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  1. Sergeant Tibbs

    Hutch leaving?

    Mr Kipling's battenburg or that cheap version from Tesco ?
  2. Sergeant Tibbs

    Hutch leaving?

    Managers not leaving tho is he.
  3. Sergeant Tibbs

    Hutch leaving?

    Think you've missed the point, mate. If you need me to explain, get back to me.
  4. Sergeant Tibbs

    Hutch leaving?

    A lot of my team are unhappy in their role. They moan about the workload, pay and management structure. Teams don't tend to leave en masse, it's usually the manager that goes. Work it out fella.
  5. Sergeant Tibbs

    Hutch leaving?

    Do you believe everything you hear ?
  6. Sergeant Tibbs

    If hooper and fletcher are not goin to be fit..

    And he won't have time off for court appearances.
  7. Sergeant Tibbs


    A couple of goals he scored in his first season were lucky. The wonder goal (great skill to get in position and turn the defender inside out) came of his shin. Then a deflection v Boro. Let's have rid.
  8. Sergeant Tibbs

    best priced 30-1 to win the league

    We're longshots. So were Cardiff last season. Huddersfield the season before. One team will be a surprise package. We won't have the same injury crisis, but defensively we don't have the players / nouse to keep teams out week in week out. Top ten, anything else is a plus.
  9. Sergeant Tibbs

    best priced 30-1 to win the league

    A week before the season started last year Wolves were 7/4 favs.
  10. Not sure why a thread about managers views is automatically turned into a negative.
  11. Sergeant Tibbs


    How can a Rovrum fan wind anyone up ?
  12. Sergeant Tibbs

    Team vs Lincoln

    Agreed,unless its a completely different scenario, they came out publicly when it was that obvious Villa had to rebalance the books.
  13. Sergeant Tibbs

    Rhodes fails to score on debut

    Considering his performance over the last 2 years and that this was a preseason friendly in a team he isn't familiar with, this isn't a surprise. Using it as a thread to pull him down again, after he's gone, also isn't a surprise. Time to move on.
  14. Boringly I've said before, sometimes you just have to cut your losses. Whoever gets the blame, we've got to get on with it. I'm sure JL will have a plan, better luck with injuries this season will see us top 8 at least. I'm certainly not worried about Norwich as competition.