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  1. 4-0 Reading if we are lucky. we might manage a 40 yard floaty shot on target from Bannan that’s the closest we’ll get. I can’t believe I’ve paid a tenner to watch - it’s just that hope we will turn into a class team.
  2. Sorry they have to change their badge from it looking like a pig one before I am in
  3. And then let oppo run through midfield from own half and break away and not foul them until they get to our box or worse let them have a free shot It’s the one thing I thought they might learn from Pulis
  4. Only continues to prove we are only shopping from Paixao's list as all our players seem to have ties to certain clubs (Watford/Cardiff/Burnley etc) or are Scottish. Im sure we were connected with a few WBA players awhile back as well and look how we have now ended up with Moore after Pulis.
  5. The amount of effort he has been putting in lately shows he is definitely going or he his carrying some sort of injury. Not sure who I want to see in the team instead of him who can actually put in good crosses which we dont see enough of - . Harris maybe? Just hope Moore sees it sooner rather than later.
  6. Paterson puts that easy chance away and it’s a win. useless fat right back our season long striker what did we expect
  7. Professional footballer can’t cross a standing ball - useless ********
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