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  1. No both linked to TUF , the guy at Reading his father was CEO of one the subsidiary's and he and DC were mentioned in the old TUF accounts has investors which the EFL investigated to make sure there was no conflict of interest ..
  2. Just change this to WAWAW and really Pi$$ that bloke from Woodseats off.
  3. My dad keeps his loose change in a bum bag thou.
  4. Well this just popped into my head !
  5. Looking at old photos, a lot of the out buildings would probably had asbestos in them , that's why they are ecological issues with the land.
  6. Didn't the council ask the government back in 2013 for permission to acquire the freehold for Norton off the Homes And Communities Agency, which was approved . The land you're on about appears to be contaminated anyhow , may be that's why nothing has been built there. The Executive Director, Resources and Executive Director, Place submitted a joint report seeking approval to negotiate the freehold acquisition by the Council of 18.7 hectares of land at the Former Norton Aerodrome, Lightwood from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) with the aim of delivering comprehensive restoration and effective long-term use of the site. The Local Growth Funding (LGF) would be used to finance the acquisition, demolition of the derelict buildings and holding costs pending future disposal(s) when the capital receipt will be used to repay the LGF so that it can be recycled. RESOLVED: That Cabinet:- (a) approves the freehold acquisition of the former Norton Aerodrome from the Homes and Communities Agency; (b) delegates authority to the Director of Property and Facilities Management to agree the terms of acquisition with the HCA and instruct the Director of Legal Services to prepare and complete all necessary documentation to conclude the purchase in accordance with the agreed terms; and (c) Reasons for Decision 12.3.1 It would enable the Council to take initiatives to remove dereliction and contamination on a conspicuous and sensitive site. 12.3.2 The previously-developed part of the site has potential to deliver some new built development under national Green Belt policy and this could contribute to the Council’s strategic housing objectives. 12.3.3 It would allow the undeveloped area of the site to be maintained and enhanced to improve the recreational offer for the local community whilst ensuring the ecological issues are addressed. notes that a capital approval submission for the expenditure has been submitted as part of the agreed monthly budget monitoring process to authorise and procure the necessary capital works and that the relevant Local Growth Fund authorities have been obtained under the agreed delegations.
  7. Not forgetting the sell on clauses for Walker and Maguire which brought in millions .
  8. It dates back to the removal of asbestos in the 60s if it 's the one i read about a few years ago.
  9. Mi'lord arrow landed the massive and said enlarge image
  10. If we had Wilder, bit like saying if we had Elvis he'll sing AC/DC greatest hits .
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