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  1. Bannan’s impact

    BB's a top player and great to see him back, those stats say a lot. Had to laugh though after he got megged near kop byline by a Reading player and when he was running back towards the halfway line. He did a little skip in the air, mid run and it reminded me of Rumplestiltskin being hopping mad. Anyone else notice it ?
  2. '' Oh John Sheridan's magic he wears a magic hat and when he sees that Rumbelows Cup, he says I'm having that.'' Dink...
  3. This article could infer from the headlines that there is a large rift between fans and Jos, which I don't think there is at all. The vast majority would say he has done pretty well, given the situation he inherited and that he also now deserves the chance to have a proper crack next season. I can't really see the problem, though obviously you will never get 100% of fans agreeing on this or on any other thing for that matter. UTO
  4. This boy could play a bit, even in his latter playing years with us. I particularly remember going to West Brom away and TF turning the game on it's head late on and us winning 2-1, he scored one and set up Peter Shirtliff for the other - class. Not without controversy, but also did a good job as manager IMO. ' Tricky Trev's Barmy Army'. Happy Birthday TF.
  5. Kevin Austin

    All the best for a good recovery.
  6. was it? and why?

    I was born in 65 and my first Wednesday shirt was the blue body and white sleeves number, with white round neck collar and cuffs - always good to have matching collar and cuffs, eh Lads -. No badge, no number, but I bloody loved that shirt. That is until my mum washed it, with something red near it in the washer and it turned the sleeves pink. I had a right ducky fit as I recall and i wasn't convinced by mum saying you can't really notice it / it's not too bad ETC. I decided after much thought to still put it in on and went to play footie with my mates. Big mistake, they proper ripped the p!!s out of me.....Bring back the stripes.
  7. Yeah and that's why we won world cup, all down to Werst Am we'renit guv' - Really hope the bar stewards get relegated.
  8. Squirrel on the pitch

    Squirrel is an American Grey, presumably with Confederate tendancies. Never seen that before, but regulatory seen a litter of pigs on the pitch, when playing United and saw a WIld Bore in charge of them this season also. UTO
  9. Time for an Experiment?

    No experiments for me - try and win all 3 and finish as high as we can. We can still catch a few, including dirty Leeds. UTO
  10. Our New Badge

    Impressive bird. Oh, ah Matron.
  11. Lego Minifigures

    No wonder the bearded lads smiling, his Mrs hands looked made to please, having said that she looks a but flat chested - still you can't have everything. UTO

    Enjoy the game nipper. UTO
  13. So David Hirst regrets

    IMO Hirst at his best was a striker who absolutely had it all and was actually as good a sight as you could wish to see in English football. I've just watched clips of his best goals - awesome and great memories, thanks DH. Unfortunately I do think his seemingly regular references to wanting to play for Man Utd so badly and to leave Wednesday have tarnished his legendary status at S6 significantly. He actually comes across as a very bitter man, again IMO, which is sad to actually see and to state. UTO
  14. In fairness one of the games was on Good Friday and a traditional difficult day on crosses. Good young keeper, but yeah still learning. UTO.