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  1. Absolutely fricking not, absolute shambles of a player, please god no, let him go home and stay there, useless donkey
  2. 1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to? Wednesday 0-0 Leicester City 1991 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? Chris Waddle 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? Chris Waddle 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? Play Off Final 2005 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? Play Off Final 2005 6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to? Millenium Stadium Cardiff 7) What's the best goal you have ever seen at a Wednesday match? Paul Warhurst v Spora 1992 8 ) What's the best ever Sheffield Wednesday atmosphere you've experienced? Play Off Final 2005 9) Who's been the best ever Wednesday defender? Des Walker
  3. I liked him, could fill in in the middle on the right or up top with Bright when Warhurst left, had good ability on the ball and could find the net too, could change a game too some days although they were few and far between, the Man City goal (which he wasn’t credited with) was excellent
  4. the signings should be flying in by then hopefully none will collapse I’ll get my coat
  5. Winnal hoping to rejoin Burton https://youtu.be/479yAZ_NpNo?list=PLH8u985PgTY-1LlWFixFysHYEOnf4kKsB
  6. Nuhiu, the mother ship is calling you home
  7. Is that how much extra we offered him? Wow, no wonder
  8. I live in Barnsley and train with a lot of Barnsley fans, it’s surprising how many would take him back and actually want him back, they obviously can forgive and forget, if I was him I think I’d go back, should never have left really
  9. The EFL said the one relegated today are the ones that are down, if Wigan have to wait for an appeal why have their 12 been taken off, shouldn’t Barnsley be down?
  10. because he’s awful and we need better, shift him out, I’m happy about it
  11. Thank Christ for that, about time, sorry but this is just my opinion, not good enough and not going to take us forward 😀 Goodbye 👋 and good riddance
  12. Anyone has a good opinion compared to Moronic Mark Mark wanted to protest against Chansiri, but thinks Chansiri should be given time Mark thinks that Monk isn’t the right man for the job, but never says a manager should be sacked, but wanted Jos sacked Mark can’t understand why we are not near the top because 30 years ago he used to watch Sheridan and Waddle Mark hadn’t forgotten about the 2 play off finals Mark said Rhodes was the striker we definitely needed to buy, but we should never have wasted the money on Rhodes as we had enough strikers Absolutely thick as pigswill, thinks he’s a celebrity because he knows how to use a telephone
  13. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t come back because he didn’t think MM was running the Club properly? I think the way it’s run now would have him drinking bleach in his kitchen
  14. The answer is right in front of us It’s clear to me
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