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  1. Sergeant Tibbs

    Our fault again

    Is it equally challenging for players to look at their wage slips ? Perhaps if they did this now and again, they'd understand our pain.
  2. Sergeant Tibbs

    Our fault again

    That's marriage for you.
  3. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    Before the days of booking online I've seen supporters queuing up at 4 in the morning for cup tickets. Cup tickets away at Bradford. I was there too, I was one of the idiots who revelled in taking their shirt off on a cold January night at Derby a few years ago and a month later set off to Swindon at 5 O'clock on a Tuesday night, to get there for the last 20 minutes. I'm certainly older now and a bit wiser, but as Bill Shankly hinted, to some people this game we follow is very important. A religion, their main focus of the week / month / year / life. Is that being overly romantic ?
  4. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    Not me pal. I liked Stuart Gray, the group played for him. I've always seen us as a humble, good natured bunch of supporters, who took the rough with the smooth. No real delusions of grandeur, able to laugh at ourselves before idanybody else did. No self entitlement, just the belief that the club would do their best for the fans.
  5. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    Being optimistic is in our DNA. But that's gone aswell. In short, there is nothing positive about being an Owl these days.
  6. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    And that's why it is the worst. Because it was avoidable. The master of his own downfall. We were entertained and looked forward. Rightly our expectations raised, and now to see what we've become makes it the worst time.
  7. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    The sad point in this I wouldn't want one at my own club whilst it's being run like this. I've never really had a problem with high prices because it's my own team. Because if my young lad wants to go, I'm a soft touch. But when I stop trusting the heirarchy, I'm done.
  8. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    Agreed. But you've just given the marketing team their justification. A well run machine would add clauses into season ticket sales that future sales would reflect what was being offered on the pitch. But not us. I won't be buying.
  9. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    I just hope you're as comfortably numb as I am.
  10. Sergeant Tibbs

    Has there ever ?

    Has there ever been a time when the club has been so disconnected with the core fan base. We've got a manager telling us to face reality, at the same time the club are trying to sell 1/2 season tickets in the north for £325 Laughable or just downright disrespectful ? 325 quid !
  11. Sergeant Tibbs

    Club response required

    Most of us don't want to wait until we have been relegated.
  12. Is it just a rumour he is one game away from a big pay day. On another note (because it gives me a chance to slag that fkin useless manager off), it is surely time for Cammy to have week or two off. Wildsmith must be wondering what he did wrong. Unless it's down to poor management.
  13. Jones and Boyd will end up at one of those historic Manchester clubs, Oldham / Bury / Rochdale.. Westwood will get better offers. You'll likely see Abdi in John Lewis, as a lift operator. Don't want to overstretch him.
  14. Sergeant Tibbs

    Sitting on his backside all game....

    Agreed on all points, but we're beyond being in serious trouble. Unless there is a miracle master plan than resolves FFP issues, that brings in a proven football manager, that allows us to retain 2 or 2 key players, this is as good as it's going to get. Every weekend I just expect us to lose, and apparently we deserved to yesterday.
  15. Sergeant Tibbs

    Bannan at full time

    Shame we can't lure Nigel Pearson.