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  1. yes I haven’t bothered for the last 2 tournament, didn’t give a monkeys
  2. exactly this, everyone and their grandmother turns into a football expert it’s pathetic
  3. Can someone explain How come leagues one and two are continuing through the World Cup I thought everyone has a break
  4. He should be able to spend what he wants when he wants it’s his money and shouldn’t be penalized if he spends it
  5. Des Walker Andy Pearce Sinton Coleman Poric slightly later
  6. shoukd never have sold Warhurst, still say it to this day, still haven’t forgotten
  7. 1m for a league one player who has missed 3/4 of the season with injury rejected how not to do business
  8. seems it’s just a money grab now, it used to be a change every 2 years when I was a lad, now it’s every year to fleece the fans
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