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  1. Nuhiu will never ever be a forward who will contribute to firing any team to the premier league
  2. Hurrah now we have 11 men and it’s fair
  3. Looking forward to this no Nuhiu to endure hopefully forestieri can come on and make him 3rd choice hopefully 4th
  4. Dawson Palmer Borner Iorfa Fox Harris Lee Bannan Reach Foresteri Fletcher
  5. I’d suggest him going on loan to a league one promotion chasing team, if only to get some confidence, he would be a first team regular and would get chances, sure they can’t pay all his wages but it’s pointless him staying here
  6. when is his contract up? he’s a free agent if ever I’ve seen one
  7. nothing, but the game plan has been to lump it up to the tall lad all night, what has Winnall has to play off, he’s had a good chance, he missed yes but he’s tried to make a nuisance of himself, Nuhiu is a passenger
  8. What exactly has Nuhiu offered this evening then? Or is it just a coincidence that he has been absolutely awful
  9. What bugs me is that trans that keeps coming on, shoving the agenda down everyone’s throats, Wednesday need to more for us trans people, no they don’t, stop being so entitled
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