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  1. GerOwl

    Palmer & VanAken

    We have accrued some many mediocre players over the last few years. Some are on their last legs, Pudil, Jones etc and some just aren't good enough for Championship football at the moment but may come good later, Baker, Thorniley and even Dawson. We are in for a battle to stay out of the bottom half or worse. Jos also has no idea where to play his players. Two games in Reach has been LWB and CM, Hutch RM and CB and no idea what Boyd has done to keep him out of the team at LWB. Palmer and JvA scapegoated for the first game and now its Pelupessy again and rightly so as they were all poor but as a collective the team defended poorly these first few games. We could have been 3 or 4 down in the first half yesterday and the same at Wigan last week. I do fear for us against any team the can pass and move, we could get a whooping.
  2. lucky there. Looked like a red.
  3. GerOwl


    Aye, terrible today. Not sure if its something to do with the commentary now being on the same stream. Dropped mine down to 540p(near full potato mode) and it seems to be better.
  4. Same as last week unfortunately. Tickles me that Pudil runs with the ball over the half way line then nearly falls over himself trying to kick it backwards to Hutch or Lees. Did it last week as well.
  5. for those interested. iFollow stats.
  6. We live in a world where Wednesday to Bristol City is a step up...
  7. GerOwl

    Heres summat radical

    Attendances in the 30 odd thousand would also make us more attractive to sponsors and would help DC sell us*tin foil hat on*.
  8. GerOwl

    I have a question of westwood

    Probably some truth in the Courtois situation I think. If he moves to Real, Chelsea buy Butland then Stoke need a goalie. Not sure Westwoods injury history the last few seasons will help us there though.
  9. if anyones not got ifollow etc, stats for first half.
  10. Find it strange that he's playing people in positions that they havent done in pre-season. Reach LWB, Hutch as a right midfielder/winger and a weird back 3 of which all of them look like a mistake waiting to happen. Palmer and Reach caught out for the goals, but really sloppy from the centre halfs and the supposed defensive midfielders who were nowhere to be seen when the ball dropped out on the edge of the box.
  11. Means that iFollow subscribers will get screwed again.
  12. Most of those didnt get promoted either did they? Too lazy to google it.
  13. GerOwl

    Almen Abdi

  14. Fit Fletch and Matias are like two new signings. Unfortunately the problems seem to lie at the back and not up front.