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  1. Looks like they'll have to change their game plan this season then.
  2. I worked with a woman from Ponty called Darnell. I thought it were a blokes name. She didn't care for it much. The end.
  3. I also wondered what happened to Angus Loughran - I know he did a commentary stint on the Chinese league, but never thought he'd end up on here.
  4. Ah, the much maligned 3 legged beast. Will make a lot of appearances on here, especially as we've also got Nuhiu and Rhodes as back up to Fletcher. Tha's why it's obvious that 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 is now our best option. And well done Bully for sticking with it.
  5. It's obvious some people don't remember who re-installed those alienated players.
  6. Aw bless. A pig A hater. You don't know how much you hurt me.
  7. Strange that the team he left were far more competive against yesterday's oppponents than the team he took over. I wonder if he refeledted on that on his way home. Or maybe he was more worried about his dog.
  8. WBA's signing of Charlie Austin will ensure their progress in this league. We have 3 strikers who aren't going to get 20 goals between them (even if they started every week), Nuhiu, Rhodes & Winnall are not the players to take us forward. When Fletcher came off last week the gulf in threat to the opposition was there for all to see.
  9. If Rhodes was on the pitch then it's safe to say FF offers more.
  10. I'm still having nightmares about that thread.
  11. Not sure if I (or most of us) need evidence, as I don't come on here and make these kind of predictions. Seems like I touched a nerve.
  12. There's a pattern here. Somebody posts a thread about being in the know, and everyone goes off on a tangent.
  13. Antibiotics usually do the trick, or the old wire wool brush. I think we've got one under the sink.
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