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  1. Let's lay down a marker tonight for the rest of the season. Show them all we really mean business. A repeat of the MK Dons performance last season, only carries on for the full 90 minutes. Let's turn the Posh into paupers. Or something. UTO
  2. Not a good start to the season for Liverpool. Shame.
  3. I remember the Man City fans chanting to us, "you're going up, you're going up, we're not." Made me chortle.
  4. I’m rarely confident about anything, Wednesday included, but I have a feeling that tomorrow’s game will be one where we set out a statement to the rest of the league, in a very positive way; a bit like the MK Dons game last season (well, most of that game at least). Don’t know why but I do. UTO.
  5. That Brentford fourth goal is a cracker. Just seen on MOTD.
  6. Yeah but how many of those have we won 24-0? None. Moore out.
  7. I’d argue we really should make an issue of stuff like this. These assholes masquerading as fans need driving out of the game.
  8. I personally hope the Glazers never ever sell up. Because if they did, some dotard would come on here and start a thread about them taking over Wednesday...
  9. You know the one. First name is Disenn. Scored for us the other night.
  10. Winning when playing badly can only be a good sign. Imagine when we finally click. We've won so I'm happy enough. UTO.
  11. Have faith. Due to global warming we will have it every week.
  12. Thanks for the thread under seemingly pressing circumstances Milord. I'm going for a wilting 1-1 draw today. Hopefully no meltdown on here. Its hot enough as it is.
  13. The magic of the cup eh? Oh who cares. 3-2 Sow hat trick. Or something.
  14. They’ll do a sort of u-turn but just read out the premier league results.
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