at Fleetwood Bannan home against Burton
  9. he must be a regular next year and we need to push him Cus he could become some player, energetic, fast, strong exactly what we needed tonight and he’s still only like 20 years old, will be key next year no doubt
  10. BPF Hunt Storey Dean Hutch Johnson Byers Luongo Bannan Windass Gregory althought quite a few of these were very poor tonight, they’re always reliable on home turf and im backing 3-0 Wednesday
  11. we will easily take them on Monday I have no doubt
  12. that 1st leg really worries me, as long as we come back to Hillsborough with it in reaching distance I think we can do the job, draw would be excellent, a win would be out of this world, but I’m still confident if we start down by two goals I think we can do it at home, it’s just if it’s anymore then it’s very unlikely
  13. can see it being about 2,000 I think that’s what we have both Huddersfield and Brighton and they usually match allocations
  14. just been on their forum to see what they’re thinking about the tie and they seem to think that they’re gonna struggle to get a big big crowd in, I would’ve though they would sell it out like we will at home
  15. fair play, can’t go wrong with that, should be another packed hillsborough under the lights
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