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  1. Do like the "Option to buy" for Izzy Brown though- Its something Paxo will probably do
  2. Rovrum showing some fight - now 2-1 up
  3. I'm living in hope its not Darren Moore's Sheff Wed and he is only contracted until May Moore is too one-dimensional for me. Only knows how to play one way, all his changes keep the system the same And his subs, shocking
  4. He managed 90+ 2-3 games back and still looked dangerous at the end. We need goals, so why take off a goalscorer?
  5. Shocking decision its not like we need a goal is it - He has played no worse than others
  6. ********** Moore - not a must win game after all !!!
  7. got to be pelupessy andf Shaw off for Patto and Brown
  8. Expecting us to come out 2nd half and really go for it and actually work their keeper as if this season depends on it. I know it won't happen, be lucky to have more than one shot !! 60 mins will see Kachoonga for Rhodes no doubt and end our single goal threat around the 6yd area.
  9. Hmm, have you tried various browsers? Firefox/Edge / etc?
  10. Those with ifollow issues, ensure you dont have HTML5 Autoplay disabled on the site - should appear top right of yer browsers if using chrome
  11. 3-2 win, Rhodes(2), Shaw(1), 3-0 up with 10 mins to go, concede 2 but by a miracle we hold on. We can then start hoping again.
  12. Not for the first time, Hudders at home was as bad if not worse
  13. I do like this optimism but we have to win first
  14. Yep it’s mesmerising god knows what the coaches are thinking. who do they think will get us a goal to give a chance of a last onslaught to grab a equaliser
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