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  1. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    Wow Kivo, thanks for that - about my Gt Grandad and also about me. It was a privilege to be in the company we were in, believe me, and to pass on what we know about Tommy in our family. We know that in addition to achieving such a lot in his career, he paid the ultimate price for his dedication to Wednesday. By that I mean he chose to play on through injuries, not in just the 71 consecutive games he played for the Owls towards the end of his career, but at other times too. He wasn't alone in doing this, by any means, in an age before the advent of substitutes. As a result, as my final slide showed, he was on crutches from his 70s onwards and more or less incapacitated during his 80s. He ultimately died from gangrene, in one of his legs; a latent result of injuries, when he was 87, in Wharncliffe Hospital. I doubt that he would have done things differently though, given the chance. His two great loves in life were his family and playing for Wednesday and his pet hate was missing games. By the way, Clive's said the same thing to me many times, about the need for a book on Tommy. He's passed on so much stuff to me about him, gathered whilst researching FS, that there are really no excuses any more. It's time I got off my backside to do something about it.
  2. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    Really sorry about that Dunsby. I went over my time limit as it was - and I knew from the start that I wasn't going to be able to cram those extra stories in unfortunately. You should have made yourself known mate, no matter how busy I looked. I got a really nice comment on here from Kivo who said that we need a book on Tommy to go with the one about Fred. Clive's sick of telling me the same thing; having found loads about Tommy whilst researching his uncle's story, so I think it's high time I got off my backside and did something about it.
  3. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    I agree, it was a superb evening. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Well done to Clive and Mark for organising it. It was a privilege to be there and talk to so many fantastic Owls supporters interested in the history of the club. Well done to the club as well for backing the event. The bonus for me was being able to say a bit about my Gt Grandad Tommy Crawshaw and display all that I have of his medals and caps. It's a life's mission to bring them all back into the Crawshaw family if I can. Still a long way to go, but hopefully one day... I met people who are related to me, whom I never knew existed, descended from Tommy's older brother George and friends of the family from way back. You can't put a price on that - and it would never have happened but for this event. Sorry that I didn't cover the stories about Tommy, handed down, that you were interested in Dunsby. Maybe best told over a pint or two in the County we both live in!.
  4. Yes he did have some experiences as a publican that could definitely be classed as interesting. I have one or two that have been passed down, so I'll include them :)
  5. Great post Dunsby! Enjoyed reading that. I've been given a slot at the event in November to talk about my Gt. Grandad Tommy Crawshaw. I'm also bringing all the medals, in my possession (sixteen), that he won (out of 18 or 19 in total I think), including his two FA Cup Winner's medals, plus three of his England caps; two against Scotland and one against Wales. I'd bring all ten if I had them, but three is all I have. Is there anything you - or anyone else on the forum - would want me to especially touch on about Tommy? I have a few stories handed down within the family to relate as well. All the best.
  6. That was an impressive prediction about my great grandfather Tommy. Fred Spiksley's great nephew, Clive Nicholson, made the same prediction. The clue was the old FA Cup in the picture; Tommy being the only Wednesday player to have won the cup twice with the club. We were all keeping our fingers crossed in the family about it and very happy to see the announcement yesterday. All the best, UTO. Tom Crawshaw