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  1. Especially when both Reach and Hucthinson(see other thread) rarely went past Harris or Murphy to create space. Iorfa was doing this regularly in the 1st half.
  2. We wasted at least 15 mins just lobbing the ball in at the start of the 2nd half. As soon as we started getting wide and doubling up we looked better. Not sure if thats the manager or the players.
  3. Better now, more wide play. Still 20 mins at least to play. Need to stretch them more, tire them out.
  4. 1 man advantage and we are lumping it in. No overlapping anymore, Hutch still playing like a midfielder instead of a right back.
  5. Never been a foul that. Need to get the wide players wide and stretch the play. Way too condensed at the moment, Bannan chipping it into the middle which is full of players.
  6. It taken iFollow 45 mins to sync the picture with the commentary xD
  7. Mistimed, wasn't as bad as Pearson is making out though.
  8. Not seen any of these so called "good singings" that people start threads about.
  9. If you cherry picked a few our posts in the predictions thread then we would look like full weighters as well.
  10. My potty humour wants to edit in a "master" into that team...
  11. Yeah, I was going to say he may put Fox in for more aerial presence but hes shorter than Palmer xD Round pegs in round holes tonight. Same frontline as Saturday with Bannan or Luongo(if BB isn't fit) in for Reach and Westwood for Dawson.
  12. Unknown quantity as a Manager. Cautiously optimistic but sneaking a play off spot would be nice.
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