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  1. Cheadle Owl


    Loved it! Keep them coming gents
  2. Cheadle Owl

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    Out. No charisma and not good enough I'm afraid. How this cardboard cut-out of a man can motivate anyone is beyind me.
  3. We just need some transparency. Too many conspiracy theories around that need to be nipped in the bud. There doesn't seem to be any sort of forward plan and the club on the face of it looks to be on it's ar$e. We need DC to reignite the passion and show us some vision. Reading Owlstalk at the moment is utterly depressing. Give us some hope that there's a plan and a way forward.
  4. Cheadle Owl


    He was cheap
  5. That's messed up my Super 6!
  6. Cheadle Owl

    Best Wednesday Goal ever comp

    Sheridan's free kick vs Luton was just class. Not necessarily the best Owls goal ever but fantastic!
  7. You better believe it. We're in a relegation dogfight now. Painful
  8. Cheadle Owl

    Player ratings

    Joao really needs to sort out his petulance. Too many strops for me when he lost the ball instead of fighting until the ref makes his decision. Starts walking away instead of being alert to the next opposition move. Good performance and flashes of brilliance but needs more fight instead of stopping and waiting for the referee's whistle.
  9. Cheadle Owl

    Marco Matias Goal Celebration

    Pudil looked to be still carrying some tripe at the derby. As a professional footballer there shouldn't be any puppy fat around the belly and waist
  10. Cheadle Owl

    What do you think Jos will do...

    Why drop Joao for Niuhu? Best player in 1st half vs Blunts....
  11. Surprised no-one has mentioned Regi (Super Reg) Blinker who looked the part with his dreads flying all over the place like Davids or Gullit. Tried hard but was guff!
  12. Cheadle Owl

    Top players linked to our rivals

    If bigger / better clubs came in then there's more chance of their heads being turned. Roll on Friday when the window is shut