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  1. Snodgrass tweet

    Snodgrass forgot to mention in his tweet that this is as good as it gets for him. His big money move to W Ham ended quickly and if Villa go up he'll be warming the bench.
  2. Snodgrass tweet

    You are a sad, disrespectful, individual.
  3. Snodgrass tweet

    Were you being positive when you said Ross Wallace was s£!t ?
  4. Snodgrass tweet

    Wouldn't want a diver in my club. For this reason I've never taken to FF.
  5. John Terry

    It's the main reason I couldn't stand Chelsea under Mourinho.Win at all costs. Morally bankrupt. Karma police all over him.
  6. Letter sent to FA

    The response you'll get, in line with any other large organisation, will be pure platitude. They might even thank you for bringing it to their attention, which you will find condescending and cause you more frustration. Even before Fergie time, Steve Bruce has had the gods on his side when playing us. He used to kick lumps out of Hirst which the officials never saw. He's acknowledged himself that on the more than one occasion his teams get the rub of the green at S6. We could talk about FF's sending off at Hull. Yesterday's events are no surprise to any of us, we're just peed off that playing so well goes unrewarded. We're all annoyed, but now we should be looking forward to giving CC his just deserts. UTO.
  7. Getting More Positve By The Day

    Optimism is in our DNA.
  8. Ross Wallace

    That says it all.
  9. Ross Wallace

    That's not what you said tho is it. You referred to one of players, one of our best servants on the last few years as s!!t. I bet you've made your parents proud over the years.
  10. Ross Wallace

    Would you tell him he's poo to his face. Thought not. This is where social media falls down.
  11. Ross Wallace

    Pathetic comment about a good servant. Are you on a night out with Snodgrass ?
  12. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    I didn't go. The BBC reporter and talksoprt reporter both stated the result was wrong. Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it.
  13. Not Big & Not Clever

    Cheat. An embarrassment of an a footballer. Karma police will catch up with him one day. We'll be paying him again next season, after all West Ham didn't want him and in premiership terms, they're not even average. Or maybe he'll F O to China.
  14. Perspective

    Difficult to take that one. But it won't define our season, Jos will have learnt more and once again Clare shows his talent. Lets get our chins up, because in midweek we're gonna turn Carlos over.
  15. George Boyd

    Apart from that tho ...