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  1. Which one, and did you run the tap , i have history over such things.
  2. Not guilty, now a sink that's a different matter!
  3. They're already implementing the use of the North through one lot of turnstiles and exists which the Hillsborough inquest said never should have been allowed, wasn't that part of the evidence that convicted Graham Mackrell , basically saying he should have told SYP they couldn't close turnstiles at one end of the North to Liverpool fans over concerns of public order..
  4. The H&SE never closed that end of the ground over safety issues, only the terracing stayed closed. What gets me is the derby game at the lane had the same issues, yet no report was commissioned over fans mixing at that end of the ground. Didn't SYP release a statement saying they were commissioning a report on how to police all South Yorkshire grounds in the future. So whats happened to the other reports at other clubs in this area..
  5. Since 1989 the H&SE have never said the Lep it self was a H&S issue , until the SYP came in for some flak over the policing of the derby, The main concerns in 1989 was forcing supporters to use less turnstiles than that end of the ground could handle, and the numbers that each pen was allocated. So after 30 years , two inquest , someone has found a problem with that end of the ground being used for league games, to me it's not a H&S issue but a public order matter and how it's policed. Whats the old saying " never contradict a policeman or you'll end up falling down the cell steps" well the club have been pushed down them steps.
  6. Peter played right back not left back.
  7. Not a 80's nostalgia thread then FFS.
  8. Anybody interested an interview with a sports Lawyer on radio Sheff starts at 10:19 in, DC legal options and why the club have to report the matter the premier league first, turns out the FA & FIFA rules state you have go to the relevant governing body first. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07dzqqc
  9. Would be interesting to see the date the visas were issued thou, suppose to take 3 days min.
  10. I never doubted you MI' Lord, the lad couldn't wait to show me bless him.
  11. Ashley is desperate to keep Newcastle out of the relegation places , because the club is up for sale at £350 million but that club in relegation trouble would allow any buyer to knock the price down to about £200 million. You only have to look at the Blades court case, United in the prem would fetch £100 million in the championship £30-40 million. Hence the bonus payments the higher Newcastle finish,the more Bruce earns and less Ashley looses on any takeover. That's why Newcastle is a basket case of a club, the owner is only interested in protecting his investment and not trying to improve its info structure to compete.. That's why the fans don't want Bruce, they see him as aiding Ashley in keeping the status quo.
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