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  1. What do you call that thing that goes on the train tracks and two men move it by pushing the handle up and down ? Whatever it's called - ample space for a Sheff Utd away day. Inter City bacon, I call it. F!!!ing clowns.
  2. Greatest club in Yorkshire?

    Also when those piggy clowns go banging on and on about Bramall Lane being the oldest professional ground in England - as I saw mention in the recent derby build up - someone should clearly let them know, that the ground pre-dates their poo club and also that Wednesday played games their before them. UTO Yorkshire's oldest professional cub and the best.
  3. Ian Toothill

    RIP Ian, brave fellow owl.
  4. You can't educate a pork pie.
  5. I know this bloke, he's called Warwick Hunt.
  6. Chris Wilder = Rich Red Swil Anymore for anymore ?