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  1. Bloody 'ell - what's got into you Did he mis-spell your name when he signed your programme?
  2. Mate I asked you who you thought set a better example than him and you spat your dummy out
  3. 422: "This is a completely pointless debate and waste of everyone's time" also 422: "I'd love to continue contributing to this completely pointless debate"
  4. You're not wrong I'm just not sure how anyone can point out BB before anyone else involved with this club
  5. Couldn't agree more Gives more to Sheffield Wednesday than anyone else in these dire times
  6. Can you think of a player that gives more to each game than him?
  7. Not sure how you don't understand the question Who's the model player in that team when it comes to passion and commitment?
  8. Sorry, my comment wasn't directed towards you, I was agreeing with your point
  9. Aren't you adorable Have you forgotten all about that lovely day out you had a few years ago?
  10. Doesn't take much to be the best player in our squad, but Bannan shines and has since he arrived Best player by a mile and if you can't see that then there's no hope for you in this world
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