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  1. Monk out, bottom of the league 😉 Think we need a poll.
  2. err...ok. I hope Garner has not heard that 😄 You could be "the next" Robson, Keane, Scholes, Ince etc but no, Michael "flippin" Carrick.
  3. If its anything remotely negative about Monk then he can't.
  4. Must have missed that transfer. Kante in the midfield.
  5. As it is currently, squad and manager wise. Just for clarity, I hope i'm proven wrong and a few EFL miracles help us a long the way.
  6. This is getting slightly weird now Neil... how about you go afk and have a few sips of your favourite tipple.
  7. Unfortunately there is no way on earth we will cough up the required cash to buy or loan one of those. We will end up with a half fit Premier League reserve or an unproven young un.
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