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  1. Why should we ever be optimistic? Been poo for decades....
  2. On the touchline & post match, Jos makes Stuart Gray look like Mourinho. If there's no passion on the bench we probably aint going to get it on the pitch.
  3. Seen The Star quality reporting? "Shocking, shambolic and another word beginning with 'sh'."
  4. What baffles me is how have we gone from 6th, that great win and performance at Villa, those great reach goals to the relegation looking crap. FFS SWFC get an english manager in who knows this league and get Chansiri to sell the crap we having sat on a bench on match days.
  5. Was listening on Radio Norfolk. Turned it off, not listening anymore to this flipping rubbish.
  6. F me, Sky Sports news gave us a report and the goals in minute 83. What a service
  7. No red button for me. Sky Sports news still not mentioned the goals nearly 15 mins on!
  8. We need to close this down now. Don't want another West Brom.
  9. Good job we don't 50,000 gates.. the place would be gridlock.
  10. Is this the same as saying a minimum of 651 fans with season tickets didn't turn up last night?
  11. Looked HD on iFollow. In fact best picture I think I have had.
  12. I expected it to be below 20k. Had that been a cold winter night, think it would have been.
  13. I think the EFL are a secret society. I contacted them a while back about where all our iFollow money goes and asked what percentage the club receives. Never got a reply. Anyone got a heads up on this? I was curious about the Millwall game it being the first home game anyone in the UK could watch. I half expected a sub 20k crowd as a result but we managed 21k+. Wondering if iFollow money makes up for any shortfall in gate receipts seeing 100s and 1000s of us in theory could watch.
  14. It's your system mate. Says you posted this on Tuesday at 19:41 so 1 day and 4 mins is right.
  15. Not for the first time, I sent a moan to the club regarding the Brentford coverage. You could hardly hear the 2 commentators & in the second half they gave up and didn't give us one. I think they had a child operating the camera. Vast improvement last night or is that because its at home? I lost commentary for a short time second half but good all round. First time I have seen them showing replays. Still takes them an age to change the score top left though.
  16. It is via YouTube too at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3-rgZ9tWv0
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