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  1. Was about to say Monk would have banished him to the U23s if by some miracle he was here at the start of last shitty season
  2. Wasn’t he fit when we first took him on loan No thanks
  3. Will be surprised to to see anything until we scrape the bottom of that barrel again looking for freebies that noone wants come the final day of the transfer window it’s the Chancer way.
  4. Agree plus disrupting the back three that kept a clean the week before against a better strike force V Florest
  5. It’s the hope that keeps you going, Premier league in two years
  6. Wonder if we will bring all the new players in on transfer deadline day
  7. Concerning you've liked all his (and his coaching team) tactical and selection decisions these passed 3 months. Its a game of opinions, its a NO from me !
  8. Rhodes had a hand in two goals then bizarrely taken off
  9. Kachunga for Rhodes when we need a goal - not for the first time clueless Moore
  10. Totally agree we don’t want Moore anywhere near the rebuild. Ibig mistakes again disrupting the defence after a clean sheet last week. Dunkley is miles off this standard and showed it before. Shambolic. ‘substitutes tactics and unable slow to react in games.
  11. Inept clueless Moore - just do one im fffffing livid at that decision to take a goslscorer off who’s made both goals for a headless chicken
  12. I prefer us to send WRCD down - Rovrum more equipped for L1 than them and be good to send Rooney and Co Down with or without us
  13. Rhodes makes another - Having him up there keeps defenders busy - diabolical management dropping him for so many games
  14. Another fantastic half time talk - must have had them listening to pan pipes
  15. Derby not won from go behind all season - up steps us to help out
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