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  1. GerOwl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    One of my first away matches as a kid. Remember getting carried(feet not touching the floor style) down the away end when Carlton stuck that beauty away. Crapped myself though.
  2. That Premier League defence that lets as many goals in as we do but ours is rubbish. Go figure. Lad gives his all but is limited, cant knock him for that. If we have any decent aspirations he shouldn't be near the first team.
  3. GerOwl


    As with most stats, pinch of salt. He saved a shot on target on Sunday due to him not catching it in the first place. Hector went mental at him. I'm sure they hit the post after a similar event as well. Brilliant save from the one on one he had though. Started to come and catch the ball in the second half and looked a lot better. Our defence will also be shaky from crosses until he starts commanding his area. The match experience is vital for him and luckily his mistakes haven't cost us a goal. Westwood is still a better keeper and that can't be up for debate. My guess is there's something going on in the background that's not being said. Contract stuff etc. Boni for playing, clean sheets. Same goes for the other senior players that aren't getting a look in but are supposedly fit.
  4. GerOwl

    Bottom of the pile

    Most could do with some League 1/2 experience to be honest. Baker, Kirby and Preston to name a few, what about Borukov? Whats happened to him?
  5. Dawson - 5 - Pulled off a great save before our second goal but should have done way better with their second. Terrible with crosses, no command over his area, absolutely horrid punching ability. Lees - 6 - Not a ball player but did ok. Should have fouled their goalscorer(after Pelupessy failed to do it). Pudil - 6 - Decent again. Tries to play stupid balls in tight spaces which as a CB is a bit unreliable. Always falling down/diving or going down injured. Hector - 6 - Tried to instigate forward moves, lost the ball a few times but seemed decent. I like how he steps out of defence and runs with the ball. Lets the opposition get on his blind side too often. Fails to see them or is oblivious to the runs. Palmer - 6 - Decent performance from Palmer, gets a lot of stick here but is much better this season than he has been the last few years. Penney - 5 - Good cross for the goal, but apart from that suspect at the back and gave the ball away way too often. Needs to work on the defensive and positional side of his game. Pelupessy - 7 - Did the dirty work again so others could do the eye catching stuff. Should have fouled the guy running through but was solid. Onomah - 8 - Finally a midfielder that gets past the attackers. Tried running with the ball and running into the wide spaces. Created space for Reach to play. Also pretty handy defensively. Reach - 8 - Another good performance from Reach. Wonder goal again, but good on the ball. Tried to create stuff. Forestieri - 9 - My MoM. Never stopped pressuring the defenders and closing down. Showed the pace we have been lacking. No idea how he missed that sitter though. Nuhui - 6 - Up to holding the ball up for 5 secs for our second goal hi first half was awful. Couldn't hold or pass the ball. Improved in the second half. Too slow to play our pressing game up front, as highlighted by Forestieri's performance. Subs: Joao - 3 - Terrible, looked disinterested. Not a target man and I have no idea where this pace is that he supposedly has, looks about as fast as Chris Bart-Williams. If hes a saleable asset I'd try to get rid in Jan. Kirby - 3 - Had no time to do anything, but what he did went wrong. Not ready yet, which also showed at Sunderland in the cup. Looks very lightweight for first team football. Overall - Good performance. The defence was shielded brilliantly by the midfield for 83 mins until the subs came on. They changed the dynamic of the game. It was obvious WBA would press more for a goal and to put Kirby on was a head scratcher. As always its all opinions but this is mine. We seem to be getting better as he season goes on, hopefully that continues.
  6. Penny is another one where I cant figure out where he should be playing. Bit like Bale was at left back, slight liability position wise but great once he gets over the half way line. The winger role that he played against Leeds also wasn't his position though. He may do a Kieren Lee swap to CM eventually. Very good on the ball but may have been forced into left back from a young age due to being left footed.
  7. Bad subs from Jos to be fair. Got to look at himself here.
  8. iFollow strikes again... oh wait.
  9. GerOwl

    Forget promotion

    computer says no!
  10. GerOwl

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    The point is that there is no limit to these live games. The more consumer friendly Wednesday play the more games will get shown live. They don't advertise it as "see maybe 36 Wednesday games live", its the following. Thats the part I have a problem with, I mentioned this before but I believe Wolves were on Blackout ~20 times last season. Thats a massive amount. Its going to be interesting to see how it goes with Sky Sports. Will they try to get exclusivity of midweek red button coverage? @OWLERTON GHOST its definitely looking like going that way. The coverage hasn't been too bad this season if i'm being honest.
  11. GerOwl

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    iFollow users getting shafted again.
  12. GerOwl


    This happened loads last season. Missed about 12 games because of it.
  13. If Pudil plays CB in a flat back 4 we are going to struggle today. Spends most of his time diving and appealing for fouls. I think Hector will get the nod for that bit of Physical presence against Kodjia and Abraham. Still, I have got a feeling we could be in for a long afternoon.