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  1. So in these strangest of times you’re wasting energy slating someone for the sake of it. Well done.
  2. I’m sure there was a comment I’m here somewhere referring to him being an idiot. Pots and kettles sprang to mind.
  3. Dave Grant No nonsense left back from our div 3 promotion season. Got stuck in and loved to go forward. What he lacked in skill he made up for with attitude and effort.
  4. Happy birthday mate, you’ll never have another present like that one.
  5. Sat in the John Street, remember v little of the game apart from the goals. My favourite ever Wednesday goal, closely followed by Hirst’s toe poke into the same corner. I think it meant more to me then due to being just 12 years old, I just lived for 3pm on a Saturday. For his contribution in that season TC will always be in my all-time Wednesday 11.
  6. Anyone from three Lyons Mullen Pearson In short, some one who would drag this lot by their balls to where they should be.
  7. Highly. Can’t praise him enough, we’ve not had many like him in my lifetime.
  8. This was a great side, always fun to watch. Well managed, all players knew their role As I remember it, Shelton regularly scored the Important goals.
  9. Richards, in the end turned out to be a very small minded man. Add to which, as soon the chips were down, he effed off to feather his own next. Clearly wasn’t up for a battle.
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