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  1. Fernando Forestieri

    Totally get that. But the days of loyalty are long gone. I'd be in favour of selling him on if the money was reinvested in the squad. Would be a sickener to see him at another club in this league, playing well while we continue to stutter.
  2. So do we all agree..

    Yeah that's me.
  3. Have we seen the last of Almen Abdi

    Wouldn't surprise me if where Matthias goes his injury record improves beyond recognition. His sending off against Fulham last season summed him up. Petulant and selfish.
  4. Why is that such a big deal. Leeds are average, at best.
  5. Who could they realistically sell, without causing more discontentment on the terraces ?
  6. Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    It's subjective. Whatever he does at halftime is irrelevant, he was an integral part of a team that gave a lot of us a lot of pleasure, and he'd walk into this team. Cut the club some slack for trying to inject a bit of fun into half time. Let's face it, we need something to take our mind off the cuttent fayre.
  7. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    If you let me know which phone box you live in, I'll send you a medal.
  8. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    Bless your cotton socks. Now, back to your soap box, run along now.
  9. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    I admire tenacity, even some of yours.
  10. JOS OUT

    Are you wanting a quote for your South Wing now ?
  11. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    Have a look st the sending off v Watford. Its. It's not specifically xmas day. Did he stay S6 and penance, no he went home to Italy (his worlds, not mine). Your quotes, from his quotes, just vilify what most of us are saying, he believes he is bigger than his employers. His employers are the club he signs for. He shoved a ref over. He got banned, deservedly. Lest we forget his behaviour as a manager at Swindon or Sunderland. We don't need a soccer website to analyse that. Condemned again by those that employed him - why, because he was a law unto himself.
  12. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    What should they have done. How would you have managed it ?
  13. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    Engineered his own move. Engineered his way out of Celtic. Liked to go home at Xmas, had a propensity to sent off in the festive period. Bags of talent, morally bankrupt.
  14. Netflix prem league legends - Paolo Di Canio

    What was Wilsons role in this ?
  15. A Tale Of Two Managers

    Somebody tell him.