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  1. Ended up in the South after a punch up on the Lepp. Don't know if it's one those urban myths but was told a lunatic Man U fan was waving an hatchet about on the Lepp.
  2. Yes but did DC or the other clubs know then that the EFL would ok the sales, Derby didn't get the ok till after 2nd April 2019.
  3. Mel Morris months ago said he would rather take on the EFL than the HMRC over selling the stadium.
  4. This is Sheffield Wednesday, we'll end up in Colditz trying to build that glider FFS.
  5. My money is on 2024 , by the time of all the appeals and CAS getting involved .
  6. But the current owner of Watford wasn't banned for his financial irregularities or the owner of QPR . https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/08/24/watford-fined-4m-forging-banking-letter-ingino-pozzos-takeover/
  7. Blackburn Meadows next door is big and is also full of $ hit!!
  8. Just rode past the ground no problem
  9. Well i'am not getting involved if the thread is just filth, smut and innuendo , i'll wait till our lass goes to work .
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