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  1. I don’t know if any of you have watched this and I don’t know who he knows in the club but he said we are being docked 10 points when they said to him “they are waiting for the outcome of the case” he said “trust me they are being docked 10 points”
  2. I hope this hasn’t been posted before, if it hasn’t you are in for a real treat an absolutely brilliant interview with Carlton for the Under the Cosh podcast enjoy
  3. Geary on the bad because he’s tainted
  4. Also on the 92/93 video when spurs keeper is called Thorsvelt
  5. agree, she shouldn’t be referred to as female it’s assuming her gender
  6. we need a new stadium, when you look around the country at everyone else having nice new stadiums it’s about time we have one, why can’t the Thai bloke pay for a new one
  7. Should have kept blinker, wasn’t utilised enough, seemed to be streets in front of the others when he played, trustful wasn’t bad either, shame in retrospect we didn’t keep blinker and left the Italian where he was
  8. started watching Wednesday in 1987 thanks
  9. Warhurst v Spora Humphreys v Villa Humphreys v Leicester
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