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  1. They have lost around £35 million this year alone. Wow, WTF makes our recruitment policy look good - well almost!
  2. Agree. Well balanced people most Scotch fans - chips on both shoulders!
  3. Wow, Scotland are dreadful. I don’t think Liam is having a “#happynicetime” playing for them.
  4. You could add Hinchcliffe and Sinton from that era too. England internationals that were just going through the motions for me....
  5. “Happy nice time” . This is a pìss take right?
  6. Will be interesting to see what Bruce does with him when fit. He has looked horrible defensively when I’ve seen him. He can ping 60 yard passes that are more accurate than Bannan’s but he just cannot defend, bit of a problem if you’re a centre back lol. Suppose Bruce knows a thing or two about centre backs so if he’s good enough Bruce will give him a run i’m sure...
  7. Agreed. As impressive as he's been for us this year and I would love for us to sign him in the summer too, but I can't work out why he is at Chelsea and why they signed him. He's a million miles off being a Chelsea standard player imho. He's found his level now as a good championship player and hopefully will be realistic enough to accept championship wages......
  8. Really didn’t like clicking on that link. SUFC, bwaaaaaaah
  9. Should be back in 2 weeks, now where have I heard that before?
  10. Yep, it happens to every Tom, ‘wee pipe’ and Harry that comes on this ‘fizzing’ site
  11. Pork. The rancid stench of Pork.
  12. I had this. Go into your account where it says 'Hello XXX' in the top right hand corner and then choose friends and family under existing customers and then add the client ID and postcode of the people you wish to add, then you can add to them your basket and check out....
  13. Lol, exactly the same experience here. I have just renewed mine online and i was messing about for ages trying to work it out. Once you log in it should pick up your seats and stuff for renewing automatically but you have to mess about adding client ID's etc. I did try and call the ticket office but that was obviously rammed and i couldn't get through........
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