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  1. Be nice to see something positive in the papers about us. Seems like everyone is out to have a dig at us at the moment. On a plus side, we are getting positives on the pitch where it matters.
  2. Its nice to see someone trying to run in behind. Gave them something else to think about and opened up some space for the others. Also meant we had at least two in the box for a change. Nuhiu seems to spend most of his time on the wing or outside the box.
  3. One of my pet hates of the iFollow system.
  4. There was and always will be idiots amongst us. Way of life unfortunately.
  5. Had to google why he wasnt on anymore... grunter.
  6. Offensive white facing there...
  7. Need a thatch watch. Bannans coming on better than Fletchers to be fair.
  8. Its strange that all of them are making bad decisions in the final third.
  9. Bannan and Hutch are holding hands with Iorfa and Lees again. Means we can only attack from out wide as we have nothing in the middle and that makes us pretty one dimensional.
  10. im sure the commentator said he was already at 50 in the first half.
  11. Where the hell is Odubajo playing, Left Back, Centre Back.... wow, just wow.
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