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  1. There's a difference between a generalised tweet aimed at a rival team, and a tweet directed at a single individual.
  2. I was annoyed last night, but not today. When you switch on the news and see schools being bombed in the Ukraine, it kinda puts it into perspective a little? Well, for me, anyway. Besides, I didnt expect play offs going into this season, so it was a bit of a bonus. Next season.
  3. Good luck in the final. Hope you make it up, and we follow on next season!
  4. I hope Sunderland go up, like us they don't deserve to be stuck in L1. Plus don't have to play em again next season!
  5. Them jeans though. Did he jump off the wardrobe to get em on?
  6. Is it just me that finds the Sky highlights difficult to watch? Seems like it's going at 15 fps and filmed on a Game Boy Colour.
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