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  1. Might it not be better to just throw in the towel and wind the club up , because carrying on like this is purgatory and I see no end to it !!
  2. Darren Moore just realised he has made the biggest mistake in his career
  3. Paul Cook , has got all his last three clubs promoted, must be worth a shout we can’t carry on with the merry go round most owls fans are now under no illusions that we are anything but a poor championship side with no money to spend , so hopefully are not expecting anything above survival , that has to be our goal , then see where we go , but it will be years before challenging for promotion again , there is just to much wrong at the club and deep down we all know it
  4. I’ve been reading on here how bad we were and how good Derby were , there finishing was shambolic and you won’t win games with finishing like that , so no Derby weren’t good last night , now to us we we decent in many areas and could/should have scored at least one more , but Rooney has no gripe except to his own players for not playing better , onwards and upwards
  5. OMG he has lost it another boring afternoon ending in defeat a draw at best in my opinion
  6. Absolutely no way has consistently took the pi55 out of fans with his attitude This is a player who earns the equivalent of the cost of 50 adult season tickets each week !! He is a disgrace to the fans who save and go without to watch our club I am fully aware he is a fantastic player when he wants to be , but that just adds insult to injury i know we have players of limited abilities but graft there nuts off when given the opportunity never ever again should he or any other player of similar ilk be allowed to pull on our shirt EVER !!
  7. A few do , but many big clubs sell players, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool to name a few
  8. I feel we must change this policy of “we don’t sell our better players” i am not advocating a mass fire sale , even if there were any takers, but moving forward we must sell some of our players when they are at there most sellable, and when good bids come along , nearly all other clubs do this many far more successful than we are It just makes so much more sense younger players can come through , our signings actually get to play , we wouldn’t be in trouble with FFP , the wage bill would be less , pre Madonna players would realise they are not running the club , an
  9. Carefull Liam you will get villified on here daring to criticise Dawson the torch and pitch fork mob will be round your house LOL
  10. Spot on Boy wonder , bob c is on my laptop and honest owl my phone I had forgotten about the bob c one as you can see not used it for years but can assure everyone not pork but just get a little frustrated with injury time goals against ffs the points were there for the taking but hey ho onwards and upwards UTO
  11. Enlighten me , this should be good
  12. If you read my original post I commented on how well he played for all but a mad moment keep up the good detective work SYP are always looking for good men like you
  13. Fair enough guys, you convinced me Dawson was in no way at fault for WBA goal he did what any goalkeeper coach would have wanted him to do in that situation
  14. Reports on RS he’s stormed out of the press conference swearing repeatedly hopefully he’ll walk
  15. No No experimenting, we’ve done enough of that this year play our strongest side and finish as high as possible this has been a poor season and I think we need every possible point we can get
  16. Your just making it up Had five on target tonight (sky sports ) ????
  17. Bit embarrassing, our team paying wages to players who clearly aren't trying sorry I didn't spell check it
  18. Considering the team we have turned out and the one Bolton have !! Some of these need offloading before the window closes while we can still get a fee for them , not interested imo
  19. I think we may sell Rhodes and at leeds he would probably score lots of goals , firstly they would actually play him , secondly not only play him but actually play to his strengths we do not , it would be sad if he went but at the moment neither party is benefiting from the arrangement hopefully it happens in time so we can 're invest the money
  20. He will be gutted ,owls win after all the muck he has spread, probably make something else up to undermine the club , worst Star reporter ever
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