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  1. Fresh start , I like bullen but can’t see where he fits in now, Monk has his own plans and wants certain staff around him , it’s make or break time for him and i think given time him and his coaching team will be successful ,it will take time
  2. Would some one be able to tell me who scored for the owls vs Southend on this day 9/9/78/79 season it was my very first game and for the life of me I can’t remember, I think Hornsby scored a penalty Thank you
  3. I respect your decision pal, we all want what’s best for swfc, odds are with this amount of people on here we will never all agree , I personally don’t think we’ll go down. My opinion again is that ....Bruce will come in early January Reach will go to wolves for around £15m westwood to Leeds. ??
  4. Milan wanted out , nobody wanted to buy because of the debt which had accumulated , remember the other potential buyers that all fell through. I’m not getting in to a argument over this simply because I don’t know all the facts , but at least give it some thought , it’s my opinion
  5. If it wasn’t for chansiri , we wouldn’t have a club. I don’t agree with all he says or does but he deserves some respect from us all The fans
  6. He owns the club, he can do what he wants.... that’s the stark reality of it , he will either listen to advice given or choose to ignore it. now we can all moan and say he should do this, he should do that ! But I’m afraid he’ll do what he feels right for his investment. He’s chansiri he can do what he wants ( as the song goes)
  7. As title states , this is the last game in charge .
  8. Come and sign for us we offer daft wages No training On standby medical staff. ( yeah right ) Your time is your own Don’t work weekends or Tuesday/Wednesday Sometimes you may be required to sit on the bench, (don’t worry it’s only for show) Unfortunately no chance of promotion with this job Management may refuse you to play Evan if you wanted too Many more perks available Not for the faint hearted good luk !!!
  9. Positive....Parked my car quite easily ,seemed to be more space’s about. Tom Lees seemed to do ok Positive.. Loovens shouldn’t play for us again Positive..Palmer is out of his depth , so is Fox Positive..Joao must start and keep his place ,can only get better .
  10. Would love to see Glenn Hoddle as the new gaffer, football would be terrific, attitude and respect from the players to a excellent former world class player who knows the right way to play football , This is my opinion for what it’s worth
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