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  1. Sticky belly

    All the Dawson haters

  2. Sticky belly

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

  3. Sticky belly

    When is enough - enough?

    I’m seriously considering whether to renew next year. I take the lad (12) and I pay £600 On the kop for us both. Finding it a tad depressing at the moment and I’m finding myself trying to switch off from it all so I don’t get down about it. I’m looking for things to be positive about but while DC remains in charge I have lost all hope that we can improve as a club and move forward. Plus all the midweek games are now on TV with the red button coverage etc....
  4. Sticky belly

    Press conference live now

    hmmmm, the more i watch these press conferences the more worried i become about our club. I cannot accept that the likes of Westwood, Hutchinson and even Jones and Boyd are not good enough to be even on the bench when we have a massively lightweight squad with kids all over the place, many of whom are not ready for this level of football. Just trying to make sense of all this but i'm struggling bit time. Also in the QPR and Birmingham games Jos is pointing to the fact we have near 70% possession. I'm not having that at all anymore. Most of the possession is at the back and the play is slow and methodical and at time's depressing. The game has moved on it's about quick transitions from back to front, pace, counter attacking etc. Look at the premier league, Man utd play slow and play possession, look how terrible they look these days when you compare them to the like of Man City and Liverpool who play quick and brave attacking football. Even Derby were doing it the other night against Chelsea. I then watch Wednesday and it is slow and predictable mostly and we look devoid of idea's in the final third....
  5. Sticky belly

    If the Chairman agreed.

    I honestly cannot see how we can move forward as a club with DC in charge. For me he’s deluded. Some of things he’s done with the £99 shirts and outrageous membership prices beggars belief. The ticket prices and in particular the potg prices are alienating future fans and this will be a problem for us long term as next generation fans will watch other local teams instead. Also I don’t think any manager worth their salt will want to work for DC. So we are left with obscure foreigners or people that are just greatful to have a managers job as our next potential management targets. There are a lot of things wrong with our football club at present but for me the biggest problem sits right at the top of the pyramid of power.......
  6. Sticky belly

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    We are seriously in the poo . dont know what the answer is. Too many ageing/unfit players on big money that don’t care. Too many bang average players and too many league 1 level players. Terrible full backs and a keeper that isn’t ready to play at this level yet etc etc Not convinced by Jos but feel it’s harsh to solely blame him for this mess. An owner who lets face it is deranged. Thinking we have a chance of promotion and selling £99 shirts and massively overpriced tickets and memberships. Even if Jos goes which decent manager is going to want to work for DC? oh and we can’t spend anything for a couple of years either. It’s all about trying to stay in this league now for me sadly.
  7. Sticky belly

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    Seriously worrying this. Any team that loses to QPR by 3 goals is in serious trouble imho.
  8. Sticky belly

    Observations on QPR

    Correct, but what makes this loss harder to take is that so are QPR, they are a very average side and any team with promotion aspirations surely beats them..... Very depressing that.
  9. Sticky belly

    We've got Carlton Palmer ....

    Yep, he was massively underrated and didn't get the credit he deserved because of how ungainly he looked on the field. His work rate was astonishing though and his non stop running and stamina levels were priceless for us. Some fans unfortunately do not see this work off the ball and it can sometime's go unnoticed. It's a shame he isn't playing now where they measure all the stats, interceptions, tackles, sprints etc. Just looking at those clips i cannot believe how slow the football was back then. It's looks more like a testimonial match when you compare it to today's 100mph football. Anyone remember his headed goal from outside the box (Everton away was it?)
  10. I actually look younger now then i did then. @Benjaminbutton
  11. Sticky belly

    Time to turn up

    Do you get a discount because you live in Mexborough?
  12. Sticky belly

    Rub It In, Jos!

    Massive Lol. Absolutely love this image. I just keep watching it and laughing. Never gets tired
  13. Indeed. On the Sky app it shows Pudil playing as the left sided attacking midfield position that Reach or Joao plays. Edit: Pudil now playing right wing back
  14. FF will be sold then as we won't be anywhere near the promotion places in January sadly.
  15. Sticky belly

    Playing Wednesdays and Saturdays

    I mean based on the teams that play Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Whether you play Wednesday or Tuesday you are always going to have one day more or less recovery time to the teams that play on the other day so it all works itself out imho.