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  1. Uncle Mort AMB

    Random pre-season games you were at

    Can remember the game , they were all built like brick s hit houses and kicked lumps out of Mel Sterland who scored a freekick. Think it was when they was no 1981 African Cup Of Nations and for World Cup Qualifiers came to England for some friendlies 1981-82 season.
  2. Albert Quizall must have been the first Wednesday player to play in a World Cup.
  3. Uncle Mort AMB

    Jessica Bridge

    FFS thought was a music question .
  4. Uncle Mort AMB

    Empathy for Penguin...

    That penguin gets every where , lucky sod.
  5. Uncle Mort AMB

    Destructive critcism

    He packed in football emigrated to Australia and became a multi millionaire . Not bad for player who got booed while warming up.
  6. Uncle Mort AMB

    SWFC graffiti

    To confuse the younger element on here , he'll be doing Skiing In The Snow in Wigan during the heatwave of 1976 . I bet they're 8 button high waister's from Harringtons in the market.
  7. Love a blunt shoes off protest.
  8. I blame Candid Camera & Beadles About , just be thankful they're not using one of Del boys Russian video cams that would be upsetting. Why do people do silly things like this with phones at games.
  9. Uncle Mort AMB

    Operation "Close the GAP"

    You should do what Wilder does, he refers to us as them down the road . So i will do the same and not mention them by name, why are you bothered by the dog$hit on the path.
  10. Uncle Mort AMB

    So do we all agree..

    "We all agree , Rodger Wylde is magic" also Tommy Tynan had the song , so did "We all agree Sheffield United are tragic " Then the Paul Anker version for bad referees .
  11. Uncle Mort AMB

    That Noise

    Some moan when the club doesn't give any feedback to supporters , personally i thought Hendrix had risen.