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  1. Me neither. All I can remember was Martin Hodge saving a penalty for us in the game....
  2. Hmmmm, let me think - tough one this.This cannot be a serious question can it? political b0llocks or success for Wednesday? Doesn't matter who you vote for - the Government always gets in.
  3. Love em both, but whenever i see the lineup and we have them two in a 2 man midfield i always fear the worse. When the ball turns over there are huge gaps in there for opponents to exploit as neither are defensive enough. We have to play with 3 in there so we don't get overrun imho. Luongo has to start for me too.
  4. A £20 million pound player. Let's just think about that for a minute chaps.
  5. I'm guessing he 'anaylses' matches of upcoming opponents and identifies patterns of play and weakness' to exploit etc. All clubs seem to have them now, like a glorified scout i guess. Hopefully he will 'anaylse' our own players too and identify why we can't hold onto a f00kin lead in the last 10 mins of games....
  6. It's a matter of time before the bubble bursts with regards to watching football. Many of us on here are still shelling out eye watering prices to watch let's face it bang average football most weeks. The stuff about grown men throwing themselves to the floor and feigning injury and rolling about after the slightest contact really winds me up too and i have to say i am too falling out of love with the game. We only put up with all this because we love Wednesday but there will become a point where we think sod this and stay away and many have already got to that point. Prices as high as £46 to watch a single game. You can take a family of 4 to the cinema and be entertained for £20 in the warmth in comparison. It just leaves a sour taste in the mouth when you are shelling out all that money to watch average players on £30K plus per week. If fans stop paying those prices and promotion is not achieved then what? Sell the stadium? It all needs knocking down and starting again, with prices at £20 maximum, players on realistic wages and clubs should be run as business' like they are in Germany. I mean clubs spending more than they receive in income every year. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. If i didn't have a season ticket i honestly don't think i could pay those kind of prices out of principle. It's just way, way too much. £46 to watch championship football
  8. He couldn't look less interested if he tried and he loses every physical contest. Would rather play a youth player with less ability and more heart. He clearly doesn't want to be here, so unless he does a U turn on that then please send him back.
  9. £40 to watch championship football is pretty outrageous when you think about it. Really shouldn't be anymore than £20 for me.
  10. Wow. That's one horrible site, ads and videos loading everywhere it's like clicking onto a Star link. Written by Brian wee pipe too Edit 1: That is meant to say Brian ****. Actually wee pipe sounds better Edit 2: Ha ha swear filter issues. I just cannot by pass it!
  11. Agree. One might say "the beady eyed spiv" has the gift of the gab...
  12. The Nuhiu chance too. You have to score those or you inevitably get punished.
  13. We could play until midnight and I still can’t see us scoring
  14. He’s called ‘Boner’ - there’s a song about his genitals and now this. It’s all too much for me
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