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  1. I don’t Chief, If you gave me 3 guesses, I’d say Clough...Charlton...Tommy Doc ? That era anyway.
  2. Imagine...a player who could control a ball, and then know what to do with it.. cue for an image of Paul Warhurst striding out of defence, or Brian Hornsby curling one into the bottom corner. Heady days.
  3. You didn’t though did you. You said the Rhodes “haters” must be feeling silly. And followed it up with a few more quips trying to get a bite. If you really want to celebrate then get off this thread and start one called celebrate. Unless you’d rather stay on this one and try winding people up. Bottom line is we won, Rhodes will get the headlines. Enjoy it while we can, we’re still in the bottom three and Rhodes record here is still way short of what it short be.
  4. You wait till he scores a goal to come out with that childish comment. Where have been for the past 4 years ? We’ve really missed your input.
  5. All of the above. All of the managers have seen it. The only consolation is that his contract expires at the end of this season.
  6. Even a kebab wagon will be run as a business.
  7. Yeah, but Jordan’s gonna come good, just need to play to his strengths
  8. I won’t. Its obvious that they are all way below the standard fans want and the club needs. I’ve not seen enough of the new recruits to put me in a position to write them off. I wrote your mate off at the beginning of last season and even the surprise hatrick at Forest, nothing has changed my mind. I freely admit to looking forward to when his contract runs out so it’s no longer an option. But some on here will still blame others for Rhodes frailties. The facts of his contribution whilst here won’t lie. Whilst he’s here, no harm in giving him a starting birth occasionally, but let’s not get our hopes up that he’ll deliver.
  9. That’s the thing tho mate. When he joined we had Hunt and Pudil who could cross a ball, Wallace and FF (in his less selfish times) weren’t bad at winging it in either. There’s no doubting the history, I even acknowledge the ability, but there’s something missing and it won’t re-ignite here. A strikers job is to score goals. We’ve paid £9m for one who won’t even take a penalty (allegedly).
  10. Go on then, I’ll play... There’s a gag here with the work crank in it.
  11. Don’t come on here with your facts and figures. It’s not Rhodes that is the problem.
  12. As usual, don’t answer the questions put to you,. Said it before, just as Rhodes is hopeless, you’re a wind up merchant.
  13. The Marriott that was at Derby 2 seasons ago is twice the player that Rhodes has been since he joined us. If he’s crap now I take your point. But Rhodes is hopeless and we all know it.
  14. And who employed those ‘crap’ managers? Come on Emily let’s see if you’ve been paying attention to what goes on the club you claim to support. And if you’re referring to his trip to Norwich, how many league games did he play when he was there ? How many league goals ? If Farke thought he could get the best out of Rhodes, why didn’t he come and get him this season ? As for Norwich being top of the table, and therefore comparing them to as a club to us....hmm
  15. And what is the common denominator? They didn’t pick Rhodes.
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