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  1. Controlled ball with 2 touches and a pass then a touch and lost the ball, he warms up well thou.
  2. FFS the match started early , sorry false alarm it's Hairy Bikers down on the Pig Farm everything pork .
  3. Giddings saying Wilder could be here for 5 years or could be gone in 24 hours, also saying Chris has issues at United?
  4. Someone's Gran will be straight on her back .
  5. Rooney was in the ear of the 4th official that much, i thought he was after his grans phone number.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone ,about to start my Eugene Rennie stint in the kitchen most people use the Eugene Rona method but after my Christmas dinners everybody gets the Rennie's out.
  7. Later we hired the smokeless version Giles bagga Coke, sniffer to his mates.
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