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  1. The worrying thing is we cant sit back and defend at home like we did at their place, the fans won’t tolerate it, and if we open up to attack they will murder us, I can only foresee one out come and that’s another hiding To be fair though you can’t criticise them, they are excellent and have been since Deontay took over, they deserve to go up, fair play to them
  2. When you googled “Kieran lee” did you delete your history afterwards?
  3. Can you elaborate? How did he look when he came on?
  4. Its glaringly obvious and half of our fan base can’t see it through the blue and white spectacles, Nuhiu is the worst forward I have ever seen at hillsbrough, he makes Colin west look like Di Canio
  5. Absolutely terrific call, I could honestly sit down and ask Mick questions all day and would never get bored of listening to his opinions, outstanding knowledge and views
  6. Any link to that call, I’d like to listen to that, Mick talks complete sense constantly, can’t say enough good things about him
  7. Hopefully he will have the eyes to see that Nuhiu is completely pointless and never play him again
  8. I was the the game v United after the semi final, side had quite a few changes, waddle got injured and limped off to the blades fans singing what a waste of money he put up 2-1 to them with his fingers same with the Arsenal game, both had under strength teams out full of youngsters, very poor game
  9. In that case it wouldn’t be an issue, I was under the impression that such as selling assets to other businesses owned by the chairman was a closed loophole but I stand corrected
  10. I’d play Hooper with plaster around his leg rather than a fully Match fit Nuhiu
  11. 30m for a stadium isn’t fair market value so wouldn’t be allowed under FFP
  12. I wonder if Bullen might be tempted to put Westwood straight back in?
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