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  1. Sticky belly


    Agree. A top manager can make all the difference. The manager in a championship team in my opinion can literally be the difference between relegation and promotion. All teams in this league have average players. But if they are galvanised, would die for each other and believe in the managers philosophy and are happy then you can get promotion, Leeds are the perfect example of this unfortunately.
  2. Sticky belly

    'The Deal' - start to my holiday book

    Looks more like a Shredded Wheat to me
  3. Sticky belly

    Hooper and Lee

    Back in a Fortnight
  4. Agree chaps. In football it’s quite often not what you know but who you know.
  5. Sticky belly


    I’m hearing Pork and smelling it too
  6. Sticky belly

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    Funniest thing ive read in ages, you are a true wordsmith sir. “Licks his mates nut custard out of an unconscious birds chuff”
  7. Sticky belly

    Alexander Milosevic

    52 pace on FIFA
  8. Sticky belly

    Official - Today's Line Up

    Just hope we have some room to sort out a couple of full backs in January. Palmer and Fox really pleased Westwood is back in though.
  9. Agree completely. It’s like a takeover with reservations. He’s taken over and absolutely fleeced the fans to stupid levels, taken 3 and 5 year season ticket money and still come up short. loads of reports now that he’s not playing certain players because of loyalty/appearance bonus’ etc. If you are loaded then you really aren’t bothered about these kind of things. It doesn’t add up to me either. I think he’s run out of money now. If so and he needs to sell us then he’s gonna take a massive hit on his investment with the way he’s been chucking money around on shi ite.
  10. Sticky belly

    Definitely not playing for Jos

    Let's remind ourselves our manager had NEVER seen a single championship match before he was appointed here. He was also ready to retire. It was never going to work was it. Another master stroke from Chansiri.
  11. Sticky belly

    Audio of what Jos said

    Loss Luhukay
  12. Sticky belly


    Who’s gonna neg that. Most people would completely agree with you. He’s the biggest problem in our club for me.
  13. Sticky belly

    Sky Sports whispers

    I'd take any of those players on there, any of em
  14. Sticky belly

    Who Is to Blame?

    Funny that, Chansiri has just been on and done the same
  15. Sticky belly

    If I was SWFC manager.

    This guy is wasted on football manager. You know what to do DC!