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  1. Ill raise you an Adam Reach from a few months ago. No Christmas excuse here. Those six packs always look like a gut though
  2. Deserved to be dropped. Cammy has come in a done a great job.
  3. Think its brilliant that most put Rhodes, because of wages without actually knowing how much hes on FF, Westwood etc could be on the same or more, no one knows.
  4. Penney played 30 mins in a Friendly on Sunday. Should be fit for Fürth next week.
  5. 30m+ bid from Man Yoo for Bellingham. Thats madness for a 16 year old. One way to get around FFP though. It would be nice if we started producing/focusing on our intake and development of young players.
  6. As long as he doesn't take any corners :D
  7. Most of the loans are from other Premiership teams which are in turn dependant on those getting cover. Always seems to drag out even though I would hope the players we want were already picked out well before now. We are one of the only teams who play rigidly with 1 up top, most 1 up top formations have 2 wingers right up next to them to give them support when attacking or runners from centre midfield(Blackburn) and then drop into a 5 like system in midfield leaving 1 up when defending. Our wingers are always a country mile away from the striker, leaving him isolated. There was one time on Saturday just after their 1st goal when Reach, Murphy and Winnall were all close to each other and we nearly got through, awful Murphy shot at the end. You can see from Blackburns set up how its 4 attackers and ours looks like 1 and the rest are defending. I hope Monk will get the right sort of player in to tinker with his 1 up top as it wont work at home when we are forcing play. Giving away 70 percent possession is ok as an exception but not every week.
  8. Remember him pulling our centre backs all over the place a 3 or 4 seasons ago when he was playing for Rovrum. Looked powerful and direct, not sure how he has progressed over the last 4 years though.
  9. 16:18 'WICKHAM NEEDS FIRST-TEAM FOOTBALL' Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson is open to letting Connor Wickham go out on loan as the forward steps up his rehabilitation from long-term injury.
  10. It think it must be, otherwise something has gone properly awry
  11. 240 apps, 24 goals and 37 assists in the Championship doesn't equate to him being "not very good", especially at this level. Not advocating we sign him but i'm sure he could do a job for quite a few Championship/L1 sides. He is still way better than 12th division or whatever it is. We have arguably worse players than Ben10 turning out for us weekly. On a more serious note, I hope this massive drop down is nothing to do with mental issues or struggles of that ilk, looked like he was going to join Rotherham but pulled out of that deal.
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