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  1. Nice card, nice daughter. Happy Birthday. UTO.
  2. I've concluded DC is like teflon, nothing seems to stick to him. He admits little fault and mainly seems to place fault at the fans and at others. If we want a decent side who can challenge then we have to pay X,Y and Z, DC will state. This is despite the fact that we aren't doing this really and that also many clubs who have successfully done so recently, have done so with far less costs across the board, passed on to their fans, or so it would appear. DC prefers face to face contacts, as do many others in fairness, unfortunately the masses can't hold press conferences and fans forum's as and when they want. DC also uses the fans forums as a platform to make his own lengthy speeches, despite him having other avenues to do this. Perhaps this is perfectly understandably to do this when under pressure, but this is true nevertheless and I don't think the fans forum's are a totally selfless gesture on his part as such. DC now says his family fear for his safety and that he receives a lot of insults. Most others may well say here though, that fair and heartfelt critisism in the main is only largely shown to DC and as previously had been a lot of praise, as and when due. Having said this, I do know some will go over the top somewhat and with views to the exteme, but that's football really, it's very, very emotive. Wednesday are not unique at all here and DC should really be thicker skinned, for a man in his position IMO. Even though DC doesn't like insults, he seems to still fairly freely aim insults / barbed critisism to Wednesday fans, or certainly makes statements and gives observations, that could be taken that way and are by many. I am interested to know why DC bought SWFC. One reason surely from the businessman that he is, would be the attraction of potentially making huge amounts of money. Well DC rolled the dice and very nearly managed this, but as he should have been very aware, there are no guarantees in football. DC has been in charge though and has made the decisions he has so chosen, but unfortunately things have gone wrong for him and the club and I wish like any Wednesday fan that they had not, but DC needs to shoulder and accept a lot of the blame. UTO
  3. O.G. Joey, asking for us to be united, but I forgive you. How about we all need to stick together. As for full stadiums, well ours takes some filling and particularly so with the the match day prices, which need reducing and making more attractive to fans / potential fans very clearly. The number of game categories also need reducing and making far less fussy. It's great to see Hillsborough packed out and 'rocking' we would all agree. I don't think season ticket holders would mind this at all either, they are all Wednesday fans and still should still rightfully get the best deals. However, we need to very clearly do something about our pay on the day take up figures, which are truly dire and as low as at any point in our history, I believe. This actually should be very, very alarming to all who love our club. I've heard some fans say don't come if you can't afford it, stop bleating on ETC, all akin to sod off really. Why ? Surely if we can attract bigger attendances and with the club making more money also and for a better atmosphere created, then we should proactively pursue this. What about WAWAW ? Some of our fans comments within this area of discussion to me at least, seem to have turned a bit snobbish / 'ten bob' millionaire attitude / I'm alright Jack attitude ETC, I am sorry to say and with little to no empathy shown towards anyone else at all. A decent and we'll thought out and also very vitally we'll advertised, reduction to match day pricing, would clearly bring far more fans in. At the moment any good match day deal usually surrounds less glamorous opponents, often on a winter time mid week date, or for added example on the notoriously low attendance weekend before Christmas week. Well people need to be encouraged regularly to get back into attending on match days and also for more enticing fixtures. Ultimately the club would surely make more money here, particularly so as we are talking about not that many people at all at this moment of time for whom any reduction / potential calculated current financial loss would apply to - I.E. You've got to speculate to acumilate, which is basic good business sense and also far better P.R. for the club. I'm not talking about giving tickets away, but I do think there is plenty of scope here for improvement. Let's not forget also that last season was pretty dire really and this extenuates the clear need to do something. I think the current match day pricing is a actually a very big O.G. by DC really. To me DC seems to have offered decent season ticket pricing deals and then thought that's good enough. Well it's not, pay on the day fans require better deals. Reasons for none attendance do not just surround people not affording to come, but equally over them feeling under valued / potentially ripped off, IMO. DC is recently quoted to have said something along the lines of, that by him offering good season ticket deals, this already costs him money. This seems a very strange thing to think and to say. Does DC really believe that all the people who bought season tickets, would buy a match day ticket for every game of the season, often at such very high individual costs ? I certainly don't and I also believe many would perhaps not have bought the season ticket in the first place, if efforts in this area of pricing had not been clearly made, for which I give DC some credit for. This to me though does perhaps sum up DC's attitude, as does also perhaps his well intended statement made, along the lines of that he would never expect someone to purchase a ticket if they could not afford to do so. Well noble a statement as this may be DC, how about making the match day tickets far more affordable then and to far more people and also on a far more regular basis. Then in turn far more people would be buying match day tickets and making the club added cash in ticket sales and in other avenues of sale then also. I do understand that DC can't make any reductions so attractive as to potentially significantly deter season ticket holders from renewing, but as i say plenty of scope still here to do something. Anyway, UTO.
  4. Gonna bed now - I may or may not reply to the 'wolf pack' that seems to be on me and in the morning. Please everyone and if having a potential 'pop' at me, please read very carefully what I have actually posted and against what context posted also.
  5. Not sure why the ***** has been added to my post by someine, but to be clear it was the same word and as still remains in my post, but with one g in it the word used only. Just in case anyone thought I would post another word here, that IMO may be perceived to show me in a poor light, potentially.
  6. I was told he called the Mansfield player a ***** or neggro. I don't speak Spanish and their may be some difference from the 'n ' word he is said to have used and the derogatory word that is known in the UK and also it's interpretation, then again there may not be. Whatever, why would anyone potentially use any of these terms on a football field, other than to emphasise the colour of someone's skin and also for no logical and called for reason whatsoever, that I could think of.
  7. I don't know and neither do my comments say that I do. Yes I have heard of being innocent until proven guilty. I've only said what I was told and also given my own thoughts and on a chat forum. All who've joined this thread - which include yourself - could just wait and see here in fairness I suppose I have labeled one of our players as a potential racist though, I do accept, but the key word here is potential. I do also acknowledge that I am still not FF greatest fan and despite all his talents and this is still all from when he refused to play for us against Norwich - shameful, IMO. That said I stand by what I've said in this thread and also how I've said it.
  8. Maybe, but I can't see that myself as to being more likely than him just having said this.
  9. I got told the day after the match and from a Mansfield fan who knows a fair few of their players, that the Mansfield skipper had been incensed by FF using the N word, though in Spanish. If proven, I would prefer to get rid of FF. I'm not saying he did say this, but I'm actually having a very hard time in making an argument in my mind, as to why a seemingly well rounded individual would make such a thing up about a fellow professional.
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