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  1. The correct term is ‘spelled’ you thick inbred
  2. To be fair most fans ‘no’ better when it comes to spelling and grammar
  3. Gibson has proved himself to be a grade A bell end with this. Snoots should present the bell of the season award to him.
  4. Didn’t look interested to me. That’s the problem with a lot of loan signings, you end up with some them just going through the motions with their hearts not in it when playing at a lower level. Bruce seems to like him though. Obviously has the talent or he wouldn’t be at Spurs in the first place....
  5. God knows but Shhhh. Don’t put them off we are close to a deal here
  6. Stripes on the back too please
  7. Not sure but there are certainly quite a few pRÌCS
  8. I can't see how/why Norwich would want Rhodes. If he barely figured for them in the Championship then why is he going to get a game for them in the Premier League? Just makes no sense to me at all.
  9. Would be a good acquisition for me, he’s over 30 now but he caused us major problems with his pace and movement a couple of months ago....
  10. I agree. Hideous footwear. Saw a fully grown man sporting a pair yesterday in black
  11. It doesn’t matter anymore. Cash less tills
  12. Will be interesting to see what Bruce thinks of him. I think he will want him out and to bring his own people in. I don't know if he has the potential to come good, but what i do know is he cost us a goal in pretty much every game he played for us and his basic grasp of defending was terrible. He can ping 60 yard pin point passes though!
  13. Do you think the Norwich fans appreciate Delia’s cóck and bàlls?
  14. Don’t be silly, how can you get better than the best?
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