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  1. Sticky belly

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    Hourinhane. Big miss that. Just what we needed.
  2. Sticky belly

    Rhodes to ranges

    Don’t follow Scottish footbalI at all. The last I heard though Rangers were skint. Have they had a buy out or something?
  3. He is a total d1ckhead. Everything he does smacks of been a d1ckhead. Arguably the biggest bell end in the game today. The only way to refer to him is Kockaert. The player that turned being a “kock” into an “Aert” form.
  4. Sticky belly

    Matias wants to stay..

    This is the thing for me. I’m not sure whether he’s been injured or just overlooked, I’m guessing it’s a bit of both. but we have to trust Jos’s judgement. All players are starting from fresh. If Jos thinks he’s good enough he will be involved. If not he won’t be. Personally I think he deserves a go in the team. His mixture of pace and aggression gives us something very different to what we already have in the squad.
  5. Sticky belly

    Matias wants to stay..

    I think he has some quality, and that pace and aggression if channeled properly he could be a real weapon for us, i'm convinced. I have faith in Jos' judgement and he deserves a run to see if he can do it. Look at Joao he looked poor under Carlos at times and did really well when Jos came in. Think he could do a job in a front 3 behind the main striker. Needs to stay fit now though....
  6. Sticky belly

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    It is more of a no nonsense ‘we mean business’ approach from Jos. After Carlos’ summer holiday camps that can only be a good thing.
  7. Sticky belly

    New Spirit

    And there goes your weekly sugar and salt allowance
  8. Sticky belly

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    Exactly this will give us the stiff test we need going into a championship season
  9. Sticky belly

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    Just reading rumours that Frank Lampard may take his first steps into management and take over the dirty rams now Rowett has left. Just got me thinking I wonder what Lampard a former master of the midfield arts would make of Butterball?
  10. Sticky belly

    New Spirit

    To me he’s never looked properly fit at Wednesday. He never chases anything and looks a bit on the big side and he’s not very mobile. However he’s a great footballer. He’s got the first couple of yards in his head, he’s got the instinct and he’s the best natural finisher at the club hands down. If we can get him proper fit and keep him fit, then he pretty much guarantees you 20 goals a season at this level. Come on Jos get your fitness team working with him and we will have a goal machine next year!
  11. Great names back then. Trotter and Rimmer - no nonsense!
  12. Sticky belly

    The future of Joao

    Exactly, it's a confidence game. Who would have thought before the season that Nuhiu was capable of such a scoring spree. Not many that's for sure. As Gurujuan says above some of Joao's goals this year were brilliant. A run in the side and a coherent team that actually has a game plan will do wonders for any player and there is no reason why he cannot do it if he starts every week and the team is playing well.
  13. Sticky belly

    The future of Joao

    I agree I would start the season with the 3 that ended it. There’s a nice blend with those 3 all really different players that I think works well. For me it’s Hooper or Nuhiu with the other 2. Playing Nuhiu and Hooper together leaves us lacking pace and mobility.
  14. Sticky belly

    The future of Joao

    Very different to what we have and for me it’s important to tie him down. He’s got some pace which is unusual for our forwards and he’s also unpredictable and he’s got some nice skills. You can see opposition defenders backing off him as they are not sure what he’s going to do. i think he will start the season in the team and can make one of those attacking positions his own. If he is Doyen though that concerns me.
  15. Sticky belly

    Clare rejected us??

    Vulva has called me a wet knob which in turn has made my belly sticky. You couldn’t make this up could you?