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  1. Just look at the form table, says it all. Top 10 sides, only 2 won their last game. Bottom 10 sides 7 won their last game. It's all about fight and determination, something which Carlos is devoid of. The bounce effect was down to him befriending the players, going easier in training and being the nice likeable bloke we had him for. Reality check, he's a clueless shallow fraud of a manager, tactically inept and decided 6-7 games ago to 0-0 his way to survival and as we well know, doesn't work like that. I don't see Udders getting another point, although something against a lacklustre Arsenal is highly doable with the way Wagner sets them up and the passion and determination not just from him, but also his players who clearly back him to the hilt. However, Stoke have been far better defensively since Lambert arrived, and will play without pressure, and both teams are rubbish going forward...it's widely reported on Swansea forums their wingers have gone missing...hmmmmmm..... The game will finish 0-?, best Swansea can hope for is a draw. Sad reality is Carlos will probably get another job like Marco Silva did after doing a good job to start with at Hull, but ultimately being relegated. Some fool will see Carlos as the charming vision of the future, and it'll end up the same way as Silva did this year.
  2. To be fair it's constructively bashing them, and couldn't be anymore deserved. If the shirts aren't slashed damn soon, not a lesson has been learnt from the racks of pin stripe beauties still for sale in the week before Xmas.
  3. When saying 'Unless you're advocating continuing to sell shirts to our fans at £59'..........this suggests folks are buying, frankly I'd be staggered if we've sold 50 shirts since the turn of the year.
  4. It's all about what we as a club lack at every level. It's about marketing and commercialism. It's March, 6/7 weeks left, who's still buying shirts? Nobody! So make people buy them, cheap enough not to care, get rid of the stock and build excitement for the new kit/season. The money on kits is made in the first few weeks when the big sales pay for the stock and generate profit. The rest of the sales through the season are pure profit. What do we do as a club? Sit on unwanted stock, at sky high price with zero hope of ever selling any...frankly amateurish business decorum, and zero commercial common sense. Reality is, give people what they want at the right price and they will buy. Nice shiny new kit pre season at high price, everybody wants one, 2 months of the season to go, make the shirts cheap as chips and people will realise they want one. You can't buy players and fund a club with polyester hanging up in the shop, but you can with cash.
  5. I like it, more than the current kit anyway, which isn't hard. Can you knock one up, in the style of the current Cameroon kit from Puma, with an angry owl in attacking flight mode in shadow on stripes, no pressure, next 20 mins would be great.
  6. I apologise for my miserable attitude to our hopes of promotion
  7. For the utterly deluded one's still out there, the task isn't to make up the 12 point gap. It's highly conceivable we will make up that 12 points and finish above Sheff Utd, the reality is there are 11 teams above us, so this is where we are today...... we're starting a 12 team league with a 19 game season, and we're at the bottom, 12 points away from top We need to win that league with 12 more points than Sheff U and Leeds, 11 more points than Fulham, 10 more points than Boro and Preston etc... all the way down to Millwall who we just need a better goal difference over those games. We also need the teams below us who aren't in this 12 team league not to do better than us, so Reading can't get 2 more points than us, Barnsley can't get 4 and so on. Is it starting to sink in yet? Many people have said, the season doesn't end in December....correct, it doesn't start on January 20th either.
  8. What we need is a fibre optic shirt which arrives plain, then the lights change to a different design every summer, for a very reasonable £799, then £59 per season. No more late shirts...ever!!
  9. What the f+*k is his name? In that article its spelt 3 ways...Lukukay, Lukuhay and Luhukay!
  10. I got 3...if it wasn't for those pesky kids I could've voted with my wallet. 1 Adult XL, 1 Adult L, and a JNR 13/14. I'm half expecting an email telling my shirts will be available in March due to record on the day sales
  11. Glad I asked now Whilst I appreciate some people were supportive of backing out of the alleged deal, whereby the company decided to up the price at the eleventh hour, this is a question of supply and demand, and to me shows a high level of business naivety. I do accept having run businesses there is acumen and morals, but consider this. During the Summer a club needs a kit. It needs it to play in, and it needs it to generate revenue in the non revenue months of the Summer. It's an integral part of generating interest and excitement among the fan base, and in particular with SWFC in recent years, sat hand in hand with Owls in the Park as a perfect launch pad. Where there is demand, there has to be supply. The club walked away from the ability to supply for financial and reasons of principal, and in due course upset the customer. We're not talking about losing money here, lets be honest, the unit cost of shirts is singular pound figures, with an astonishing profit margin, with a baying horde or waiting buyers. If you had the chance to sell 10,000 widgets at £50 each with a cost of £10 (having been originally quoted £6), would you instead upset the entire customer base because you could only make £400k rather than £440k? The point of principal is carried forward and the lesson learnt by never dealing with that supplier again, and ensuring publicly their reputation is diminished. You don't simply refuse to supply the customer base full stop. Translate this scenario to any business product and the reality is, the decision to pull the plug was an appallingly bad one. And lets be honest, are we ever going to deal with the guy in Oz again either? I believe his quote was along the lines of "having the ability to supply large numbers in a short period of time".......Clearly not. Sorry, that was long winded, but as a business man, the whole shirt fiasco gauls me no end.
  12. I do appreciate pretty much no one cares anymore, but given there's 12 days till Xmas (there's a song in there somewhere) and 18 days till 2018, is the hideous away kit or rather delightful 'Anniversary' ever actually going to appear? Just thinking of the kids. I have twins with a birthday on August 3rd, who got their home kit presents at the end of October, I'm just hoping to avoid giving them their 3rd kit present in March.
  13. Looked great in first 2 games, then faced real baptisms of fire and looked shakier than a pooping dog since then. Perhaps a bigger concern is, how bad is Fred if VA is better?
  14. How on Earth can you justify your comments on Carlos? Carlos Carvalhal - Taken us to our best two league finishes almost in living memory - success We're in the second tier, Division 2 whatever you choose to call it...so his performances and finishes are based on a lower standard of foorball, and that's without introducing the jaw dropping amounts of money he's been gifted to actually achieve more than he has?? Most of the other managers named were given a brief of 'keep us in the division on no budget' in the top division. Carlos had a brief of 'get us promoted in 2 seasons, and here's a boat load of cash to do it' he failed big time and with a whimper!!!
  15. Was in the shop on Saturday morning, and the response from a staff member on the 3rd kit was as follows..... " We have some in the back, about 2 (chuckled, so not sure if sarcasm). We don't know when they're coming in. We get shipments pretty much every other day, but never know what's coming" So, they're coming between now and never, but given that the kids kits are missing expect 5/6 and 12/13 I think they were, and no sizes above XL (bit of a problem as they're at least 1 size under size, although I'd suggest 2 sizes) and no socks anywhere, and no 2nd kits anywhere (that's the good news), are they really likely to be available imminently? I suspect not.
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