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  1. When things are heading the right way at S6, some people still struggle to enjoy the respite.
  2. Quite possibly, I just think he’s an idiot. It seems to be that all you need to get into sports media all you need is to have a been a sportsman / woman. It sure how much training they get in delivering sentences. All formats eventually need an upgrade / makeover, it’s happened on QoS. This doesn’t feel like an upgrade.
  3. Credit where credit is due, you’ve clearly made a valiant effort with sorting out the govt, so this task might be more within your scope. I’m sure there’s plenty on here who will offer their support and wise opinions.
  4. Acknowledge I’ve written him off, which is based on 2 years+ of average or worse performances in a team that leaked goals. a team he captained. I would love to come back in a years time to say he he is the the player he was 4y ago. Credit where it’s due today. UTO
  5. No less intelligent. There lies the conundrum. Why the need for change.
  6. Cripes. There’s an advert for an education in spore media if he is a benchmark.
  7. @Owlstalk Admin Team you said on an earlier thread, no politics. Why is this in match day ?
  8. Great player, great career. Talks a good game on the radio, says it like it is - an admirable quality.
  9. I voted no because I was confident of a good start. A sense of perspective doesn’t amiss on here. If we’ve vowed the deficit back after 7/8 games that (.for me) is a great achievement AND a platform to build from.
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