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  1. Whats James Quinn up to these days
  2. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    I always thought he was a better CB than midfielder. Maybe that would put less stress on his bod but who knows. Id much prefer him there anyway if hes fitness picks up again to last seasons levels.
  3. Nuhiu’s market value

    A cynic would say that this is reason his form has improved.
  4. Predict the 2017/18 Table

    Nearly spot on. 9th though, he was obviously not pessimistic enough.
  5. 42pts. Can't see us getting another win playing as we are currently but should be ok for a few draws. Not being able to keep the goals out and hardly scoring isn't a good mix. Maybe Reading at home. If we get a few 1st teamers back then we could pick up a few more wins. Said last week that I didnt think we'd go down but only due to the other teams being just as bad as we are.
  6. watch out, the party pooper's here... ...
  7. then he'll miss and put it in the back door
  8. Clare probably needs a match off. He was awful as were most on Saturday. Nothing against him taking the youngsters out every few matches.
  9. jones and butters in midfield at the same time. Someone shoot me.
  10. Don't tell em tho. It'll go to their heads.
  11. Bobby Reid

    Lookman went for around 8m + addons. Can't see anyone paying 20m for Reid yet. Its a lot of money for a Championship player when most Premier League teams will just look abroad for better value. Depending on how the home grown rule gets enforced/changed/ stays the same that could all change.
  12. Bobby Reid

    Cheer up Peter Reid. One of my favourite footie songs.
  13. IFollow

    https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD826AM/A/lightning-digital-av-adapter Something like that if you want to do it that way.
  14. Luhukay ready to walk?

    He does have a lot of personnel problems but its more the way the team are playing or being set up to play that gets my back up. Added to that is the abysmal application at the moment barring one or two 45 minute spurts and this is a problem that wont change much regardless of who is playing. I personally think the gap is to big and there are too many teams below us for us to go down. Still 9 pts needed to stay up according to Ryans graphs. Perfect shizzle storm i'm afraid, leaves us with a massive close season full of important decisions.
  15. finally pressing them more when they have the ball. I even saw a few sprinting but it may have been an iFollow glitch.