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  1. You wont explain it. You'll tell everyone to go research and call them lazy bums? Because that is the cornerstone of debate. But yes, on topic. I do actually partially agree with you. I think we all would prefer a sustainable approach to building and finances, without having to move assets around. However, the situation is what it is, and this move, if true, is quite common. It isn't ideal, granted, but we don't know what terms will be written in to any lease or sale. I guess time will tell!
  2. So when people call Goalkeepers out for spilling a catch, they're insulting the ball?
  3. I know, bud. But it killed a few hours at work
  4. Not asking you to, bud. Just want the link if you can provide it. I cant read up on your source of information if you dont provide it. Cheers, Bum Xoxo
  5. I did. Three different websites, named for verification. You haven't provided any. Why not?
  6. I Want To Dig Deeper Let Me Read Your Source
  7. I know. I want to dig deeper. I've read three websites, but they go against what you are saying, so I'm wanting to read what you have read? Can you link your source so I can dig deeper?
  8. Thank you! As I said above, it's all double Dutch to me anyway
  9. That's what I found today? Honestly, PLC, Limited Company, USB- it's all jargon to me and you could be correct. It's just what I saw on the website
  10. Someone had better tell companies house this?
  11. I checked two different legal advice websites (ThomsonReuters and Traynor Group) and they appear to say the same as the government website? Which source did you use to ascertain that he can't do it? I'll glad read up and be happy to be corrected on this; I am very much a layman in legal matters!
  12. He is trying by consulting expert and knowledgable advice, ie, you - apparently. I'm basing this on the fact that you have categorically and confidently stated DC can't just dissolve Sheffield Wednesday PLC. I hope to God that you're right, and he cant simply settle all existing external debts and dissolve Sheffield Wednesday PLC. Reassure us of this? My understanding is he simply has to convene a board meeting and get the majority of directors to sign a Declaration of Solvency, then appoint an Independent Liquidator with support of 75% of shareholders to liquidate assets of the company and settle any creditors in full. Why can't he do this?
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