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  1. Good riddance to the three little pigs. UTO.
  2. The kit looks nice from the front, but not so nice from the side and the back IMO. I really wish we could just have had a full blue and white stripped shirt. It's not rocket science and I'm sure the majority would have wanted this. When you actually analysis the shirt, just like last seasons, it's still a very predominately blue shirt, though at least more Wednesday and less Ipswich. UTO
  3. BDM4nil

    Happy birthday Jos

    Happy Birthday Jos. UTO
  4. BDM4nil

    Joost Van Aken

    I think he can pick a pass, can carry the ball forward well and has a touch of class. Better things to come from him IMO. UTO
  5. BDM4nil


    If true and some players threatened to leave the club just because they don't like a team mate, then I'm afraid that says a lot more about them than Winnall. Let them them f!!k off, who do they think they are. UTO
  6. BDM4nil


    I don't think people do know, but this seems to fit a lot of people's chosen agenda. Maybe he did cause a bit of trouble, but if so, how about another chance? FF has largely been forgiven for refusing to play for us, which is a worse thing to have done IMO.
  7. BDM4nil


    I thought Winnall was doing alright prior to his loan and I was surprised we let him go out at the time. I wouldn't mind having him back and when fit i think he can challenge for a starting place and has plenty to offer still. New manager, clean slate and all that. UTO
  8. BDM4nil

    Robert Huth

    I think he's a good player with a huge amount of top class expercience and if we could get him at a decent price, i'd get the deal done. UTO
  9. BDM4nil

    Idea To Boost #SWFC Attendances

    Pay on the day tickets for adults is very dear IMO. This should be looked at and prices reduced to a degree and also the vast array of multi teared category games should be reduced significantly and the whole picture made clearer and more in advance. Couple this with hopefully good home football next season, then the home attendances will rise and we'll negate any price cut for the pay on day fans - which remember isn't that many at this time. If we are all part of the Wednesday family and as the Chairman says, then why seemingly target the pay on the day fans, for very high costs. Having said this i do know and except season ticket holders should obviously still get the best deals. This all said I believe our support has remained solid and loyal and stands up well to scrutiny to other clubs this season and when looking at all factors, with cost obviously being a major one. For example if Wednesday and United's pricing systems had been reversed last season, then we would have had thousands more than them. It annoys me that they brag about the few hundred more per game they attracted this season, but failing to put this in to any sort of reasonable context, when comparing against others. UTO
  10. BDM4nil

    I just watched! #swfc

    Westwood is a very good keeper no doubt. Will he be as good as he was after injury and a long time out, this remains to be seen. I like Westwood, but I also think we should cash in on him now and in our reported financial circumstances and also in the knowledge we have fine young keepers at the club and who have proved already that they can step up to the mark. Westwood overall has been a great keeper for us, but he also just had his worst season for us and made a fair few uncharacteristic errors, including a very poor performance v pigs. UTO
  11. BDM4nil

    Wednesday Towels

    No towel needed, you will be trip dry in no time. Just the essentials required - a bit string to tie the new available Wednesday pennant around yourself and to cover your bits. U can't fail to pull.
  12. Yeah I remember that Adam Johnson performance well, he was sensational that night, I remember telling my Boro fan brother-in-law all about it. Also my other top three individual performance would be a young Michael Owen's hat trick and superb performance in a 3-3 draw and Jordan Rhodes Huddersfield performance and 4 goals in that 4-4 draw - sensational. Not sure of 1 to 3 order though. UTO.
  13. BDM4nil

    Caption competition

    Not Des' finest hour, but I did use to have that shirt. No idea who the Louis XIV character is. UTO.
  14. BDM4nil

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    Happy Birthday Big Jack. Top man and owls legend.
  15. BDM4nil

    Jamal Lewis and Onel Hernandez

    Are United after him also then ?