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  1. my apologies I want us to stay up of course but Warnock sending us down? Oh dear
  2. If Derby win on Saturday and we fail to win, that’s it isn’t it?
  3. This is brilliant and funny but what’s worse is it can’t be far from the truth
  4. Too little too late for me sorry to be negative but I don’t see an amazing escape happening
  5. He was a bit of a fan favourite cheers even when he warmed up I got home late af after that extra time Sunderland game was worth it though to see that goal
  6. Burnden Park Bolton lost 2-1 whitingham gave us the lead curcic and maginley won it for them couldn’t see a thing due to a Morrison’s shopping centre
  7. Good point but in memory they were absolutely awful that is by far the worst I’ve seen, I think this team would beat that team
  8. The team that were relegated on the last day of the season v palace jeffers purse o Connor were worse than this no two ways about it
  9. Mark the pitsmoor pillock will be “werried” right yeah
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