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  1. Why don’t you test it out for us and go and live near a 5G mast for a few months, and then come back on here and let us know how you got on.
  2. I don’t get it either. After Jos I actually think we are lucky to have him. Someone that has loads of experience and knows the league inside out and is an excellent communicator. I’m not sure what a lot of people expect. We’ve got a bang average group of ageing failures who think they are better than they are. I’m pleased this squad is finally getting broken up. Monk just needs time and backing and I think he can build something here.
  3. I’d play our freshly recontracted saviour there - Pelupussy
  4. For me he’s probably been one of our if not best player this year - that’s not really saying a lot though is it lol. Credit where it’s due though he’s shown real guts and determination to turn things around after been targeted by the boo boys. However I don’t think he is that good, and he’s way too slow in my opinion to be a modern day full back although he is a decent tackler and defender. I personally won’t miss him. Good luck Morgan.
  5. Yeah heard bad things about him, he was a bit before my time though. Pleat was the one I remember really taking us backwards. Trying to break up the dressing room and the characters in there at the time as he couldn’t handle them. We’ve had some proper shìte over the years haven’t we
  6. absolutely. Neither are good enough. This shows the size of the task we have ahead of us. You can’t Underestimate the importance of a good, reliable keeper.
  7. I get what you are saying but we don’t know if it is 99% accurate do we. The wording is clever in that it’s not 100% accurate, so that could mean its 30% or 60% Or whatever couldn’t it. as for us having a striker that’s 99% accurate that would be a dream lol.
  8. My understanding of the testing method they use is that they actually test for genetic material rather than a virus itself. Similarly i was reading some statistics recently on Covid 'deaths' i think it was the Office of National Statistics and there were counting some deaths twice. I personally don't take much notice of these figures as the processes they use are clearly flawed anyway.....
  9. The biggest problem with the whole of this for me is: Accuracy of testing provided is not 100% accurate but is in line with Government guidelines and NHS standards. So can somebody tell me how accurate it is then?
  10. Speaking of Icke. I’m not sure about the lizard thing. But credit where’s it due the global peadophile ring he has been talking about for the last 20-30 years that reaches to the absolute top of society in Hollywood and implicates the Royal family was bang on wasnt it? And we only know the tip of the iceberg. this conversation is for a different forum though.....
  11. The Owls are pleased to confirm a range of rebate options for Season Ticket holders unable to attend the five outstanding 2019/20 home fixtures in light of the COVID-19pandemic. Championship football returns this Saturday when Wednesday host Nottingham Forest behind closed doors and all paid Season Ticket holders aged 18 and over (due to iFollow terms and conditions) will have the opportunity to watch the remaining nine home and away games via the club’s live streaming service as one of the various rebate options. In addition to this package, every over-18 Season Ticket holder will receive a £25 ticket voucher and £25 WednesdayCard points voucher redeemable in the Owls Megastore. Alternatively, supporters can opt for a donation to the club, our youth academy or Community Programme. Other options include credits towards future Season Tickets/matchday tickets or WednesdayCard points or a full pro rata refund from fixtures played behind closed doors The iFollow streaming option is available now given the time sensitivity and imminent resumption of the season. All other options will follow from Monday 29 June as we work through the sizeable task of facilitating the recent move to our new ticketing website tickets.swfc.co.uk Supporters are reminded to visit the new site with SeatGeek and reset your password in order to select a preferred rebate option. Option 1 – available now iFollow bundle (over-18s only) Watch all nine remaining fixtures home and away live on iFollow Wednesday £25 ticket voucher credited to your online account for Season Ticket/home match ticket £25 WednesdayCard points voucher uploaded to your season card to spend in the Owls Megastore Select this option before 11.59pm on Thursday 18 June to ensure you receive the link in time to watch the Owls v Forest. The options below will be available from Monday 29 June for Season Ticket holders of all ages: Option 2 Donate