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  1. Don’t come on threads with facts, it’s only opinions that matter.
  2. He was, on too many occasions. Which made no sense, as in many big games he was disciplined. Had he consistently shown that discipline, he would have been the real deal for us.
  3. Exactly, he’s inconsistent. Don’t need that.
  4. Last time I saw Hutchinson was away at Charlton about a years ago. Against arguably the worst team (full of kids due to injuries and on a long losing run) in the division, he got booked, committed a few more fouls and then subbed. Its not how I want to remember him, but the fact is the Hutch that fans yearn for is long gone.
  5. This is a local forum, for local people, there’s nothing for you here !
  6. As a squad, we lack talent. We miss numerous players because they were technically better than most of what is here now. Bit we’ve had a clear out - what a lot on here we’re crying out for - for good reason. It’s time we started to look forward.
  7. Should’ve been 3 up at halftime, ended up hanging on. Apart from the goal the only thing of note was how slow Taylor-Fletcher was when he came on.
  8. If you listened to FH you’d know it’s JAY-OH. Two syllables.
  9. No worries. I can’t fully remember what happened with a Rhodes when Bullen first had a go at caretaker manager. I do recall standing on the away end at Brunton Park in a third round FA cup tie thinking it was gonna be along winter with Joao and Nuhiu up front. 2 years on and we’re worse off !
  10. We might be taking about a different player. Are you saying under Bullen, Rhodes played every minute. 1st home game last season ? Who came on as sub for Fletcher. He may have played more games than some others under Carlos, but not when all strikers were fully fit.
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