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  1. I have no idea what this thread is referring to
  2. Was Winnall out of contract too? Has Rhodes got off the bus on Penistone Road yet?
  3. Just found this thread, seems nothing has changed and Bruce hasn’t bothered with him either, strange one
  4. Does anyone think he will sign for someone else next season and start playing well again? im not sure what his problem is, it seems he just doesn’t either want to play or can’t play, but it doesn’t make sense to stagnate his career intentionally, it’s been the weirdest set of circumstances I’ve ever known from an owls signing, it would be nice to know the truth about what’s been going on instead of hear say, the guy sounds like an absolute leech who has delighted in shafting us for 2 years like I said I can see someone picking him up in the championship and him playing regularly again thanks
  5. Tonight’s call was outstanding Mick, he tried his best to have a pop at us and as soon as he said “and another club in S6” I thought the same brilliant call and very well explained they should have a special where you just talk for a full hour Bravo sir
  6. I still listen, religiously i can’t stand Mark, guy thinks he famous because he rings in and sounds like an absolute moron however, I have to listen because I don’t want to miss a Mick the owl call, love listening to him and was glad he got an extended call tonight also enjoy listening to Brian the blade winding everyone up what did annoy me is the call last week complaining about the use of the word girly, flipping pathetic, if that offends you you need to get a life and stop making everybody cater to you, flipping hell, can’t remember his name, could have been Kim, I was close to ringing up myself but I’d have got a roasting in response, it’s pathetic
  7. The worrying thing is we cant sit back and defend at home like we did at their place, the fans won’t tolerate it, and if we open up to attack they will murder us, I can only foresee one out come and that’s another hiding To be fair though you can’t criticise them, they are excellent and have been since Deontay took over, they deserve to go up, fair play to them
  8. When you googled “Kieran lee” did you delete your history afterwards?
  9. Can you elaborate? How did he look when he came on?
  10. Its glaringly obvious and half of our fan base can’t see it through the blue and white spectacles, Nuhiu is the worst forward I have ever seen at hillsbrough, he makes Colin west look like Di Canio
  11. Absolutely terrific call, I could honestly sit down and ask Mick questions all day and would never get bored of listening to his opinions, outstanding knowledge and views
  12. Any link to that call, I’d like to listen to that, Mick talks complete sense constantly, can’t say enough good things about him
  13. Hopefully he will have the eyes to see that Nuhiu is completely pointless and never play him again
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