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  1. So it’s clearly not Monk‘s decision then. I’m glad that’s been clarified.
  2. Forward thinking isn’t our owners obvious strongpoint. I’ve been against ‘Monk out’ as I genuinely believe we can’t attract anybody that will do any better.lBut there’ll come a point when it can’t get any worse. After Wednesday night a loss to Wycombe should be the end of Monks reign. But then what ? We still have an unbalanced squad with limited ability. No recognised left back, no recognised target man. A defence that often goes walkabout. The list goes on. Keep asking myself, how did the sane team that played so well at Birmingham, perform so abjectly in the 3 subsequent games
  3. Would be moaning... Where’ve you been since he left ?
  4. Seeing as we can’t get 4-5 points from those games, we’ve moved onto this thread.
  5. Reminds me of the last days of Dave Jones. The outcomes we’re entirely predictable, the football was woeful. Press conferences were just a loop of the previous week and post match interviews were sane poo different camera angle. UTO
  6. Yep, an ugly win, which will tell us nothing but keep Monk in his job.
  7. My favourite Wednesday keeper. I’ll never forget that double save away at Spurs in the late 80s. Spoke to him about on the only time o met him - he said he “enjoyed it too”.
  8. To say he is awful, for some reason in block capitals, says that you think the rest of the squad is awful. With the right players in front of him, making the right moves, he is an asset. Right now he is carrying the midfield, he shouldn’t have to be. Blame the owner and manager for that, not one of our best players.
  9. Spot on. The same as last season, nobody seems to pressure the opposition and more significantly, anticipate where a ball could land - they look half a sleep and now too often don’t seem to play as a defensive unit.
  10. It’s probably easier to put your shovel down than keep digging. But a credible replacement hasn’t been mentioned yet. And by credible I mean a decent manager who is willing to come.
  11. Perhaps his gone to get the suit altered as opposed to cleaned ?
  12. Steve Evans has already taken his suit to the dry cleaners.
  13. Does it really take much to bamboozle our owner. If we are to be kind, he has proven himself to be very generous indeed.
  14. Who’s paying all of the wages whilst there are no fans coming in ? A couple of the signings attracted a fee - who paid the fees ?
  15. Things may well get worse, never mind Monk & Dawson. What if our owner decides to do a bit of asset stripping ? Not sure how he’d do it, but having heard on here about his penchant for moving money around, we could find ourselves with no ground..no further investment in the squad..still unable to attract the right calibre of manager.. Buckle up.
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