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  1. axolotl

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    If you think the team were fit and properly prepared, then you need to give your head a serious wobble. Carlos admitted himself that fitness training wasn't a priority. He said that himself!
  2. Lee Bullen spoke to us at our table during the VIP brekkie, and he said some long-term injuries were back in training now, with the rest being drip fed back in. He said the players all reported back in good shape and they had tailored training regimes for the break to ensure they came back in good condition. He didn't name any names, but was positive on the whole, and things look encouraging in terms of fitness and injuries. It's "better than before", he said!
  3. Chansiri was around with his kids, passed him outside the Megastore
  4. On my way back to Coventry after a cracking day. Took the little ones, the youngest for his first time. We paid for the VIP breakfast, and I'm glad we did. All playing and coaching staff were friendly and approachable, and my own personal highlight was Atdhe serving breakfast to my 2 year old. It was obviously lost on him, but still, I love it, it was a great moment, and fair play to Atdhe for being such a good sport. I hope anyone else who went enjoyed themselves as much as we did.
  5. Paul Hollywood not enjoying life with Channel 4?
  6. axolotl

    Pitchside beer

    I think Neil needs to show us on the doll where the craft beer drinkers touched him.
  7. This might be a silly question, but why the emphasis on Middlesbrough? The fact the article pointed out the fact they're in the hat for the draw was odd. Why the chuff wouldn't they be? Am I being daft here?
  8. axolotl


    It's a cracking idea. Followed via Twitter and will commit for the next season. Best of luck with this.
  9. Hope your old man is back up and about soon, and enjoys a swift and trouble-free recovery. All the best to you and your Dad. WAWAW.
  10. axolotl

    Luhukay Out

    Yes, it is indefensible. How come he hasn't got us playing slick, attacking football? Why hasn't he turned Fox into Roberto Carlos, Butterfield into Busquets, Nuhiu into Neymar, Jones into Xavi? He clearly must need sacking! Give over, you bloody melts!
  11. axolotl

    pay on dayers

    I'm a pay on the dayer, and although I've been to many this season, I probably won't be going to many more for the remainder. I live in Coventry, have three young kids, and work shifts which means when I have been I've had to book annual leave to make it. Not particularly fussed if this makes me a Fairweather or not a TrueFan, but the expense, traveling, having to make arrangements with work, and barely seeing the kids on those days is a trade-off that I'm struggling to justify at the minute.
  12. Eh, I'm so apathetic now it's not even funny. We could win, lose or draw and I'd be sat stone faced about it. Same with this selection. It could be better (Fox needs to never play again. Ever.) But I almost don't care anymore. Don't blame Jos. Not at all. He has been dealt a hand containing a 2, a joker, 2nd prize in a beauty contest 'Community Chance' card, a receipt from Pets at Home, and a 4 Green UNO! card, and he's just been told to ante up. No one is going to succeed with that. Next season it is as far as I'm concerned. Relegation or not.
  13. You do all realise the survey is only "useless" if you fill it in with the sole purpose of making it useless, by giving contradictory answers, right? There is nothing stopping you from just, you know, answering properly. If you feel the need to give directly contradictory answers to the questions because the survey lets you, then that's a problem with you, not the survey. Personally, I was rational enough to answer the questions genuinely, rather than 'break' the questionnaire to get a few laughs on an internet forum. When given a question that I could give an answer to that could contradict a previous answer, I was able to carry on, rather than having a mental breakdown. Maybe I'm the odd one, though?