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  1. I think if you speak to anyone who works for SWFC they will tell you how thinks have changed since Mr C took over (not in a good way)
  2. Waddle333


    Absolute joke the catering on the Kop, it’s a shambles at the moment our club top to bottom!!
  3. Waddle333

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    100% Out ! The man has money but no clue about football or running a football club.
  4. You can’t really blame the young kids working on the bars, my daughter worked there for 3 games earlier this season no training at all she had never pulled a pint before. There are also a lot of 16/17 year olds serving beer, I think the problem is the people who run the catering.
  5. Waddle333


    Ordered a Bovril on the south stand on Saturday and it staff member couldn’t find the Bovril another staff member joined him finally finding it and then served person behind me. Absolutely cashless/clueless
  6. Waddle333


    hope she can sort something out now yes man Palmer has gone.
  7. I know someone on the maintenance team at the club and he says it’s a nightmare working there now, Chairman has to make every decision and lots of companies won’t deal with Wednesday anymore due to late payments and payment terms
  8. Absolutely not, people need to remember he didn’t buy us because he loved SWFC he bought us as an investment and if you break it down he doesn’t seemed to know what he is doing. I’m no business man and my father isn’t a multi millionaire but come on we are becoming a laughingstock and rightly so.
  9. Waddle333

    Lee Johnson

    Please god no, yes he's having a decent start to season but that's it, would be a knee jerk reaction and a shocking appointment.
  10. The problems we have at present at our club is we have no true football people there anymore. We had Milan and Aldridge 100% football people with experience in most sectors, we now have Mr Chanseri (so grateful for the investment) but no knowledge of the football world then we have Joe Palmer again no experience in English football. Our commercial department must be one of the worst in all the leagues. Only club not to have new kit on sale and it's almost October. These problems are now entering the pitch and I do fear with no one to really steer us back on course that this season might end up been a disaster. As a Wednesday fan I for one am so grateful for Mr Chanseri and his investment but please let's get some people in who understand football and not just yes men.
  11. Waddle333

    Brian Laws

    I agree with a Roy Keane type manager, must have a very good footballing No 2 helping out ie a Stuart Grey type.
  12. 1-1 tonight, melt down tomorrow then beat scum on Sunday and everything ok again until after international break
  13. Waddle333

    Chansiri won't sack Carlos

    100% Carlos is the best we have had in recent years and who's available that is better right now ?
  14. Best post to come out of Sunday so far. Well said