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  1. Will be taking the lad to it , hope a few more try and get .
  2. Bunch of Murdering B'stards how dare you, you've got some Goebbles bringing them up on this thread!
  3. Good i'll be able to read my book in peace.
  4. Villa fans are blowing up the inflatables as we speak.
  5. Disclaimer about the disclaimer, clearly the man is a pi$$ed artist.
  6. Swimming goggles can be hazardous if you used incorrectly.
  7. Probably him that kicked off in Nottingham that was reported in the Daily Mail.
  8. According to the P&S expert on FH earlier in the week the EFL have had our accounts since December 31st where every club have to summit them by that date. He also said that extending the accounting period isn't P&S dodge for the EFL.
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