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  1. Turned Chris Wood and Che Adams Into reyt strikers
  2. Who’s gonna film the player initiations if Bullen goes🙈
  3. Getting James Beatie would be best bit of business of the summer, top top coach. All we need now is some strikers for him to coach
  4. Agreed, I think Nicky weaver is poor compared to Andy Rhodes and you can tell on the pitch ever since he left
  5. Love how we rely on Att’s instagram to put the final nail in the coffin on signings, does a better job than any reporters or journalists
  6. Don’t need a fast centre half with Iorfa at the back, we need a Loovens character between Iorfa and Börner
  7. Not a leader there with Börner, Iorfa, Dunkley, van Aken like you said. I really like Wildsmith but without a leader there they need a vocal experienced keeper to organise them
  8. Plays a fair bit upfront, got a lot of pace to him, scored a brace in hibs first game upfront this season, just if these rumours are true or not
  9. Hmmm my brain is all over the place, how do I read this, pun or not
  10. I personally don’t think we’re in any danger of going down, don’t understand people who say it’s another season written off before it’s started, 138 points to play for in a season
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