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  1. Sticky belly

    Forestieri goal v Lincoln

    Agree from the front. From the back not so much, it looks like an Everton kit or something. More stripes needed.
  2. Sticky belly

    Wing Backs

    Lol exactly my thoughts from last season. However people at the Lincoln game said he looked fit and athletic and was getting up and down. I watched the highlights of the game and I have to agree from the bits I saw he looked a different player physically to the one we saw last year.....
  3. Sticky belly

    Wing Backs

    Exactly my thoughts. Reach can do a job as a wing back. He’s good going forward and his delivery is generally good, against weaker teams when you are not tested defensively it totally works. However it’s not the answer because he doesn’t have the defensive work rate to get back and see things as natural defender would and he tackles like a boy Scout.
  4. I will have some of what you’ve been smoking mate. We don’t have any better keepers. We have 2 promising young keepers. Westwood is on a different level to them and one of the best keepers in the league. FFS.
  5. Sticky belly


    Sounds like my tax bill. Waiting until Jan 31st to pay mine though. HMRC can suck my plums.
  6. Sticky belly

    Clare tho!

    Sean Flair, my @rse
  7. Sticky belly

    Sean Clare

    Rick Flair more like. Wooooooooooooooooooo
  8. Sticky belly

    Sean Clare

    Well that's what i heard. My source is other owls talkers on here so it must be true!
  9. Sticky belly

    Sean Clare

    Ha ha, that sounds about right if he signs for them, after he said he wanted to go back down South...
  10. Sticky belly

    Sean Clare

    Yup, the longer this goes on the more clear it is that he doesn't want to sign for us. He's obviously waiting for a better more lucrative offer to come along. Maybe his mate can get him a 'dream' move to a 2nd division Belgian club...
  11. They will be wanting to get him for next to nothing. You don’t sell them useful players unless you have their pants down over the fee it’s that simple for me. Ask for double his market value or tell them to foook right off.
  12. Sticky belly

    Jack Hunt statistics

    Yeah those stats don't lie. All top teams have fast and strong running full backs these days with some quality like that Fredericks at Fulham. Even though Hunt was clearly not up to the level of those players above, i'm still worried about losing him. Palmer just isn't good enough for me. Just hope just has his eye on a replacement and is able to bring someone in......
  13. Sticky belly

    #SWFC unveil brand new away kit!

    I agree. Much better than last season’s for sure.
  14. Sticky belly

    Super fit #SWFC players

    My thoughts exactly. Never seen a player run about as little during a game. Top drawer touch and finishing in and around the box though. If he was a better runner and had better fitness then he would be a premier league player, there's no doubt about that. Look at Joey leading the way. I' so glad we have brought him in, seems to have the right attitude and happy to work his socks off for the cause and hopefully he will encourage the other lads to get in shape. And that for me is what a professional athlete should look like. These guys train every day and eat the right things, there is just no excuse for me for a player to look physically out of shape, spotted both Reach and Wallace last season with little pot bellies. Pelupussy would not be impressed by that
  15. Sticky belly

    Hopefully not

    Good point. If he brings someone else in then i'm happy and i trust his judgement. If he doesn't then i'm worried because Palmer imho is not good enough and it's asking a lot of Baker to step up. This position is vital, where you need a mix of pace and stamina, be capable of putting a good cross in and be strong defensively. Hunt didn't tick all those boxes but he was the best we had at the club in this position, not much doubt about that.