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  1. Yeh Brentford who are probably the best team in the league......
  2. I can’t believe I’ve seen people putting Börner infor me it would be Dawson Iorfa Lees van Aken Harris Luongo Bannan Penney Brown Windass Patterson
  3. We’ve had a poor 25 mins for the first time this season and getting comments like this
  4. Blow full time now, I’m bricking it, would’ve taken 0-0 before today, dissapointed we couldn’t take any of our chances, but just finish it now the nerves are going all over the place
  5. Really is a breath of fresh air seeing all this positivity from the players and fans atm
  6. van Aken for Börner, Harris stays on the right wing for me and it’s up for debate with Penney or Palmer for the left hand side
  7. I’d go with this but Rhodes instead of Adedoyin if he’s not ready for that step up yet
  8. Off before it’s just started....u know nowt pal
  9. Is that Adedoyin in the background, If so training with the first team
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