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  1. Sat in the John Street stand that was full of us as well , did the blunts bother with that game did they just have the kop and laver stand .
  2. I'am sticking to the Scots original , 136,000 at Hampden Park singing it to George Best during the home internationals.
  3. Yet his longevity as a coach at the Arsenal, he must have learned a big lesson from his mistakes .
  4. Tony Currie superstar Wears frilly knickers And wears a Bra .
  5. Little children ever where , when you see them i'll be there, we had joy , we had fun , we had seasons in the sun.
  6. If only Wim Jonk hadn't kicked Vieira , that's all I've got to say on the matter .
  7. Chesterfield 1975 got the green bus going and lift in a Triumph Herald after the game, plus free sherbet fountains when someone put a shop window through and ransacked boxes of sweets. First Boxing Day away game , Bury same year railway sleepers and coal cinders for terracing a real eye opener.
  8. On the football special going to Blackburn 1980 , and a bloke climbing up the outside of a tower block 12 floors up across from Granada Studios.
  9. Simon Jordan said this afternoon , if all the players in the premier and championship gave 1% of their wages a month that would raise around £150 million to keep league one and two clubs going through the pandemic . He also got on his high horse about people going to work in London , the cheeky monkey was in the studio not at home pot kettle black.
  10. We've had Man u and city raise £150,000 between them for charity, yet players in Europe are donating a million euros each to fight the virus. Say's it all really .
  11. So it was , do i get a merit for the attendance.
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