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  1. I wasn't convinced when I saw it. One of those where had it been given against us, I'd have been fuming.
  2. If only @Therealrealist was a professional footballer who faced a similar choice to George Hirst, this argument might make sense.
  3. For me, and I am not a legal expert, but the best chance of success is in that at the time of the breach, the penalty for the breach wasn't known to us. The IDP Report mentions this, as the club (Redgate, I believe) are said to have been in dialogue with the EFL at the time as to what the potential penalties were. Could there be an argument that, Had we known at the time what penalty awaited us, more aggressive strides could have been taken in order to either comply with the three-year loss rules, or at least lessen the impact and amount by which the club breached the losses. Example b
  4. Lees for me. Solid at the back. Taking the armband off of him really seems to have helped him
  5. Just took over Wednesday in my save. Started at Chesterfield and took them to the Prem. Then moved to Heidenheim (2. Bundesliga), got em up, won league x2 and Europa League. Left them in middle of season and 1/4 final of Champions League as Wednesday sacked Nigel Pearson when 4 points adrift at the foot of the Championship. No current players remain (it is now like 2030) and won first 2. We're on our way
  6. Only me who read the title in Alan Partridge's voice?
  7. It has. I was on-the-fence before Leicester pre-season friendly. While I accepted what happened post-Christmas was a myriad of problems, and a lot of managers would have struggled, I still felt we could do better, and wouldn't have been upset if Monk had been sacked during the time. And while our start includes two lower-division teams, you can only beat what is in front of you. I feel we'd have previously made harder work of Rochdale than we did. Likewise against Cardiff we looked quite comfortable. Trying not to get swept up, and there will be lows to come
  8. I looked closely. Now I can't not notice that the bottom of the 'C' in ROCHDALE has one white seat too many, and it is bugging me now. Cheers, mate. Seriously though, I was hesitant before the start of the season, and while there are (valid) arguments to be made for the level and quality of opposition faced so far, I am still starting to get very excited about the season ahead. Something seems to have changed, and for the better.
  9. Parma - kind of. Players like Crespo, Cannavaro, Buffon and Thuram, Coppa Italia winners, UEFA Cup winners, to the well-publicised off-the-field issues and having to be reformed - twice! Back in Serie A now though, but what a ride.
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