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  1. Don't suppose you have the Wednesday rear window sticker near Jewsons in Sunny Nunny? 🤣
  2. Drive past the Ricoh on my way to work. I will pop in later and get a hurry up
  3. I wouldn't say they're weak, not necessarily. Demoralised, possibly. But it is very easy for a small group to affect the mentality of a group. I've seen it happen myself at work.
  4. Do we know Borner doesn't speak English? English is quite prevalent in Germany in my experience. Granted that was port cities such as Hamburg, but still
  5. It is quite normal to compare a new manager to his predecessors, but some are holding him under the shadow of those who haven't managed us - the Cowley brothers. For me, it doesn't matter if we approached Lincoln or not, met their release clause or not nor if we offered terms, offered too little money or control, or whether we never spoke at all. Garry Monk is OUR manager, and I dont see how it matters what other managers may or may not do elsewhere. They could have flopped here regardless of any success or not elsewhere; regardless of whether they beat us or not.
  6. That's my point. Having someone who "knows the squad" etc isn't a necessity, as any half-decent manager will assess and learn the players, and their strengths, pretty quickly.
  7. People talk like a professional football manager who has managed at this level for a good few seasons wouldn't be able to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of our squad pretty damn quickly. If it was that hard to do, we would be unbeatable as no bugger would know what to expect when we rock up.
  8. Hope you ain't just pullin our collective pissers
  9. Topic started on 15th July and we are still none the wiser
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