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  1. When cricket was cricket. Sir Viv is the best batsmen ever (IMhumbleO). Loved watching Malcolm Marshall steaming and the effortless Michael Holding aswell. Good job they had pit helmets back then.
  2. We could probably say that about most Windies matches.
  3. I think he will break the team up. Sounds like he's here for the long haul.
  4. There's no reason to think he won't bring in better. And Joao and FF are to stay, I'm not sure SB would be able to improve them - would they buy into him or just remain enigmas.
  5. Irrespective of the reliability of the article, it strikes me as the kind of decision that needs to be made. No player is bigger than the club and all three fit the bill of "bags of ability, but too inconsistent". We've hung on to all three but not one of them has scored more than 20 goals in a single season. FF & Joao have had great moments for us in front of goal, but they drive us all mad. Rhodes is just a disastrous signing. Even before his hairdryer moments, Ferguson was prepared to let crowd favourites go. I suspect Bruce has learnt a bundle from that. If the aim is promotion, we need players who are going to perform consistently and avoid lengthy spells on the treatment slab.
  6. Yeah post want you want pal. Free country and all that.
  7. I now know how a teacher feels trying to educate a child who doesn't listen and goes off at tangents. Just like I didn't say Lampard is a failure, I dont and won't compare us to Derby. Thankyou for confirming my point about the phone box.
  8. Who said Lampard was a failure ? And as you were commenting on my post, then it's all relevant. But thanks for ducking it. Now, go sleep it off,
  9. I also referred to more than one season. You neglected to challenge that. I also referred to their last season in the premiership, something you don't seem to keen to mention. A record low points tally and relegated before we'd got to spring. Last season they were rebranded Frank Lampard's Derby, a great manager in the making, and he had some talent in that squad, some of it has gone back to where it came from. And yet they are still in the championship. And judging by your last comment, I suspect you're the kind of person who takes mirrors into phone boxes, long before last orders has been called.
  10. So in your eyes failure is success. If memory serves their defence didn't hold its nerve in the play off final. But don't worry, we won't take your comfort blanket away.
  11. Like most seasons, they were up there from the start. Getting to the play offs is all well and good. But they are the championship. I can't wait for your next version of success, with the obligatory emoji of course.
  12. Who says we've only got 4m to spend. Who, let's hear it ?
  13. At this level he is more than comfortable on the ball than most. Unfortunately, too many of us remember a guy call Warhurst and are looking for a replica. Emerson Thome always had a mistake in him. But we loved him anyway. For everything these type of players bring, there's an odd, costly mistake. We could stick with Lees and Thornley as first choice, but they'd need a lot of protection and we'd end up playing the long ball too often. Go get Hector.
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