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  1. I'm guessing because at the time people were championing Nuhui starting instead of him. Biggest facepalm ever that one.
  2. Teams like Liverppol and Man City are so much better than anyone else that there is no point in the Championship teams going full on to get through. The financial gain is dwarfed by the riches of getting promoted and players getting injured or clogging up an already long season isn't worth it. Its a shame, in a bygone era an FA Cup Saturday with a 3:00 kick off was the highlight of the season. Gazza doing his knee, Norman Whitesides bender(:o), Ian Rush and his camera goal. Ricky Villa. Since the inception of the money league there are very few(Gerrard v West Ham) cup "moments" that stick in your head like they used to.
  3. I would expect them to have at least one more. A team with 8(i think it was) changes going up against a decent premier league team, happy we didn't get mullered to be honest.
  4. You sure it wasn't Rob on iFollow that you were hearing. He loves getting his players mixed up.
  5. And don't forget stripes make you thinner
  6. I actually wanted to photoshop my head onto Reachs body, Ended up putting Reachs head on my body instead.
  7. Was me and I still believe he should have caught it. Was way too close to him to flap at. I think he was too put off by the players trying to get in close to the ball. Regardless of bad defending a keeper of Westwoods quality should be dealing with that.
  8. You would expect a certain amount of "not being a tvvat of a person" after stuff like that. He was shocking today.
  9. Parker knows Arter is being a tool. Ragged him there.
  10. You could, although the poss stat wasnt so skewed when we were having those chances. They turned the screw after 25 mins and got their reward.
  11. If it stays at 24 not 34 then we wont get a thing out of this game. You cant score without the ball.
  12. not going to get anything out of the game with 24% possession.
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