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  1. Get Carlos back... then again Alan Irvine and Peter Shreeves are still up there so obviously stats are rubbish. Be interesting to see these stats as first 50% of games and then 2nd 50%, bet some of those PPG differences would be bonkers.
  2. GerOwl

    Who Is to Blame?

    Missing @theowlsman from that poll. Those LHTD's stopped and so did our form.
  3. GerOwl

    Westwood to Weeds

    Makes a re-appearance for the 1st team and drops an almighty clanger in his first game back, tis the Wednesday way.
  4. This fred will be full of cult members soon as well
  5. I'm fairly certain he has had better tools to do his job that the ones below him. Cue the tools jokes.
  6. An excuse for The Star to put the boot into Wednesday and sneakily wax lyrical about Uniteds financial nous.
  7. GerOwl


    We need both full/wing backs sorting. Not sure Penney is the answer for the Left side either. Slim pickings although we have quite a few players capable of playing in those positions. Terrible recruitment.
  8. 2 Goals will get you it but overall performance id go Joey. Itll be unpopular around here but I thought he played well today.
  9. GerOwl


    His first half, sans goal, was a typical Joao performance. Constantly giving the ball away trying to do too much, back heels etc. Happy that he scored two but his general contribution to the game needs to increase a lot. as an edit: Their striker was great, was impressed with how he worked the line and gave our "3" CBs problems all afternoon.
  10. GerOwl


    Thats because he'll start him next week and he will be absolute shizz again.
  11. GerOwl

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Could have and maybe should have lost that by 2 or 3. Decent point in the end against flippin Rovrum.
  12. GerOwl

    4-4-2 Solid

    Damn, was hoping no-one would notice :D
  13. GerOwl

    4-4-2 Solid

    4-4-2 and "solid" in the same breath. We haven't been that for a long time. I'd stick with a 3 at the back with two wingbacks. 3-4-1-2 more than 5-2-3. Joao, Fletcher, Matias Reach Penney, Pelepussy, Onomah, Palmer Pudil, Lees, Hector Dawson We "should" be way better attacking than defending with our squad. Might be a bit lightweight in the middle but there are enough bods in there to pack it a bit. Most of our problems come from the wings/our fullbacks so lets try to push on and get them tracking our wingbacks instead of the other way.