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  1. Between you and me, I don't think he has a clue.
  2. After proclaiming that 3-5-2 is the way forward I don't think he'll change yet.
  3. He sets them up and takes training all week. Most of the blame is surely his.
  4. Whos he slide celebrating with xD Well done Jacob.
  5. I would neg the shizz out of some of this stuff. Please bring it back Neil, pretty please.
  6. I am no Monk fan and I certainly don't trust him to overhaul our squad. You would expect a decent manager to play his style or at least try to imprint his way of playing from the start and if you are suggesting that he's going change after being in the job for 3/4 of a season then more fool you. Most know how Pep, Klopp, Jose, Wilder, Warnock, Bruce, Bielsa etc are going to play when they take over a team, that is their style and the way they do things. Monk likes a target man and he likes "direct"(sic Hoofball) football.
  7. Under Monk we have rarely seen tippy tappy football. He regularly opts for hoofball/direct style. Improving dead ball deliveries should be a given, Da Cruz tends to put a good ball in, Bannan like Murphy should do but most of the time fails to.
  8. This is the new excuse and it isn't factually or statistically correct.
  9. May finally see a 1st half home goal at least 😄
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