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  1. It was the same for Waddles comeback I was there for that it was packed
  2. Relegation from the first division with big Ron hirst blasting us to third and automatic promotion as top 3 went up auto that year and TINK 91
  3. Because it’s pointless and he’s being realistic laughing at them makes us look a bit stupid a league below imo what does it matter to us if they stay a league above or go back the premier league? Non, ziltch, nada so who cares
  4. It’s used for Sunday football sometimes, but there is now woodland growth in the stands, there are some videos inside on YouTube from these planks who like to film derelict buildings it’s a mess
  5. Yes you are right, scored on his debut v Tottenham, I couldn’t remember him staying that long, I had the impression he left the same season he signed for some reason
  6. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/remembering-sheffield-wednesdays-last-european-adventure-rotherham-2841675?amp
  7. Incorrect, it was Petrescu, Pleat was manager for the inter Toto cut games at millmoor
  8. Yes I attended all those, we had signed Petrescu and he scored, I though he was excellent, should have kept him but persisted with Atherton and the bought Nolan who was a right footer at left back
  9. New Year’s Day won 2-0 Kuqi Bradbury, great atmosphere I was on the side near the away end
  10. The corners have wanted filling in for decades bottom line is we need a new stadium, that has been outdated for 20 years bulldoze the lot and build a nice new one
  11. Not really bothered, eventually we will go back up nothing lasts forever
  12. Rotherham are the definition of a yo yo club, certain for relegation, again and will go back up the season after
  13. I said earlier imho we might as well get comfy, we are not getting out of this division quick now, that was a huge chance missed we are here for a while now
  14. We won’t be able to match his wages now we haven’t gone up he will be out of the door I’m afraid too many clubs will pay him more
  15. We are now stuck in this league indefinitely, afraid that was a great chance to get out, now half the team will be off inc Bannan, better get comfy
  16. I’m sick of seeing the ball in the air, we can play football why not try that
  17. Sorry for pointing out my thoughts on the game so far, my apologies
  18. The ball needs to be on the deck it’s spending far too much time in the air
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