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  1. Feel you pain mate. I have decided not to renew this year, i am falling out of love with it, stupid prices, stupid early bird ticket renewal deadlines etc. I am disillusioned with it all to be fair. The main problem for me is Chansiri. I know he came along and he has sunk a lot of money into us and no doubts he has good intentions. But he has made a right royal mess of it, and i honestly cannot see how we can move forward as a club under his leadership.
  2. Exactly the same. I am not renewing this year because it's been horrible recently, and because of the stupid early deadline and i'm just falling out of love with it a bit and missing games anyway. Was thinking i will go to a few games next season, but honestly i don't think i could pay the POTG prices on principal. Chansiri has made a right mess of this imho be alienating non season ticket holders with stupid pricing.....
  3. This. Bang on snoots. I’ve never been his biggest fan, I think he’s too slow to be a top modern day full back. However credit where it’s due, it takes some real bottle to come back after getting booed by his own fans. He’s dug in and turned things around and has been one our best players recently. We need more players with his character that can dig in and fight when the going gets tough. Fully deserves his contract.
  4. Puts himself about a bit and is very physical and has an edge to him. Exactly the kind of player we need. The monk fish knows what he’s doing....
  5. Monks Musings? Kieren Westwood - Yeah ,he’s fit but he just doesn't like sitting on the bench...
  6. I’ve just purchased a Chansiri special 10/15 year season ticket too
  7. Brilliant Snoots. I was thinking yesterday i remember when he was shortlisted as a former contender for your highly prestigious 'Bell of the year award'. I was trying to remember your description of him, was it a fluffy haired posh kn0b head student type or something? He really is a grade A Bell end
  8. Yup he talks a good game does the Monk fish. Refreshing to have someone in charge like that after Carlos and Jos. He’s got the experience and he knows what’s needed to succeed at this level and he’s a good communicator.
  9. He’s also had his Barnet done this year. Referall from Bannan and fletch perhaps
  10. DC will want £30 million lol. Seriously though we have to sell if it really is £15 million, that would be cracking business. Just shows the importance of having a manager that know's a player. Turning a couple of hundred thousand into circa £15 million in a year or so... Makes you wonder what cabbage head could have done with the money Carlos had.....
  11. Me neither. All I can remember was Martin Hodge saving a penalty for us in the game....
  12. Hmmmm, let me think - tough one this.This cannot be a serious question can it? political b0llocks or success for Wednesday? Doesn't matter who you vote for - the Government always gets in.
  13. Love em both, but whenever i see the lineup and we have them two in a 2 man midfield i always fear the worse. When the ball turns over there are huge gaps in there for opponents to exploit as neither are defensive enough. We have to play with 3 in there so we don't get overrun imho. Luongo has to start for me too.
  14. A £20 million pound player. Let's just think about that for a minute chaps.
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