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  1. The ESPN commentator's pronunciation of Nuhiu is brilliant
  2. Christ, my old man was right? I'll never hear the end of it @ANDY
  3. Looks like it could be a cracking atmosphere today. Pissed off I'm working
  4. I'm curious. Billy, you appear to be saying the part of the club statement about neither the club nor player being aware of the summons is a lie. If so, and the club are knowingly releasing untrue statements regarding an investigation, be it in order to protect themselves, an employee, or both, why would they risk it? I'm not a legal expert, but I'd guess that could be classed as perverting the course of justice?
  5. I'm pretty sure the club can't make that statement up. Not with the Police, Courts and CPS involved.
  6. His son's a Rangers fan, isn't he? Think he was at a game with his lad more than anything else
  7. Good job he is employed as a goalkeeper rather than a UN Peace Envoy, innit?
  8. Went for Hector, but Fox came close. Agree with the calls for Boyd, too, he seemed to cover every blade of grass today.
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