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  1. Concerning you've liked all his (and his coaching team) tactical and selection decisions these passed 3 months. Its a game of opinions, its a NO from me !
  2. Rhodes had a hand in two goals then bizarrely taken off
  3. Kachunga for Rhodes when we need a goal - not for the first time clueless Moore
  4. Totally agree we don’t want Moore anywhere near the rebuild. Ibig mistakes again disrupting the defence after a clean sheet last week. Dunkley is miles off this standard and showed it before. Shambolic. ‘substitutes tactics and unable slow to react in games.
  5. Inept clueless Moore - just do one im fffffing livid at that decision to take a goslscorer off who’s made both goals for a headless chicken
  6. I prefer us to send WRCD down - Rovrum more equipped for L1 than them and be good to send Rooney and Co Down with or without us
  7. Rhodes makes another - Having him up there keeps defenders busy - diabolical management dropping him for so many games
  8. Another fantastic half time talk - must have had them listening to pan pipes
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