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  1. Bets on football matches are based upon 90mins play and prices are therefore quoted for the 3 possible outcomes, home, draw and away. Thus for the purposes of that betting market yesterdays game was a draw. Sometimes it is possible on cup matches to obtain a price to go through to the next round, however the odds will be severely reduced.
  2. I remember the game there in Jan 1977. Went 1-0 up early doors, think it was Roger Wylde who scored and then we proceeded to get hammered 5-1. The coach I was on then had most of the windows smashed before leaving the town, making for a rather cold journey back to Sheffield. Happy days!
  3. Neil Ramsbottom sticks in my mind as being a truly awful goalie.
  4. Coventry. FA cup replay in 1974. Mid-week game played during the afternoon due to the imposition of the 3 day working week and power cuts. Lost 3-1.
  5. 1976 home to Colchester, absolutely awful game of football. The crowd of around 7,500 was treated to one of those games that you only recall as it was so dire. Wednesday won 1-0 courtesy of an own goal from outside the box, the defender intercepting a pass and steering it adroitly into the bottom corner. If memory serves, the biggest cheer was the announcement of Utd getting thumped at Spurs.
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