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  1. Sergeant Tibbs

    Steve Bruce

    Makes more sense than
  2. Sergeant Tibbs

    Team for Swansea

    Boyd... I haven't seen or heard about any evidence why Boyd gets picked.
  3. Sergeant Tibbs

    Steve Bruce

    So long as it's not Boris they'll be reyt.
  4. Sergeant Tibbs

    Steve Bruce

    Bristol I think, unless it's his son Lee. Always get em mixed up. Anyway he's obviously no good cos he lost to a 'Jos side'
  5. Sergeant Tibbs

    Steve Bruce

    You don't seem to respect him or his managerial career, from your comments I don't believe you want him to succeed. Come back after 6 transfer windows and enlighten us all.
  6. Sergeant Tibbs

    Steve Bruce

    Whether the squads he inherited or not were good, they still needed managing. If you are saying we look worse now than under Lukuhay then I won't be the only one that disagrees with you. Defensively we are better organised and up to the last game we hadn't conceded a goal. Your comment about losing to a Jos side ? Is that a real argument. If it is then look at all of the teams that we beat under Jos. This and last season. You are saying all of their managers are poor. Gary Johnson is doing a terrible job. Daniel Farkar must be worried about his job too. Take a step back mate, he's been in charge for 4 games. Give him a chance, show him a bit of respect.
  7. Sergeant Tibbs

    Fans yesterday

    Do all words have the same effect ? I think not.
  8. Sergeant Tibbs

    Fans yesterday

    As I said, ignorance is bliss.
  9. Sergeant Tibbs

    Fans yesterday

    Clearly you don't. If you'd ever worked with the people effected by what happened in Rotherham, you might think before you post. Although you can hide behind your ignorance.
  10. Sergeant Tibbs

    Fans yesterday

    Sinking to low levels on here.
  11. Sergeant Tibbs

    Fans yesterday

    Whether they hurt anybody or not, if they were chanting that, then it doesn't reflect well in us and football fans in general.
  12. After the Hull game in question, Bruce admitted it was a bad decision that led to FF's sending off. No need to defend his player.
  13. They can't do anything. Bruce has said his piece. I'm sure both teams submit a report on the refs performance which ultimately determines what leagues they operate in. The FA / referees association never seem to acknowledge refereeing errors. So why the need for VAR.
  14. Sergeant Tibbs

    Not good enough

    They don't have a winning mentality, they're not hungry for success. For the high earners, thereis little incentive to push themselves to the max. Reach and Fletcher try hard, but they're not as good as some on here suggest. Lees and FF seem past their best and Bannan just blows hot and cold. I used to think build around Bannan but he's too lightweight. That covers five of our senior players, and if I talk about most of the rest, I'll be taking a trip down misery lane. I'd keep Hutch, Westwood and Thornikey, hoping we can sign Hector.
  15. Sergeant Tibbs

    Steve Bruce

    Define poor manager.