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  1. Na na na na na na na we’ve got Jordan Rhodes ......
  2. what’s your definition of a tin foil hat theorist then? If it’s simply not believing the utter nonsense coming from the main stream media then I guess I’m one of them too....
  3. Really nervous about the goalkeeping situation going into this season. Dawson and Wildsmith are not up to the required standard.
  4. To play wing back he's too weak defensively and looks to avoid tackling, which also makes him ineffective playing centrally he's just too lightweight for that. Has to play as an old fashioned left winger where he can put decent crosses and balls into the box, that's his position for me. If Monk doesn't plan on playing like that then i suggest we move him on.
  5. Did we really pay upwards of £3 million for him? I presume we will be letting him go on a free as I cannot see anyone paying a fee for him. If there is any fee involved it will be minimal and a fraction of what we paid. A centre back that can hit a 60 yard pass but can not defend and tackles like a Boy Scout. Another absolutely shocking piece of business.
  6. Same here nothing at all. I opted for a refund and I think it said it would take up to 6 weeks....
  7. Have to say I’m amazed by the results of this poll. He’s clearly a nice guy and a good pro and I know we only have 1 striker. But and a massive but he’s never been good enough. He’s had his time. We both need to move on and we have to be looking for better and more prolific strikers than him surely.
  8. Nah we’ve been down the ageing crocks on big money route. I’d rather have Tom Ince
  9. Bart Williams was class. I remember him taking the pìss out of peter Reid, flicking the ball over his head and Playing round him, Reid just stood there looking confused. Never lived up to his potential but I loved his laid back style and his flair.
  10. Come on chaps. I’m not doubting he’s a great guy. You cannot fault his attitude, desire and character. These are all attributes you cannot buy and he certainly gets my respect for that. But let’s not pretend he was a great player. He wasn’t - he was an average squad player for us on the whole. I’m pleased he’s moving on as he’s never going to be the answer for us. But I’d like to wish him all the best in the future and thank him for his service to our club.
  11. I’m disappointed that I’ve got to page 2 and not read the words ‘could he do a job for us?’ yet
  12. He’s clearly got the ability and I’m pleased he’s showing it now. But let’s not pretend it’s all been good. He has been absolutely awful at times and looked massively disinterested earlier in the season...
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