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  1. It was the bus driver’s fault that he wasn’t driving fast enough to get out of the way of the bricks.
  2. I'd like Forest to win. A good friend who's a Forest fan is there today so I'd like them to win for her. I bet Lees and Rhodes can't believe they're involved in a play off final for promotion to the Premier league though. Must have to pinch themselves.
  3. Shame Chesterfield didn’t make it through, but their form really seemed to have fallen off a cliff since the issue with their previous manager. I think they were expecting more from Paul Cook though. Hope they can regroup and give it another go next season. Fingers crossed now for Grimsby to go up.
  4. You’ve summed it up perfectly there.
  5. Are you going to share the other clues you had lined up. Would be interesting to see how many weeks it would have taken till I sussed it....
  6. Oh no. What a shame. Dear me.
  7. Just read some comments on the coverage on the BBC website, and, believe it or not, it would not appear to be Liverpool’s fault. Who knew?
  8. They’ll get English clubs banned from Europe again. like they did in the 80s and piśśed on our chips when we would have qualified ourselves, if it wasn’t for them.
  9. I absolutely fkn despise that club and everything to do with it.
  10. Where is the final being held this year?
  11. As if to emphasise my earlier point, the BBC reporter has just claimed that the hundreds of Liverpool fans who've turned up in Paris without tickets are "dedicated".
  12. It’s because of the way it’s rammed down our throats about how humble they are, how different they are to other clubs, how truly fantastic we have to consider them. The media seems to have a love in with them more than any other club. Yes they have a proper history, but they’ve also bought their way back to success in recent years too, exactly the same as Man City and Chelsea, not that the media would have you believe it. And don’t get me started on their fan base…….
  13. Has me reaching for the sick bucket first hing int the morning. They really are a set of sanctimonious two hats. Come on Real Madrid! Please.
  14. Lee Chapman. Very good target man, very efficient at what he was asked to do as part of Wilko’s machine. I feel he gets overlooked when old players are mentioned.
  15. Mel Sterland - my first favourite player as a kid. Brilliant goal scoring defender. David Hirst - devastatingly good striker. If only, if only….. Chris Waddle - sublime.
  16. BBC News - BBC apologises after 'Manchester United are rubbish' appears on screen https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-61563153
  17. Sheffield doesn't do one but if you travel just up t'rooerd to Barnsley you'll find such a thing happens every day of the week.
  18. Pigs v Liverpool to decide the title???? Even the thought of that has their board of honours engraver in chief heading down to the lane at lightning speed.
  19. You never know though. If they did do it I'm sure they'd be humble about it, and there's no way the press would go on and on and on and on and on about it till the day we die.
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