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  1. Agree. I don’t like the look of the central midfield. Hutchinson is going to have to do the work of two men today. I’m amazed Luongo isn’t starting if he’s fully fit....
  2. He’s certainly making the right noises and it’s great to hear. This part pleases me the most. Physicality, aggression, that mentality.Quality squads… doesn’t matter you have to apply those basics to every game, every session. I want front foot aggressive mentality That’s something we’ve been sadly lacking over the last few years and if he can address that then hopefully we can only get better. It’s the absolute basics of football, you cannot play your football if you can’t at least match the opposition physically. You have to earn the right to play in this division and Monk knows that.
  3. Agree he did speak well. But to be honest I don’t care if our manager is utter dogshít when it comes to pressers - as long as he can get them all firing and playing as a team that’s all that matters
  4. Completely agree with you. I don’t know what the answer is and who we should look to keep specifically. But I do know a massive rebuild job is required and I wouldn’t be sad if everyone of those players left the club in the summer.
  5. Yeah good one that. Any more witty one liners? Are you here all week?
  6. Agree. Hinchcliffe is a cùnt. He just came to us and picked up his wages and did the bare minimum. No interest in anything but money. I turn the the volume down when he comes on, I can’t stand to listen to him.
  7. Reach is a left winger. He’s not strong enough physically or defensively to play anywhere else for me.
  8. Think he will play a system with 3 central midfielders. With 2 in there we will get massively overrun with huge gaps for our opponents to run through us like what happened against QPR...
  9. England to win but Atty to come off the bench and score...
  10. No obvious candidates in this squad for me. It's difficult on the outside trying to judge as we don't see the players day in, day out in training etc. Lee's seems a little quiet to be captain and i'm not sure you can rely on Hutchinson given his injury and disciplinary records either...
  11. Friday for me. Probably the best night of the week - unless sky have interfered and we’ve got a fùcking 8pm kick off somewhere!
  12. Congrats to Fletcher by the way as he’s just got in the championship best XI for August. Nice to have some representation in there amongst the dirty L**ds players.
  13. Lol I wouldn’t trust DC’s assessment of players. He thinks we’ve got an amazing squad lol. I remember Birmingham coming to Hillsborough last year, they had Adams and that big Polish lad up front and they bullied Hector and Lees in the air.
  14. Bring back Bully’s rusty bullet holes please
  15. Yeah I was just thinking the same. Would I take Monk over Carlos, Jos or Bullen? Absolutely yes.
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