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  1. Not for me. We have staved off FFP (it seems) for the immediate future with the ground sale, but that can only happen once, and eventually we surely have to dial it back in terms of names such as Reach, Bannan, Fessi, etc, in order to avoid falling foul of the rules, if we are treading water in the Championship. Can we afford, almost literally, to risk another mid-table finish? I massively doubt Bullen would see us finish in the top 6. Say what you like about Bruce, but we would have stood a much better chance this year had he not left for Newcastle. I fear it would be another season written off if Bullen is given the job. And if it goes belly up, or we lose 5 or 6 on the spin, then a dedicated club servant will face the wrath of the crowds and, more than likely, the boot. Which would be an awful end to his Wednesday career.
  2. What he wants is a swift kick in the tadger
  3. Getting some right pelters, and rightly so. Because we aren't a Premier League club, we don't pop up on his radar, same with most pundits and media who have commented on this, with a handful of exceptions. As always, EPL first.
  4. One thing, and it may be nothing, I picked up on on the twitter and facebook posts by NUFC was the wording - "We can now announce...." - sounds as if the compo issue has been resolved and NUFC arent expecting further action, such as legal challenges from us? Could be nothing, mind....
  5. "Pretend nothings happened" What, we gonna get that Bruce impersonator the Pigs hired for their do?
  6. Fair one. I always got that assumption from Footie Manager, to be fair
  7. Not sure how accurate this is, but I always thought Kovacevic was our record outgoing transfer?
  8. But we dont know what the compensation package/release clause written into Bruce's contract is. Perhaps Chansiri is asking for what Bruce agreed to when he signed? And Newcastle/Bruce are looking to strong arm because we're a little old Championship club. If it is the 1M originally speculated by SSN, if Newcastle offered that we would have to accept it, whether we want 6 or 60M. If it's the ~£6M we are asking for, then Chansiri is bang on by asking for that. I am sick of this club rolling over to have its belly tickled. Ashley either pays up or moves on, and Bruce has to accept either outcome. Couldn't give a throw if Lampard et al dont like it.
  9. This. Doubtless Newcastle expected we would be awestruck that a Premier League club wants our gaffer, and should roll over and have our bellies tickled and be grateful for it. Even the media showed disdain towards us. Barely mentioning us in early reports, and one SSN (w)anchor calling us Sheffield United! Chansiri playing a blinder here.
  10. Straw clutching maybe, but... ...could it be Bruce and/or agent has had a chat with NUFC, and for whatever reason (NUFC fans, whatever) decided not to press ahead with taking the job. He then turns up for training to carry on having decided to stay, and has asked DC to bar the reporters so he can just get on with the job. Sure, he could release a statement to that effect, but after the grief with Villa, and what he went through off the pitch last year, maybe just wants to press on? Or maybe feels pre season prep is more important than discussing rumours/events with the salivating press hacks? Like I said, probably just clutching at straws, and this is wide of the mark, but it all seems a bit odd right now...?
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