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  1. Now that's set me thinking Costello. There's so much potential there for a good line of questioning,to discredit the EFL verdict and their means of achieving it. I think Ricky is right though that, in reality DC, as annoyed and frustrated as he is, will probably not take it further. Interesting wording though in his statement, that he acknowledges the outcome. An acknowledgement is not the same as an acceptance, so this saga might just have a twist in its tale yet.
  2. Very good point. To be honest I did consider that, especially when I looked down the list of occupations of those involved, but you're right I did swerve round it We all know you're right though and the collective noun for them is probably a 'Lack of Principles'.
  3. Thanks for the clarification on that. The FA/EFL have made a decision then based on Civil Law but that's the 'front end' of it. There must be a policy and procedural process they follow that backs that up relating to how they gather evidence and how they consider it. It should specify how each member of the panel is qualified to do their job and the training they should receive including refreshers and updates. Are the training records all up to date and does the process all join up properly or are there anomalies. Has the procedure itself been reviewed and renewed according to policy. If not, the procedure's out of date and invalid. If all that is squeaky clean, and it's a big if, has the process been followed to the letter, including allowance for testimony given by someone whose 1st language is not English. The devil's in the detail when it comes to an employment tribunal, which I think would be DC's best line of attack. Sounds nit-picking, but when someone's public reputation and livelihood is at stake (possibly affecting future employment), believe me good lawyers will ferret into every mortal part of the disciplinary process applied and if there are any cracks at all, they'll seek them out to discredit it and those who applied it. I've seen some apparently nailed on cases thrown out because of seemingly small procedural irregularities, mainly because the stakes are so high for the person involved. Establishment judges who sit on these tribunals also have an inherent suspicion of corporate disciplinary processes purporting to follow official judicial procedure. If it doesn't pass muster to their satisfaction, it's usually game over for those bringing the case against the individual.
  4. OJ was found Guilty in a Civil Court, following his not guilty verdict in a Criminal Court, but we're not at that Civil-Court stage yet with FF. The football authorities have found Fernando guilty but they're not a Civil Court - and on what basis have they found him guilty? Have they set the bar at Beyond all Reasonable Doubt, like the Criminal Court. who found him Not Guilty? If they have, they're in contempt of that official court ruling which uses the same criterion. Have they based their verdict on the Balance of Probabilities like a Civil Court does? Nobody knows for sure and and the football authorities haven't published their corporate handbook on it as far as I know.. If I was SWFC's lawyers I would take a long hard look at the possible infringement of Employment Law by the football authorities disciplinary process. True, FF is not a direct employee of Wednesday's; he's a contractor, but he's been disciplined by a body governing his workplace activities and with it the denial of benefits his skills bring to his contractual employer over an extended period. These tribunals take a long hard critical look at how corporate decisions are reached in disciplining people in the workplace, believe me. They have to be watertight to pass muster. And if they are found wanting (any bets on whether the football authorities procedures of any kind would be found wanting?) in any way, the Tribunal usually finds for the plaintiff. I hope so. It would cut the legs off the disciplinary verdict. I hope DC has the courage to go for it. It probably wouldn't avert FF being suspended, because court proceedings like this take ages, but at least it would eventually stop the kangaroo court activities of the football authorities and give DC and FF some satisfaction, a restoration of character to club and player, and possibly lead to compensation.
  5. I agree Castleford Owl. Forestieri has been found guilty by the FA after a criminal law trial found him Not Guilty of the same charge on the same evidence.. How can the actions of the FA be lawful? In my view it amounts to libel in defaming the player after he was acquitted in Court. Try making a public declaration stating that someone was guilty of a crime after they'd been found not guilty and seeing how long it takes for the libel lawyers to start swinging round your neck. How is it then that the FA are able to get away with it? Presumably because they think they're above the law and no-one has challenged them on it yet. Imagine if Fernando was a direct employee of the FA and they took this action against him, under the same circumstances. An employment tribunal would have a birthday!! Don't underestimate DC suing the FA on this with the decision of the Criminal Court under his belt.
  6. This is brilliant Rolfey. I must have been living under a stone for the past two years not to have come across this before! Tommy was my Gt Grandfather. Are the prints still available? As you know, we're closing in on the 120th anniversary of the first match at Hillsborough next month on 2nd September when Tommy and his team mates made a wining start to life at Owlerton in 1899. I hope it's a good omen for this season. I haven't seen anything planned at SWFC to mark this historic date, but coincidentally, as a family, we've got something to celebrate the day after on Sept 3rd this year when my actress daughter Jane Crawshaw, whom we named after Tommy's wife, will be making her Television debut in the guest lead role in an episode of Holby Citye. Not one to miss if you're into historic connections with the Owls. If only it made been smack on the date itself! Great work Rolfey; all the best. Tom Crawshaw
  7. Where I lived on Gresley Road was no more than 50 yds away from the entrance gate to Greenhill park at the gold course end - and the football pitch was right there behind it. I was always on there having a kickabout with the lads , so it's more than possible our paths have crossed. I also used to play on the Youth club 5-a-side pitch (more like 7 or 8 a side) on Gresley as well, at night under the floodlights. I played for Grennel Mower team on Saturday in the Wragg league (that's for seniors now I think) on Mather Road. There were some good players in that Lowedges side including Fred Booker and brothers Dave and Pat O'Brian ex Sheffield Boys team. I also played for a Shiregreen pub team 'The Penguin' on Sunday at Concord Park and Park Gardeners Working Men's Club from Park district at a pitch near Herries Road - and the odd game for Chesterfield Miner's Welfare. So if you've played for or against any of that lot 1972-1976, our paths will prob have crossed. I ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in my knee playing for Grennel Mower against Colley WMC at Colley 1976 through somebody tackling me from behind - the ******* - and could never play again.
