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  1. Maybe he was tapped up by the Tash before he left.
  2. Yep. I think he will do well in this league. I'm sure he'll disappear off to the middle east somewhere though. We are a fickle bunch of snobs when it comes to transfers though.
  3. That this is nearly 30 years ago.... need my pipe and slippers soon.
  4. To be fair practically no one has done any business yet. Seasons only just ended in quite a few countries and most players will be on their jollies for a few weeks.
  5. Or Fernandinho, Ndidi, Gueye, Wijnaldum, Neves, Jorginho, Matudi, Casemiro :shrug:
  6. Living in Germany I never realised that the place where Bielefeld is, is part of the region know as OWL. Hence the ad on the article below. German media are 100% sure hes joining us.
  7. This could be true depending on who we loan and from whom, but to claim that some of the frees aren't better than we already have is very debatable.
  8. Wasn't this the guy who had the supposed degenerative injury?
  9. Not signed anyone yet, no chance of getting promoted then!!
  10. He didn't look that out of shape to me :D
  11. At least DC has sorted out P&S for us, thanks Thailand.
  12. Surprised at this one. I like Lee but can't see him staying injury free, still Brucie knows best so I hope it works out. I was hoping we could loan someone with those qualities.
  13. Speaking of the advertising hoardings. Did anyone see the celebratory Thai King advert. Bit strange.
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