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  1. Ooh, nowt worse than a chafed gusset (so I heard). The only tackle I get to use these days is of a Sunday morning when fishing close in. The wife says I'm using the wrong bait, as the old worm is a bit lifeless.
  2. If FFP wasn't an issue, he's one to keep. Young, willing worker, his injury record speaks for itself. Scores a few, creates a few and I suspect there's no baggage - no tantrums, does what the gaffer asks. Lightweight in the tackle - yes, but we were a different side at Leeds after he went off.
  3. He took me there courtesy of a friend of his a few times, I think it really wrankled him not getting membership to the club on his doorstep (Eckington born and bred). And i agree it's good that times have changed.
  4. I suspect 50 years. He tried to join just after I was born.
  5. Apparently, they were kept in the secretaries office, and only needed for specific occasions.
  6. Me thinks that's a different kind of forum ....or a late night Chanel 5 documentary.
  7. Lordy. I've not heard about the dreaded black ball for donkeys. Stopped Grandad getting in at Renishaw Golf Club...4 years running... whilst Uncle Judd went on to be captain. Took him a while to work it out.
  8. Sometimes, there's no pleasing people. If you spend enough time listening to these mood drains, you'd end up taking the butter knife to your wrists. As Brian Potter would say, "balls to 'em"
  9. Perhaps put a tail on it and call it weasel M'lud.
  10. The game at Elland Road changed when Reach went off, although no guarantee it changes the result but would have given us an outlet. He's identified that we need pace, having publicly announced that, Id be amazed if he doesn't act in it. I'm expecting a Neil Maupay type player leading the line next season.
  11. He also said he was going to sell the club. Blah blah blah. Not sure when to believe this guy.
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