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  1. Luhukay Out

    Yes, it is indefensible. How come he hasn't got us playing slick, attacking football? Why hasn't he turned Fox into Roberto Carlos, Butterfield into Busquets, Nuhiu into Neymar, Jones into Xavi? He clearly must need sacking! Give over, you bloody melts!
  2. pay on dayers

    I'm a pay on the dayer, and although I've been to many this season, I probably won't be going to many more for the remainder. I live in Coventry, have three young kids, and work shifts which means when I have been I've had to book annual leave to make it. Not particularly fussed if this makes me a Fairweather or not a TrueFan, but the expense, traveling, having to make arrangements with work, and barely seeing the kids on those days is a trade-off that I'm struggling to justify at the minute.
  3. Eh, I'm so apathetic now it's not even funny. We could win, lose or draw and I'd be sat stone faced about it. Same with this selection. It could be better (Fox needs to never play again. Ever.) But I almost don't care anymore. Don't blame Jos. Not at all. He has been dealt a hand containing a 2, a joker, 2nd prize in a beauty contest 'Community Chance' card, a receipt from Pets at Home, and a 4 Green UNO! card, and he's just been told to ante up. No one is going to succeed with that. Next season it is as far as I'm concerned. Relegation or not.
  4. You do all realise the survey is only "useless" if you fill it in with the sole purpose of making it useless, by giving contradictory answers, right? There is nothing stopping you from just, you know, answering properly. If you feel the need to give directly contradictory answers to the questions because the survey lets you, then that's a problem with you, not the survey. Personally, I was rational enough to answer the questions genuinely, rather than 'break' the questionnaire to get a few laughs on an internet forum. When given a question that I could give an answer to that could contradict a previous answer, I was able to carry on, rather than having a mental breakdown. Maybe I'm the odd one, though?
  5. Maguire gets told

    Had a mate growing up who was a Wednesday fan, and when we got relegated from the Premier League, he "swapped" to Leeds.
  6. I will take that and don't understand the moaning. To use a cricketing analogy, when you're 5 down for a handful of runs, you're job walking out to the middle is to be a stubborn bleeder and play straight bat. Jos came in and we were on the ropes with injuries piling up and shipping 3 goals at home to Burton. He's made us difficult to beat. Build a solid base to improve from. Yeah I'd like more goals, but right now the main thing is we seemed to have massively tightened up and aren't conceding. When more players return to fitness then I'm sure we'll see greater attacking threat.

    Eh, I think people overestimate the returning manager lure the TV companies will or won't feel when picking the games. I'd wager a lot of people couldn't tell you who Carlos managed before Swansea. Living in Coventry, I've seen it a fair few times. When ever I'd suggest the tastiness of a Owls Vs Swansea match, they'd ask why? I'd explain ( Carlos), and they had so little interest. Maybe it's just my experience, but I get the impression that outside of the Swansea and Owls camps, no one really knows, and if they do, it really isn't a big thing.
  8. Coventry away, purely for selfish reasons as I live 5 minute drive away from the Ricoh
  9. Looks like an MLS badge.
  10. Relegation or a trophy?

    Cup. Plus it would mean a European tour!
  11. Next 3

    I would take 4, but being greedy I'd say 7. We have looked a different proposition under Jos, but we are still very much an injury ravaged side who are struggling to score.
  12. Donated. Hope they reach their target and the operation is a success. WAWAW
  13. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    I always hoped and believed he would come good, but right now it's difficult to see it happening. When he scored a couple in consecutive matches a month or two back, I'm sure most would have thought this is where he kicks on. I seem to remember Carlos even gave him a run of starts. But it was another false dawn. He must be acutely aware that each game he has, and each game he fails to slam one into the net, is one game closer to the return of players like Hooper and Nando. Even Fletcher. Jos isn't going to persist with a striker who isn't scoring. João, Matias and even Nuhiu at least offer something else if they're not scoring. It's a real shame, but I do think his time is rapidly coming to an end. I'm not fussed if he bangs them in elsewhere - the fact is he isn't doing it here, and keeping hold of a player (reportedly on big wages) simply so no one else can have him is daft, especially with FFP considerations. That wage could be spent on two or even three new players who offer something other than a hope of him one day refunding form. Saying that, if he grabs 5 in his next 3, and goes on to start smashing in more and more, I'll be delighted!
  14. The future is bright

    Holland is a region in Netherlands. It's like calling England 'East Anglia'