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  1. Got to be McLaren and Pulis in a ‘dream’ managerial tag team for me
  2. Real test of Ashley’s resolve this. Bruce clearly wasn’t his first choice manager, and I’m pretty sure he was banking on getting Bruce on the cheap. Crunch time for the fatbastard, pay up or fùck off!
  3. It’s says Bruce wasn’t his first choice and he wanted him as a cheap short term replacement until he hopefully sells out to someone else. Cannot see Ashley paying anything like 5 million for Bruce, no chance.
  4. I can see Ashley refusing to pay the compensation, getting tired of dealing with DC and then going after someone else, Bruce meanwhile in a very awkward position clearly wanting the job and to leave but having to come back with his tail between his legs and the fans now against him. Could only happen at Wednesday!
  5. No I’m making the point that people are saying they don’t want Hughton because of his style of football. Don’t get me wrong Bruce came in and got us out of a hole, I was just pointing out that it wasn’t exactly champagne football under Bruce was it?
  6. Yeah I don’t recall them been overly defensive or boring in the championship anyway. One thing I would say about Bruce though is I thought we looked very limited attacking wise under him in quite a few games last year, I’m not sure Bruce is what you would call an attacking manager. I know he was trying to stabilise things defensively and didn’t have his own players etc which are valid points, but it wasn’t exactly edge of the seat, swashbuckling football every week was it?
  7. He's gone chaps. Just hope DC doesn't balls it up with his replacement and we get some decent compo....
  8. Couldn't agree more i cannot see Ashley paying big compensation money. I see this is a 'safe pair of hands' appointment from Ashley until he eventually sells up and new owners come in. He won't be wanting to spend big here which is probably why he went for Big Sam initially....
  9. It's been emotional, here's to the next 3 years. FFP tastic
  10. Hughton? would he be interested, probably the best out of work, 'realistic' manager we could get?
  11. All good points but wishful thinking for me. Newcastle are his boyhood club and if they come in for him he will go.
  12. Personally I prefer the illegitimate streams
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