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  1. That’s because when they’re at home we know the outcome before a ball is kicked.
  2. And some fans will profess that that sun shines out of some players buttcracks whatever they do. I dont want to play today. Can I have a pay rise. The fans love me.
  3. Skill or will. It’s purely down to will, desire. Some of them have no pride. Lees in particular. Although it’s not his fault he keeps getting picked. They’ve shown they have the ability on several occasions, but they have little heart and even less discipline. I listened to Mardiola on the radio and he was praising all of his players for tracking back, getting stuck in at the end to make sure they didn’t concede. It’s galling - because their will embarrasses us.
  4. I saw an opportunity to divert attention from the doom and gloom around here. Whatever their facilities are like, they always get a better write up in ‘Britain’s Crap Towns’
  5. It must be embarrassing for them as well with the excrement they’ve been serving up.
  6. The club will officially publish a statement stating they will not make a further comment until a statement is needed. Summat like that.,,
  7. Half. A month before Winnall arrived he told me that Winnall and Hourihan were gonna be signed up in the first week of that transfer window.
  8. No, but he’s been right about a few other things, at the start of the season, nothing that wasn’t muted by one or two others.
  9. I’ve been told by a so called ITK person that it’s going to be 12 points deduction with 9 suspended. I think I should have posted this in the “relegation odds” thread. The odds have halved this morning.
  10. I’m bored of threads trying to get rid of him. You’ve picked up some valid points. Totally one sided diatribe.
  11. Or it could be that they can differentiate and know exactly what they’re doing.
  12. Wind Up Storm Dennis I like what you did there.
  13. To fine a player would end up being Chansiris call. If that’s happened I’d be amazed. I (like most of us) am tired of the drama that these two names repeatedly bring. For the first time in my life I’d be happy if the league season ended (early) tomorrow. With us still in it. I’m sure there’s a few people looking forward to the cup game. I’m not one of them.
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