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  1. Haven’t heard Alibaba for a while Hope he’s forgot how to make phone calls
  2. I think you should give yourself more credit, how many times have you been on the show now? It was brilliant when they had you and Brian on together, there is another Mick that comes on and when it’s not you I’m disappointed, best caller on that show by a country mile Keep it up, every caller on that show should aspire to talk the sense and intelligence you do
  3. Bazunu James Oxford Ampadu Ermacora Pasquier Herrera De Meyer Verlinden Ramos Mora Thats my team anyway and I’m currently 7th in the premier league
  4. Why Mick isn’t a presenter on this show is a complete waste of talent, every time he comes on the sense that he talks is astounding, there should be at least one show a week where he is in the studio for an hour cant say enough good things about him
  5. Correct Moron of the highest calibre, smack head who went to prison for being a thieving little cheeky monkey
  6. Yes he did, Barnsley we’re down to only two senior forwards, Winnal was scoring goals but he wanted to have his own way with everything, suggested being made captain and thought the team should be built around him No idea about Derby though
  7. I’m not sure anyone will believe me but I live in Barnsley and one of the coaches at my gym has very close ties to the club I asked him about Winnal recently and he told me he is terrible for the dressing room, said most of the players couldn’t wait to see the back of him and the reason he won’t be playing is because he has a tendency to sulk very often when he doesn’t get his own way, said he was a terrible character in the dressing room and wasn’t surprised we sent him out on loan, told me his attitude will hinder his career as he has delusions of grandeur, I said we should give him a chance but he replied that he isn’t a great team player and only thinks about himself like I said no one will believe me but that’s what I have to offer
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