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  1. He's had soap in his eyes since the 70's.
  2. Uncle Mort AMB

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    On a blunt hook.
  3. Uncle Mort AMB

    Premier League here we come

    Southgate's wearing a jazzy waistcoat this season, didn't know he could sing.
  4. Uncle Mort AMB

    Common people

  5. Uncle Mort AMB

    New song.

    I've been waiting for so long To come here now and sing this song Don't be fooled by what you see Don't be fooled by what you hear This is a song to all of my friends They take the challenge to their hearts Challenging preconceived ideas Saying goodbye to long standing fears Don't crack up Bend your brain See both sides Throw off your mental chains
  6. Uncle Mort AMB

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    7 mins fizz off
  7. Uncle Mort AMB

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

  8. Uncle Mort AMB

    Any live stream for tonight

    Watched the Reading game on this link which turned out to be I-FOLLOW. https://www.vipbox.live/live-football
  9. Uncle Mort AMB

    Well this is awkward

    I wondered why the bird in front screamed shoot you b@stard , when it was a throw in.
  10. Uncle Mort AMB

    Worst Signing Ever

    Peter Feely , couldn't shoot, pass, trap a ball, head or tackle , he threw in well mind. Larry May , when he headed it no one knew where it would end up .
  11. Uncle Mort AMB


    A lot of money for a ringer .
  12. Uncle Mort AMB

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Trevor Matthewson , Kenny Branningan.
  13. Excellent Mi'Lord shoot to thrill that's been missing for a couple of season , remember some of these beauties flying in. And were Back In Black.
  14. Do love a bit of Swan Lake, here's a Luton fans version.
  15. We cant forget the over 70s. I've got mi bucket & spade now where did i put that %*@£><? hand grenade.