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  1. Sergeant Tibbs

    Joao get him off

    Looks like he's a moody character. Clearly didn't fancy it last night, embarrassing. For too long now we've been saying he needs to grow up. Winnall can't come back soon enough for me.
  2. Sergeant Tibbs


    Agreed, if we ended up with someone like Terry in our tanks, I'd feel we've finally sold out. But it's time we stopped being so acceptive of the bum cards we keep getting dealt. It's also about being clever - look at the way Ronaldo affected Rooney's red card in the World Cup. No need to cheat or dive, just wise up.
  3. Sergeant Tibbs


    That decision at the end was a cop out. Just to end the game. There was clear push on one of players before he blew his whistle. But again, there'll be no sanction for his incompetence. Great talking points for the pundits and neutrals. Sticks in the throat though if you're on the receiving end.
  4. Sergeant Tibbs


    Speaking from experience, it is a difficult job. Look at the spectrum - FFs yellow at Hull a couple of years ago, and that forearm smash last night. Kent Walton would have been purring about that one. Pulis will no doubt congratulate his man and instruct him for more of same all day long, even if he gets caught. Win at all costs I'm afraid Sir. If funding is an issue for VAR, then we need to be going back to the sponsors for more money. Skybet make enough from football to actually put something back in that actually adds value.
  5. Sergeant Tibbs

    How is this even possible?

    Or if he's gonna play his club captain, train him properly....
  6. Sergeant Tibbs

    How is this even possible?

    It wasn't an isolated incident. Every time he had the ball at his feet, it was touching cloth time. If I can see it, so can JL. And he must be able to see it in training.
  7. Sergeant Tibbs

    How is this even possible?

    It's all well and good trying to implement something new, but it's been obvious for 18 months that Lees cannot play out from the back. It cannot do anything for his confidence, or for those around him. Whilst they were ugly to watch, Boro defenders wouldn't have got themselves in that position. And that's down to management.
  8. Sergeant Tibbs


    Your right, average height was about 6'2 accross the back. Where's the Nuhiu emoji when I need it.
  9. Sergeant Tibbs

    How is this even possible?

    Lukuhay is responsible. He is asking things of players who are not yet capable.
  10. Sergeant Tibbs

    Did you rate Boro?

    I reckon they'll go up with WBA. Horrible to watch. Sour grapes, but truly horrible.
  11. Sergeant Tibbs

    penney may be off

    Promotion here ?
  12. Sergeant Tibbs

    Middlesbrough were just stronger than us

    We showed exactly what we are. A work in progress, limited going forward , scared in possession. Right back is still clearly a problem area. No real width or pace. A mid table side. I'll get behind JL, purely cos he's here to stay, but not on performances. Pulis worked us out before a ball was kicked. The manager carries the can for that performance.
  13. Sergeant Tibbs

    Fernando injured

    Just because we've had the best of him it doesn't mean he's not a saleable assett. Can players only be sold when they're at their peak ? Have a go on EBay, you'll be amazed what you can get.
  14. Sergeant Tibbs

    Fernando injured

    However good he is, he's no good if he's not playing. I think he's had 4 suspensions since joining us. Seems injury prone these days. Has his worth but we've had the best of him. Then there was the No show a couple of seasons back. If he's on 30k+ a week, and we want to keep Penney, I'm sure FF could be seen as surplus to requirements.