  8. Haha brill clip FreshOwl. Love it!!
  9. Sorry for my dodgy keyboard which sometimes doubles and triples up on some characters. I didn't mean 'shake' to come out as 'shaaake' in my prev post. I found the picture of Tommy at the 50th Hillsborough anniversary game in 1949 mentioned in my post which I've attached. You can see his two FA Cup winners medals on his watch chain and his obvious reliance on crutches through latent effect of injuries as a player. He used to say that he 'tormented' his forwards by telling them to have more cracks at goal. He'd be saying that now if still alive and telling them to get stuck in and reach them playoffs!
  10. Yes that's my name too. There were four generations of us Tom Crawshaws alive at one time in our family: Tommy the footballer, his son, my Grandad, his son in turn - my Dad, and me. I was 9 yrs old when Tommy died in 1960. By coincidence my Mom, Dad and me ended up living on the same Council Estate as my Gt. Grandad towards the end of his life, on Lowedges, after he retired from being landlord of The Yorkshireman in town. We used to joke that we were all called Tom due to a distinct lack of imagination when naming sons in our family- as in... 'what is it - a boy?' 'Yes, I'm thinking of calling him Tom after his Dad, what do you think?' - 'Yep that'll do, get on with it.'. Of course the truth is we were all so proud of Tommy, that his name was bound to thought of when sons came along. I don't know if you were at 'The Olive Grove Years' evening, at Hillsborough November 2017, as part of the 150th anniversary, but I gave a talk about Tommy at that event, which was really well attended. I was amazed at how many people knew so much about him. A lot of people were moved by the last slide I showed of him aged 76, at Hillsborough, in 1949, at the 50th anniversary of Wednesday moving to the ground from Olive Grove.. I said that he had two things in his possession that day that he was very proud of, his two FACup winnders medalss on his watch chain, and also two things he wouldn't wish on anybody his pair of crutches - a legacy of his commitment to Wednesday, playing on in game after game whilst injured. That's commitment for you and why so many people wanted to shaaake my hand afterwards .
  11. Great comprehensive list is that. My Gt Grandad Tommy played for the Owls in 2-6 in your list. I forgot about the 2nd Div. Championship 1899-1900; a real achievement that, in their 1st season at Hillsborough to go straight back up after being relegated in their last season at Olive Grove. We need that spirit now in the side and I've got a feeling the lads are are starting to wake up to the idea that it's possible.
  12. Phew! Brilliant stuff - and sounds like the story of our lives being Wednesday supporters, especially the stuff about sacrifice, hardship, death and rebirth!! All I meant though was that the calendar repeats itself exactly every 28 yrs, and that this has happened (or multiples of it) whenever we've won a Cup Competition, 1907, 1935, then 2 x 28 to 1991, followed by perlease... 2019, for the Play-off Cup, or we've blown another 28 yrs!
  13. Neon Nick seems to have twigged this, but has anyone else? Wednesday won the FA Cup in 1907 and 1935 and the League Cup in 1991. The gaps between these years is a multiple of 28. If you add 28 years on to 1991, it brings us to 2019. Just a coincidence probably, I know, but the intriguing thing is this... the calendar repeats itself exactly every 28 years. The first of the above dates means a lot to us in our family because my Gt Grandad Tommy led Wednesday to beat Everton in the 1907 Cup Final and when he did so on the 3rd Saturday in April of that year, at Crystal Palace, it turned out to be the 20th April as it is this year, as it was in 1935 and again in 1991. It's probably just a load of old statistical cobblers', not to say depressing, to think that we only win stuff every 28 years, or multiples of 28 yrs, but I thought I'd raise it here as a matter of interest. Will we win the play-off Cup this year to add to the other Cups we've won when the calendar exactly repeated itself? We've got a mountain to climb just to be in it, let alone win it, but lets hope we can put a run together to nick it.
  14. Does the period of 28 years mean anything to anybody?? Clue.... something to do with stats but not about football per se - but about the calendar.... 1907, 1935, 1991, 2019. There's a problem with 1963. Dunno what happened there and why, but there's something more to the fact that we've won something significant in gaps of 28 years - and it's to do with the calendar - what is it?
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