your refund to the club. Option 3 Donate your refund to our youth academy programme. Option 4 Donate your refund to our Community Programme, the charitable arm of the football club. Option 5 The outstanding pro rata value on your Season Ticket credited with: 50% towards a future Season Ticket/home match ticket 50% towards official SWFC merchandise at the Owls Megastore Example Kop Season Ticket = £455 Pro rata value is £455 – 23 x 5 = £98.91 £45.46 credit added to your ticket account £45.46 added in points to your Season Card Option 6 The outstanding pro rata Season Ticket value credited to your Season Card redeemable against official SWFC merchandise at the Owls Megastore. Example Kop Season Ticket = £455 Pro rata value is £455 - 23 x 5 = £98.91 to be added in points to your Season Card. Option 7 The outstanding pro rata Season Ticket value credited to your online ticket account redeemable against future Season Tickets/home match tickets. Example Kop Season Ticket = £455 Pro rata value is £455 – 23 x 5 = £98.91 Option 8 The outstanding Season Ticket pro rata value refunded back to your debit or credit card. Example Kop Season Ticket = £455 Pro rata value is £455 - 23 x = £98.91 How to claim your rebate All rebates must be claimed via tickets.swfc.co.uk as the Ticket Office remains closed. Supporters should only follow these instructions now to select the iFollow bundle: CLICK HERE to visit the new ticketing website Sign into your account Click ‘2019/20 rebate options’ Click ‘Add’ and process the order You will then receive a confirmation email that your choice has been selected. By Friday 19 June you will receive a separate email with your unique subscription code to access the iFollow live stream. Click here to view the FAQs. Options 2 to 8 will be available from Monday 29 June. Nottingham Forest/West Brom and Bristol City tickets Supporters who purchased tickets for these fixtures will have the same options 2 to 8 to claim their rebate from Monday 29 June. Seasonal hospitality and matchday hospitality A member of the commercial team will contact all clients over the next couple of weeks to discuss available options. Members A discount will be available for all 2019/20 Members who renew for the 2020/21 season. Season 2020/21 Supporter access into stadiums next season remains uncertain at this time - updated information will be communicated in due course over the coming weeks and months. Sheffield Wednesday would like to thank all supporters for your patience and understanding through these unprecedented times and we look forward to welcoming you back to Hillsborough at the earliest opportunity.
  12. completely agree with you. Thankfully I’m in a privileged position where money isn’t a factor for me in whether I go to games or not. But as a working class lad I still have strong principles of what is acceptable to me and what isn’t. And I personally feel I’ve been taken advantage of a bit with eye watering prices and don't feel I’ve had value for money recently. So sadly I’ve made the decision not to renew my season ticket and I will be getting a full refund for the remainder of the games for me and my son.
  13. Lets sign him and pair him with Winnall, then we will have 2 ex Derby forwards that don't score goals and are Grade A bell ends off the pitch too
  14. I get that. It's each to their own isn't it. I was just pointing out that although optional, £99 for a football shirt is extremely excessive in my humble opinion and must be some kind of world record surely...
  15. clearly aimed at people who wanted them? Who the hell wants a £99 replica shirt lol. I never said you had to buy them. I’m stating facts that we’ve been over charged for various things under DC’s stewardship.
  16. Some shirts were £99 when the new kits were released a year or 2 ago
  17. Yup money back for me no question. I don't feel bad about it either. I don't think DC feels bad when he is charging us eye watering prices to watch average football and charging us £99 for replica shirts etc. I am not sure the players feel bad on full pay either. I am falling out of love with this game and had already decided not to renew for next year when the ridiculous early bird renewal date was introduced back in February...
  18. I've clicked on the reset passwords for my and my son but not had anything through yet. I'm thinking they have an old email address for me Hopefully the reset password people can help....
  19. Yep, not a player you want in the trenches with you is he? undoubted talent and with a stronger mentality and more determination could be a premier league player. Doesn't look as though he has any passion to me and i hate to see him backing out of challenges...
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