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  1. No way we will pay 2m for him. Way too many injuries for that. Although we do have previous :D
  2. 3 1/2 years on 40k a week...
  3. Except for that fact that hes managing FC St Pauli... they must've been in awe of his CV.
  4. Always liked Fletcher from his time with Wolves and Sunderland. Way underappreciated by a lot of people on here. Leads the line, holds the ball up well and now started scoring goals as well. That said, he's just turned 32 so eventually a younger version with some resale value would be nice.
  5. Fletch for me, FF close behind. Slightly OT! This was in the match report on the Sky site, who writes this stuff though. Famous, didn't realise Norwich were Barcelona in disguise.
  6. For me the main point is that lack of organisation when Westwood isn't in goal. The defence seem to be all over the place, like in the first half an hour of last nights match. I don't think that's a coincidence.
  7. I think someone else will come in for him. One of the teams that are being relegated or a parachute payment one. Fulham would probably be a good call. London club etc. Not sure we can afford him to be fair.
  8. One of the few players who actually runs in behind but that said his passing is mostly terrible and dribbling past people isn't his forte either. I think we can get a better player from the lower leagues on a lesser wage with more dynamism and without biscuit limbs.
  9. One of those things is correct. Just seen the JoC post. ^^
  10. All those years of running up and down that slope.
  11. The injury conundrum is interesting. Obviously signing players that have already had long term injuries is a dangerous business which will bite you eventually. I'm not going to try to work out the percentage of injured players, who have never been injured, getting long term ones while playing with us, whilst also factoring in those who had "history" but I think it'd be surprising. Err.. does anyone understand that, i've read and changed it about 20 times and still can't figure it out *shrug*.
  12. David Lucas was pretty good when we had him as was Lee Grant. Hodge was the first goalie I saw live for Wednesday, that Coventry goal means he, like Woods isn't getting picked :D Not old enough to see a few of those and was never a massive fan of Pressman. I will go for Westwood as he's the only one I have "seen" that I feel comfortable having in goal and not worrying about costing us points.
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