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  1. And nobody I work with understands who l'm talking about when I refer to "him with the Mick Miller haircut" The millenial work force, no fun at all.
  2. So I might not be the only one who thought The Comedians was the best thing in TV.
  3. I heard she said you get nothing in this game for two in a bed, Probably took advice from Mrs Tibbs.
  4. I reckon any wee wee tail ups Jim Bowen made were deliberate. Consumate professional. Now let's look at what you could've won.
  5. He stated...that the club. Must be Wilsons fault then. Was Wilson at fault when the same player got sent off for arguing with a linesman. He needed strong managent, I applaud the Swindon chairman who sacked him for punching a player. Less we forget his Nazi salutes to fans in Italy.
  6. You forget to mention the bitter taste he left at several clubs, player and manager.
  7. What did Wilson say that hung him out to dry. Bearing in mind, and not for the first time, Di Canios's behaviour was indefensible.
  8. Let yer self down there fella, I had you as the man in the know, especially in the stable / tuna industry.
  9. Don’t be too hard on yersen, nobdy’s taking it seriously.
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