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  1. I’m getting bored of this every game now, I watch every game and it’s never any different
  2. If you can pick up enough points to be 7th playing as bad as this what happens if we have a run of playing well
  3. We couldn’t break down a loads of 12 year olds in a school football team
  4. Are we still on that run where we haven’t come from behind to win in 17 years?
  5. There isn’t a team in this division that I would be confident of us beating, Bannan playing quarter back doesn’t work at all
  6. Can I ask the obvious question, if not him, then who?
  7. It’s time for 4-4-2 and stop trying to be something we are not
  8. I don’t think we have a midfield, getting peppered we win the ball, everyone too deep, no attacking threat this is a dirty nappy
  9. This formation is pony it doesn’t work and we are awful playing like this it’s boring, we don’t create enough and it’s not what is required moving forward
  10. Oh I thought you meant Deontay he’s busy but I’d give him a go after
  11. I’d much prefer going back to a orthodox 4-4-2 play Corbanu and Kamberi together maybe in a pizza cup game this system just isn’t great at all
  12. Yes I got 2 answers I’m happy with thanks everyone
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