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  1. We would've been better off if the first FFP rules were adhere to and clubs were punished with points deductions and stopped from gaining promotion and the money that went with it, then Chansiri wouldn't have entertained buying a football club in the first place.
  2. So if he sells up, and new owners decide to move from Hillsborough can they sell the ground .
  3. The league cup was paraded at a night match with Leicester.
  4. The bottom photo has Tony Cunningham walking towards the tunnel.
  5. Can't believe why we haven't the 3 month rule has been broken and rules are rules, yet no action from the PFA or EFL . Now either they've lost their bottles over covid and what happened with Bury and Macclesfield or the chairman has feed them some spiel, but with the response from the appeal hearing from EFL about him i find it hard to believe they would just take his word. And unless Chansiri has entered the RHS Britain In Bloom competition, why are they tarting the stadium up if we are going out of business. Personally i think the EFL have just buried their heads in the sand in the hope it all comes reyt.
  6. They've got to be the original walls the the way brickwork is weathered.
  7. Yes the concrete staircases are crumbling at the back for the top tier, and the lad just said he's seen workmen pointing the brickwork at the kop turnstiles this morning.
  8. Wasn't the last safety certificate issued end of July 2019, and the season ticket video shows maintenance crew doing work on the stadium so have the club even applied for the certificate yet.
  9. Well done G mention blue sky thinking and what happens, the storm clouds gather. Modern thing to do is vinyl wrap over it, something like Trev Was Here or Greenpeace forever.
  10. What line could possibly follow this line? "We Sheffield Wednesday - we're sharper than dart" "Lets all do the North stand Fart"
  11. You have to list every conflict of interest if you look up the TUG records everyone of the company's board members who have shares or owns other companies are listed right down to the non trading one's like Chansiri real estate. Also they list companies like Edinburgh salmon Scotland , LDH 20% owned by John West UK , John West UK and UK sea foods (Whitby Scampi ) that's just the UK the rest go from Russia to the British Virgin Islands , Luxemburg to India right down to a little cannery in the South Pacific which gets a mention but no SWFC.
  12. So of the 46 million ordinary shares he could convert £6 million of season ticket refunds in to 6 million ordinary shares and they would be worthless, because he would have 40 million voting shares vetoing the 6 million shares all day long. Isn't that what happened at the lane, fans bought shares in the premier league scheme in 2007 and by 2012ish McCabe made those shares worth 0000.01 of a penny because he vetoed them so he could wipe off a large chunk of debt.
  13. 3 and 6 days after the cup final one a local derby 3rd in the league cup winners best seats £9 and guess what. 41. Wed 24 Apr LEICESTER CITY.......... 0-0 3 31,308 42. Sat 27 Apr BARNSLEY................ 3-1 3 30,693 John Harkes, David Hirst Steve MacKenzie Couldn't sell out after our best week decades
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