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  1. Aren't the players leaving entitled to a months severance pay as well, and didn't MM have trouble bringing in money in from the states something about how much you can take out of a country into another over a certain time. I know some far east countries have certain rules about transferring large sums abroad over a certain time period and lets not forget we've nothing coming in, and the club are also refunding season tickets while having to fetch extra cash into Britain.
  2. If ever there was a club that uses smoke and mirrors it's Brentford, £35 million a season in admin charges , loan notes to the owner £70 million that's without the funding for the new stadium over £100 million . Though they have sold Griffin Park for over 30% of the valuation which brought in £50 million. After 2018, the wage bill went down but the admin went up the following season, Giddings and Wilder did a phone in at the start of the year and told a blunt don't get fooled by clubs like Brighton, Huddersfield or even Brentford all have spent huge amounts more than both Sheffield clubs but lets expose the myth. The season they finished 5th, the EFL would've come calling with an embargo order, which led to the top three players being sold and the club went backwards . £100 million in the black on transfers which is paying for the moneyball project.
  3. Well it's curly locks init or what was known has a Martin Dobson look .
  4. One for me, and i started going to games in the 73/74 season and were all owls aren't we?
  5. Looking at Sky's plans games everyday of the week, looks like Ifollow for the championship then unless they squeeze some games on Sky 1 and 2 .
  6. I'am not on about your normal everyday supporter, but putting it on twitter leaves it wide open to abuse by trolls and followers of other clubs along with the multiple filling of the survey. No normal person would use multiple logins on forums and then have a debate with one selves but they do. The star caught a troll from Leeds on the old Wednesday forum with 6 logins. I know you're not naive, but do you think it's wise putting it on twitter and are you sure it wont be abused by crackpots that are on social media. I'am not against the trust it just seems all done in haste and not thought out the pros and cons of doing the survey like this.
  7. Trouble i see there is, the survey is on twitter and could end up with a false percentage or that the survey can be filled in by the same person numerous times also giving a false reading. Chansiri could get the all family at home all day filling in the survey in a positive way FFS or people with an agenda doing the same for a negative percentage. One vote , one survey filled per person. The last survey i filled in at the work place, we all ended up redundant and the business moved to India.
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